Jul 15, 2019

What does your word bubble say?

Or do you even have one of those.

Around the campfire the other night my daughter asked my granddaughter what her word bubble would say if we could see it.

I had never actually thought about my word bubble. But I am sure I have one because I know I am generally not thinking about what I am saying or doing or looking at. There would be a lot of words up there.

My granddaughter looked puzzled. She did not know what she was thinking. She was, in fact, simply living.

Living in the Moment
Meelie thinks about what she is looking at or saying...period. Adults have a hard time doing that. What she does is called living in the moment. Hard as we adults try, thoughts about past things or future problems fill our minds. Actually totally enjoying the moment is hard to do.

So, my thought is, in our effort to live life in the now, we need to take a lesson from an 11 year old. The tree, the cabinet or even the tv show is about the now...enjoy the now. The past does not exist and the future is unknown.

Just a little thought for the day!


Jun 26, 2019

Do You Read the Warnings on Medication?

Well, do you? I never have done that because I think I might develop all of the symptoms listed. When I listen to those warnings for drugs they are advertising on TV, I wonder why anyone would try them. It mystifies me.

I have a friend that is a nurse and she always reads them in great detail. She has had to quit a medication because of a bad reaction.

Because of the fact that I have never had much of a reaction to a prescribed medication, I don't worry. There was that one time when I had a delayed reaction and I did check to see where that problem came from. I made the discovery that it was my medication after reading the warnings. Would I have taken the drug if I had known...probably so. No one mentioned it to me either at the pharmacy of the doctor's office so I didn't know to worry. My assumption would be that if they didn't warn me the reaction would not be life threatening. Is that true? Who knows.

So when I began having a severe reaction to my cholesterol reducing statin drug, I quit the medication and visited my doctor as soon as possible. In my case, no one really believed me. The solution was to change the statin name drug and keep me on it. I fell three times in succession and could barely walk.

When I quit the drug I felt better within a few days.

It is a very long story that began almost 20 years ago. The upshot is I had to do a lot of research to find just the right doctor to help me. No one was referring me so I used a self referral allowed by my insurance. Our local Oregon Health Sciences University turned out to be the only place around that really could deal with my problem.

I have been diagnosed with "Familial" cholesterol which mean that food is not the root cause for high cholesteral.

Now I am beginning to take a drug (Repatha) using an injection every two week. Wish me luck! I am at very high risk for heart problems because of high LDL cholesterol I am told.

The warning on this medication says that the consequences for taking it are far less than the consequences for NOT taking it. The last ditch effort I guess!

The odd thing is people tell me that they have the statin reaction too...a lot of people. Several have said to simply quit that medication. I don't know how big their risk is but it truly is frightening for them.

So, do you read the warnings? Did doing so affect your response to how the drug made you feel?

I am interested.


Jun 21, 2019

Are You In My Way?

My husband and I were downtown here in Portland. We were having breakfast in a restaurant called Tasty and Taylor...located, you guessed it, on Taylor. I was facing the restaurant full of people. My husband was facing the window. He loves watching the world go by.

That particular corner is busy with pedestrians. The homeless, people with babies or dogs in strollers, upscale tourist walking, bicyclists and runners.

To set the scene you need to know that free orange bikes are parked everywhere and there is the occasional motor scooter. I think those might be free to those who want a quick ride too.

The streets even have a big green stripe down the middle in some places to accommodate all of those vehicles.

On this particular day someone had parked an electric scooter near a lamp post over just across the street from our restaurant.

Got the picture?

So I will give you one guess as to who intentionally knocked the scooter over...the homeless, people with babies or dogs in strollers, upscale tourist walking, bicyclists or the runners.

It was the woman with the stroller and a baby on board.

I guess it was in her way. It seems being in the way is a big problem these days. We need t-shirts...don't get in my way...they should say.

We have traveled around the world and in those cultures where women are less valued, I might get pushed into the street if I don't get out of the way. Women are in the way a lot in those places.

In San Miguel Allende, MX any one facing the traffic is expected to step out into the street because the walkways are only one person wide. If you don't, I discovered, you will be bumped into or pushed aside.

I am seeing all of that here in the USA. In fact, being in the way is a sign of the times.

What do you think?


Jun 5, 2019

The Blogging Responsibility and Naked Spammers

So, I admit...I have neglected this blog. Sometimes I forget that there is indeed some responsibility that needs to be taken for anything that we own! A blog is much the same.

I came back today to visit after being in San Juan Puerto Rico for 8 days to find that the "naked/bad" spammers had been over to visit. I am kinda oldish and really don't want to advertise prostitutes or other such things. But...even though that is true those folks felt the need to post here anyway.

