Mar 18, 2018

On Giving the Weatherman Advice

I know it all and if you don't believe it just ask me! I alway have a piece of important advice to give. It can be a big problem but that is the way I am...God had a plan but I am still not sure what it was.

From my kitchen window.
The best piece of advice I ever gave was to the weatherman on a particularly beautiful day. The windows were open and the sun was shining and the TV news was on the screen. The weatherman (yes it was a man) stood there talking about rain and cold and miserable. That was when I heard myself say, "Oh for goodness sakes, don't you ever look out the wind?"

In this day and age, where life is passing before our eyes on the TV screen, I think that a lot of us have totally forgot to simply go outside or open the blinds and look out the window.

I am taking my own advice for the first time ever. I spend very little time on my computer. I have put my iphone away when I drive/ride in the car. The warning I get that tells me that I will not be receiving notifications while driving started it all. Why was I looking for stuff on my phone the minute I got in the car to the point that I phone told me to stop? Wow, I did not realize what a habit had become.
Out my bedroom window.

For so many years I used that time in car to catch up on internet stuff. Even back when we were traveling in the RV I figured out how to run my camera or cell phone or even wrote off line. Obsessed would be the word I would use to describe how I functioned in my life.

So I have one more piece of advice. Try putting it all away for a while. You will be surprised that buildings and roads were built. A whole world of things have happened that you did not know about.

I have read books...I actually have gone to the library and gotten books to hold in my hand. I even ordered Hello Fresh food to try out something different to eat. I slice and dice and read a real hold in my hands recipe.

I quit wearing glasses that were basically for computer use and bought ones that are single vision-look at the whole world glasses. Wow, it is amazing.

Yup, it turned out that it wasn't just the weatherman that needed to look out the window. I needed to do that too.

What are you up to these day?

Have a wonderful day.


Feb 26, 2018

Meanwhile...back on the ranch in Tucson! Feeling a little discombooberated!

Feeling a little discombooberated!
Well, I didn't really go anywhere...wait yes I did!

Just one month ago + a few days our grandson and his wife had a baby...Addie Jo. She is beautiful all-be-it a little stubborn. We traveled to San Diego with my daughter/son-in-law so we could be there for the birth. You can guess...the baby came a little over a week late and her mother was in labor for 4 days at least. Addie had her own ideas about coming out.

Adeline Jo
We even told her while she was in her mommy's tummy that it was okay; the grandmas were here now. But she didn't listen. Sigh.

So there was that...I guess we have been a little distracted. We are getting our windows replaced in a few weeks so there was that getting-bids process. That was not a trip but it certainly was entertaining and hard. The decision has been made now so we can move on I guess.

I fell down twice within the last month. Both times I bled but was not wounded that badly...well I did break a tooth so that took an appointment and an embarrassing explanation to a dentist to explain how I managed to break myself. It was a reminder that I need to quit talking so much and pay attention to the ground under my feet. What a nuisance and waste of time bruises are! There was that blogging for a few days twice.

I went to the eye doctor just because it seemed like a good idea. No new glasses but I did order a pair online...the glass was fine but the frames were so out of line it took me several days to get them to a place where they were usable. That took up another day or two.

So, you add up the days I was not available taking into consideration that I golf twice a week, shop once or twice and read (three books in a month), you can see that I have been away more than one can calculate.

Anyway, in case anyone was wondering, I am fine, I am back on the ranch and life goes on.

Be well.


Feb 3, 2018

Did You Know and Kept it a Secret?

I remember the glasses I ever put on my face at the age of 19. For the first time in my life I could see the limbs on the trees and road signs. It was, in my world, an absolute miracle.

One head, two pairs of glasses...sigh!
But it seems that I still haven't found the perfect combination of eye wear. As a result, the thrill that I found in that first perfect pair of glasses is gone.

Right now I am wearing a single RX lens with no bifocals and I can see wonderfully...well except for the food on my plate or my reading book.

So, when I am at my computer I put on two pairs, one over the other. Did you know that if you put on your single RX glasses along with magnifying readers, your glasses become reading glasses? I didn't know that.

I was at the University bookstore the other day admiring all those gorgeous cheap readers that everyone else can wear. I put a pair on over the glasses that I was wearing and all of the title in front of my face popped into focus. How come no one told me about that?

I came home and dug out my readers I had purchased after cataract surgery when I truly believed that my vision might be almost perfect. Of course it wasn't, so the readers were put away and I bought even more expensive RX glasses. Now I find that those readers under my current glasses make my vision for reading wonderful.

Who knew? Have you know this and didn't tell me?


p.s. I am now looking at online website and thinking of ordering single vision glasses using my new RX. Any ideas?

Jan 26, 2018

Women of Midlife...when did 55 get to be so young?

Back when the world was young, I was 50 years old! Good grief Hannah, when did the world turn around that many times? Is there anyone still blogging at my age (76)? I wonder.

