Dec 5, 2016

"I am not buying you anymore clothes," he said.

Every time I pack to leave for a vacation I learn something about myself. How about you? Do you find that you really haven't taken a good look at what you like lately? Are you paying attention to how you shop and what you actually own?

My husband and I were entering our golf course restaurant doors when I said that I liked my friends clothes better than mine and I wanted new stuff. Guess what he said?

"I am not buying you anymore clothes!"

Now you need to know that my husband doesn't control my shopping because he knows we are a team. But he says things like that once in awhile. He is so cute when he gets all huffy.

And the truth is I forget that he is not in control totally sometimes.

"How dare he say that", I thought, "I need stuff...I know I do."

Then I began packing for a vacation to Dubai we will be starting next week. It turns out I like what I have and I like black a lot and I maybe should not shop clearance sales because there are things in drawers and hangers that I didn't remember owning and don't actually fit the real me. (I admit there is a "dream Barbara" and she is a size smaller than the real one.)

My husband was SOOOOOO right. I do not need any new clothes. Darn! The scary part is I might have gone shopping just because I was told I couldn't. Saved by vacation packing once again.

Have a wonderful day.


Dec 2, 2016

On Learning to Stand Upright

I really do feel for the first man that decided to walk upright on his hind legs. He probably looked foolish wobbling along and trying to get his balance. I suppose there was a certain amount of ridicule involved with that choice too. Tipping over for babies is cute but when a grown cave man did that there may have been hoots and boos.

Or maybe the first was a cave baby. Oh my goodness. I suppose they kept pushing the baby over because it was not what cave babies did. I think they probably thought the baby was possessed.

My husband tipped over in the kitchen several years ago. I stepped over him, plugged in the computer before I called 911. I am not as sympathetic as I could be. He was fine...just didn't like to drink water. He said it rusted his pipes. After a scary moment when he did not move, and a trip to the hospital, I learned to push water like a drug dealer.

I have been walking upright for a very long time. Imagine my surprise the very first time I experience vertigo and simply tipped over on the bed. As I remember it I was holding a baby at the time. No one was hurt but I have never really trusted gravity ever again.

So, have any of you ever tipped over in the kitchen or the living room or the bedroom? Maintain your sense of humor and tell me your story.

Be well.


Nov 30, 2016

Did you see....

...the sunset I posted on my Facebook account?

I stepped out my backdoor yesterday evening at sunset and this is what I saw. See, I know there are people that disdain the city we spend our winter in and the RV resort snowbird lifestyle. It is not glitzy or even up scale. Tucson is not any of those things.

But, when I look around me and what we see on a daily basis or talk to the people the pass by on their way to bocce ball, I know that if I didn't appreciate what we have I would be very ungrateful. 

What you see here is two people walking their dog. It is chilly and it did frost last night. On  the right side of the picture are bocce ball courts. On the right I see park models where friends live. Palm trees line the streets that were cleaned last week. In the distance you see the Catalina Mountains in all their glory. 

I have come to love this place. We are not a perfect fit but I suppose we are as close as we will ever be. We avoid politics, religion and (I) avoid a place like this gossip runs the world so a very smart person ducks when the conversation come around to "did you know?"

But the picture...really we are living on a million dollar piece of real estate! Life is good.


Nov 28, 2016

What IS Important?

I've had this on my mind for a few days. I think it must be because the last few weeks have been very hard on all of us. We are trying to find the ground again and begin living our life without that dark cloud of mistrust and hurt feelings hanging over our heads. What is important in my world...really, what is it given that I have control over almost nothing?

The other day I was feeling very discouraged over a game of golf when one of the women I was playing with told me her grandson had committed suicide last week. What is important on a day like that?

My beautiful great-granddaughter smiled for the camera the other day and I loved her so. What is important on a day like that?

A friend dropped by with a problem here in the park and began to talk about his children and their spouses. The problem faded. What is important on a day like that?

Important: Our Earth
Important: Our young son and his beautiful

So, today the sun is shining. We shopped for vegetables and I made a pot of soup. Soon I will have a glass of wine and begin reading a book I ordered for my kindle on my iPad. I ordered a gift for a grandchild for Xmas and checked on another that is to be delivered later this week. I will order more this afternoon.

On this day, what is important to me is that pot of soup, the people I love and, above all, all of you. Outside of that I will do what I can to keep my family safe and loved, our earth clean and do my duty for my country. What else is there?

Important: My husband and I
laughing on our 56th wedding anniversary.
Have a wonderful day. I am sending much love your way.

What do you think is important?


Nov 23, 2016

Did you know that if you put the earbuds to your ipod up your nose....

I published this originally in 2009. My granddaughter Elena (the one with the earphones up her nose) was around 11 back then. She called this last week and wanted to see the story again. Here it is. Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Elena with her Uncle Larry

I love my grandchildren...bless their peeked little heads! They make me laugh, they make me cry, they occasionally make me want to run and hide. But, in spite of the hiding part, they mostly make me laugh.

I have a lot of teen aged grandchildren and one that is an "almost teenager". She is a great joy to me and hates it when I talk about her. So I will not mention her name...not today anyway. She has just gone to middle school where she hangs out with other middle school humans all day. She is not a baby any more she tells us and she thinks that being in middle school should prove that to us .

I took her to ballet after school this last week and offered to meet her at the front door of the school because it was the third day of school and we weren't entirely clear on what the drill was. I don't know what I was thinking. Oh my would have thought I had offered to entertain at an assembly naked!! NONONONO!!! THAT IS A VERY BAD IDEA!!! she warned. I hid out in the parking lot ducking down as low as I could...she found me anyway. So I took her to her lessons as anonymously as a grandmother possibly can.

Her brother discovered the "pee hole" in his underwear when he was about 4...and had to tell me about it when we were streaking down the freeway at 70 miles per hour. "Grandma, know what I found out today...I have a pee hole in my underwear. Do you think grandpa knows about that?" The freeway almost had a huge pile up that day and there were reports of a hysterical older woman with a child in the back seat driving erratically on Oregon 26.

So yesterday when my nameless granddaughter came into the dinner room and announced that "if you put the earbuds to your ipod in your nose the sound will come out your mouth" I should have remained cool. As she leaned over to let me listen I almost fell off my chair. My daughter and I were still laughing as she headed out the front door to visit with the neighbor boy. Her parting words were "don't talk about me while I'm gone!" My daughter and I looked at each other in amazement. Would that be possible?

I'm just saying....!!!


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