I don't imagine it gave them much business even though it did shock one of my commenting readers. At this point in my blogging experience, not much surprises me. I suppose it is a good thing.

So, stick around. Nothing is going on. I am fine and the world continues to turn.


May 30, 2019

San Juan Puerto Rico 

They say that when you are in Puerto Rico you may as well be in Cuba. The two places are the wings of the same bird. The only difference is the cars. Puerto Rico = new cars. Cuba = very old cars. It wasn’t until I looked up at the roof tops that I began to see what they meant. In this part of Old San Juan the streets are paved with ballast from Spanish ship that sailed to this archipelago 500 years ago and the power lines were put in sometime in the middle 20th century (an educated guess).

I have never been to Cuba. I am spending 8 days in Puerto Rico walking and talking while my daughter works. I am very lucky.

I had friends say once that she felt as though she were amphibious because of the humidity. It is very like that here this week. The water will begin to leak from the air before the clouds arrive. We have been treated to thunder and lightning, down pours and sunny, hot and humid. I have to say that it is the perfect Puerto Rico weather. I am loving it.

We are staying at the Sheraton Old San Juan. Our location is just across from the cruise ship docks, a short walk up the hill takes us to the Castillo de San Cristobal. This walled city is still kept like it was back in the sands of time. Cobble stone are many hundred years old and no building inside the walls can be remodeled...restoration is the catch word here.

Spanish and English are intermixed naturally...Spanglish is the lanquage and people transfer from one to the other without thinking. My waiter a breakfast came out and knelt beside me as he  explained to me that the "guacamole was no more". I turned to face him..."tell me the part about the guacamole again". I wanted to say a prayer for the poor departed guacamole. I love to travel.

At the age of 77 people are very gentle with me. I never thought I would say this but I really do appreciate their kind attention and help. Aging is turning out to be just fine. I know you will find that reassuring.

I had lunch yesterday and Restaurante Cinema 1950.  The outdoor patio looks over the lawns of Castillo San Felipa del Morro San Juan where children play with kites and families picnic. The day before we visited the Parque Las Palomas where families bring their children to feed the pigeons to boost their immune system. And so the gathering of cultural difference continue in my life. We were on a food/history tour.

I looked up to see the power lines.
I was reminded of China or Vietnam.

The Bacardi Distillery was 
A lot of fun. We took a mixology class for no real reason 
other than it sounded like a party waitin to happen.

Old San Juan at night is very beautiful and safe.

So many people that know us were telling us to be safe. One friend ask me if I was going to do good. That was interesting I thought. How would I do good here? Now my answer would be that I am visiting, shopping and learning about what could possible me our 51 state (what the Puerto Rican’s have asked for many times).

This is such a beautiful place. I wish you could all be here. Have a wonderful day.


NOTE: I am writing on my iPad and it is not a easy as it should be. Please overlook strange stuff..I tried! :(

May 16, 2019

Finding Time...it's a miracle!

Did you know that the sun comes up really early in the summer. Honestly, if you leave your blinds open, the sun will work better than an alarm.

Think of the time one has available when you get up with the sun. There is time to clean and visit with a baby and cook and even work on a crossword puzzle.

AND it is not even noon yet. There is more time. There is even a slot open for blogging and working on a children's book. WOW, who knew how much time there was is in the day when rising with the sun.

I may even give it a try...one day at a time...smile!

When or where do you find time?


Apr 29, 2019

When seeds decide where they will grow...

I had always thought that I was the one that decided where the plants would grow. I would hoe and till and plant the seeds. As I grew older, I have came to realize that that is not necessarily true.

Take the tiny library box that sits at our curb. My husband built the box several years ago and I held a happy hour in my house, provided the goodies and all people had to do was bring a book for the library. We planted the seeds in our neighborhood for sharing with each other.

It was at that meeting that we talked about what people enjoyed. It was suggested that not only books but puzzles should be put in the box. We were off and running. The seeds had been planted.

It wasn't until the next fall when my husband and I were in preparation for departure that I realized that someone would need to keep watch over that precious box. It needed to be straightened, kept dry and occasionally purged of books that nobody wanted to read.

I trooped over next door with a silicone drier and asked my neighbor if she would mind being the caretaker.

What happened next is the part where the seeds grew not in my front yard but in my neighbor's heart. The dear dear woman cleaned, rearranged and even decided what to take away. Several years have passed now and she feels that the box is her's as much as it is ours. What a beautiful flower had grown. She was the one that made the box a neighborhood gift.

Janette is 86 years old and a dear friend/neighbor. Am I lucky or what?

My life is wonderful.


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