As I was reading Women of Midlife today it struck me that like my doctor, everyone is barely in their teens. When did 50 become so young in my mind?

 This is what I found:

I barely remember being 50 or 55 and 70 was not particularly outstanding at all. I didn't feel the need to accomplish a whole lot so the idea of being 68 and needing to climb a big mountain didn't even occur to me. I felt I had plenty of time to do what I wanted.

But here is the interesting thing...those things that I used to feel compelled to do don't even interest me now! I don't want to learn to sail or to go on a very long hike to the top. I did want to do those thing at one time but not now...not at all. 

I love to read the post from those younger midlife women. That large group of women was formed several years ago and I joined them in the very first wave. It includes so many very interesting women. But, it seems that Midlife is getting longer and longer...we do not go away even though we outgrow the age period. If there were no mirrors in our homes, we would not know that 25 years had passed and we were no long "middle aged" anymore.

Thoughts anyone?


Jan 23, 2018

Life is An Easter Egg Hunt...a game for aging people!

Our new greatgranddaughter, Addie.
The perfect found Easter Egg.
My husband plays a very good game of golf. It really doesn't matter how old he is (almost 80), he is really good...but not every day.

The trick here is to make even those bad days pay off. In his world that is very important. On those bad days his ball may go anywhere; into the woods, the water or people's backyards. The preference is the woods or a hazard near the tee box. Strange huh!

See, he views those days as an Easter Egg hunt, the eggs being really good golf balls made by expense golf companies. He may not come home with any winning money but he comes home with a lot of golf balls. That makes him happy.

Life is very like a game of golf I think. As I age the Easter Egg hunt comes into play more and more often.

Life is not a beach but
it is pretty darn close.
The "Hunting for Words" game is one my friends and I play everytime we meet. It is kind of a mixture between Pictionary and Search a Word. My friend was talking about her granddaughter, a dancer and actor, applying for a job in Detroit this summer. The job was at a place, you know, one of those fun places where everyone goes on rides. There are hand gestures and facial experience giving clues to just the right answer. In a few minutes the answer will be found and we are both happy.

Let the games begin!

As we age, we accumulate more and more things. Now my husband and I live in two house with all together different tools to make our lives easy. We do the Easter Egg hunt game...a lot. Have you see that stud know the one that is yellow? or Where is the crock pot that will hold enough food for eight people when they come for dinner?

If the lost item doesn't turn up within a few minutes, we will look at each other and realize we don't have that here in Arizona/Oregon. It is in the other house.

See what I mean. Searching for the perfect place to live, the right tools to do a job or even the right words is what our life is made of daily. At times it is frustrating because, well, you know how you feel when you cannot find the car keys, your glasses or even the newspaper. It does keep
us on our toes.

My cup is is not perfect...but it is full.

How is your day going? Questions anyone?


Jan 8, 2018

Is it Possible to Find a Place on Earth that is Untouched?

Sapa Market...Sue Mae (oldest sister) and me (no bath, no hot water, no makeup)
There really are places you can go see the past. There may not be a McDonalds so you might not be able to get a burger. I am sure you will survive. But it is tricky. Did you see that 1000 people were lined up at base camp to climb Mt. Everest in the last few days of the climbing season? One thousand people dropping oxygen bottles and trash on the highest most remote mountain in the world! What was an adventure enjoyed by only a few has now become a tourist destination! It is getting hard to find places where the McDonalds culture has not evaded. But it can be done.

The New York Times featured at article in the Art and Design section about a region near Oaxaca, Mexico. A village close by has remained untouched by the modern world. The article was aptly titled The Past Has a Presence Here.
The past is visible in the landscape. The past casts a sharp shadow here, wherever you look. You see it on mountaintop plateaus, where the ruins of ancient pyramidal staircases and capital-I-shaped ball fields hint at mysterious rituals that disappeared over a millennium ago.
When you stand on a flattened hilltop above the village of Atzompa, some seven miles outside of Oaxaca, and look over at a nearby peak, you can glimpse the immense ruins of Monte Alb├ín, a pre-Columbian plaza of breathtaking expanse used for ceremonies and games. Below those ruins, where perhaps 25,000 people lived in the early part of the first millennium, you can make out faint remnants of terraced farming on the hillside. New York Times, June 15, 2012
The Times article pointed out that even in this place the stalls in the market feature Sponge Bob Square Pants t-shirts. And yes, McDonalds came to Oaxaca in 2002. In this case, you must travel the 7 miles from Oazaca to Atzompa to escape the omni-present fast food business. The truth is, in order for a person to get a glimpse of what was, most humans must be left behind...a distant hill or village has to be the destination.

H'mong woman

When my husband and I visited Sapa, Vietnam this last winter, we could not believe our good fortune. The food was authentic and the only tourists we saw were trekkers. There was not a McDonalds in sight. We shopped in markets run by H'mong people that did not call Vietnam nor China home. They belonged to a culture of their own.  The H'mong women that were sent to town each week for a few days followed us relentlessly asking us to buy their trinkets. I was adopted by a woman named Jan. She trailed behind us like a puppy for a whole day. She could not read nor write. Western culture had not ruined her true nature. The face she showed us was one of a childlike innocence. She let us know that all the women talked about our family. My husband and I were a rarity because of our age.

When we were in Hanoi, the real Vietnam was still very much in evidence. Vendors began crowding the street to set up stalls at 5:30 a.m. so people that lived in that neighborhood could do their daily shopping. They brought the produce on their shoulders to the street balanced like a scale while riding bicycles. A loud speaker outside our bedroom window woke the neighborhood at 7:00 am with daily announcements. (Shades of Good Morning Vietnam with Robin Williams)
French Villa style setting.
Here again, the difficulty of getting to the place determined how authentic the places would be. We flew into Hanoi from Shanghai on a Vietnamese airline that was actually held together with duct tape on the interior.  The trip to Sapa required an overnight train ride and a bus ride north to a place at the foot of the Himalayas 40 kilometers from the Chinese border.  

Night windows?  WOW!
Cat Cat Village, Vietnam

A few French villas left from the times of the French colonization dotted the hillsides. The people in the country side lived as they has been living since heaven knows when.  But, in order for us to see that, we walked down stairs and paths that made the adrenaline rush as the thought that, if you fell, you would die flashed through the mind.  It was only then that we saw the H'mong people  living much like generations before.  

I suppose the lesson here is that the real cultures of the world are disappearing at the speed of light and, if we want to see something authentic, we need to dress in suitable clothes, bring a helmet in case you fall and wear good walking shoes.  It is not physically easy.


I recommend you read Seth Kugel, of the NYT.  I especially recommend this article he wrote about Mexico.  

Picking a Spot, Any (Undiscovered) Spot, in Mexico

Dec 22, 2017

Did I Really Say that?

This is an updated post from 2014. It keeps getting better and better! 

I have to admit it. I can swear but I try to keep it a secret. I am a total fraud and Google knows it. I found that out after I wrote this article. Now I find out that Dame Judith Dench thinks my choice of words shows courage. Plus Rubber Shoes in Hell is not setting a good example for me. Wow!

I know, the word cussing is old fashioned but just work with me here. Cussing is what we called it back in the day. In fact, cussed (cuss-said) was a swear word back then. We would call mean old men those cussed old guys or a dog that bit that cussed dog.

I didn't hear many really bad words in my day. My mother said dang once in a while. But I must have heard some bad words somewhere. My mother claimed I said dammit over and over while I jumped up and down on the bed. I was in trouble for jumping and cussing. It was not a good day in my world. Then I claimed that my Auntie Ardella said it all the time. My Auntie was a saint and I am sure she never used a bad word in her entire life. I probably was guilty of lying too. I don't remember doing any of that very clearly.

Cover of "Phooey!"
Cover of Phooey!
My father always cussed in the basement when he hit his thumb with a hammer or cut a board too short twice. However, he was out of earshot at least as far as understanding the words were concerned. I did hear him call his bosses SOBs a time or two but since I could not spell it didn't matter.  That was as bad as it got. I don't think he would have been a "real man" back in those days if he had  not done that.

I was a teacher and the "f" word was never allowed. Student would be surprised when the parents were called but still, they did get a call. I can understand why they needed to spout off occasionally. But still.

I discovered that sometime things went wrong, I was frustrated. That was when I learned a few bad words...fiddlesticks, dog-gone-it, shoot, phooey and later what in the Sam Hill? 

I always felt a little guilty when I lost control but lose control I did! And my vocabulary became more colorful as time passed. I have spent a lifetime trying to overcome this very bad habit.  But, a bad word or phrase will slip out in normal everyday conversation. I am generally on the golf course. Dear me, I sound like a sailor or a person that was raised by wolves.

Now Dame Judith Dench, age 80+ says that maturity gives us the courage to say what is on our mind. Interesting I think. I'm not sure if it is courage or lack of self control. Sigh!

Rubber Shoes in Hell, one of my favorite blogs, uses phrases like,  "Oh dear god. Fucking hell."  the same way I say "Oh my. Darn". Same meaning, different generations.

As I age I want to become more of a lady not less. I really do. I think that dignity and modeling of good manners never goes out of style.  Oh My (smile) how I wish it were easy. But it is not.

I tell myself often that I do NOT suffer from a disorder that leaves me unable to control my language. I cannot decide if I should fight it or just embrace it. After all, if Judith says it is okay, who am I to disagree.

Unfortunately Google sees right through me. I was a little taken aback when I saw that they suggested f*__k as a label option.

Any thoughts


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