Dec 12, 2017

Moving Around the Corner

We moved a short distance from our park model in an RV resort. The park model had about 380n sq. ft. Our newer home has over 1000 sq. ft. Here are the pictures of the interior now. We love it.

New Flash: Moose Eats 3 lb. Pork Roast


New Flash: Moose Eats 3 lb. Pork Roast

Moose is a very big dog...counter height, extremely strong and sweet. He can do what he wants pretty much but the fact that he want to please his humans keeps him from getting in all the trouble could.

They went rafting, I went for a drage
behind Moose.
The fact that he really is in control is something I know from personal experience. Last summer I did  "Moose Sitter" duty while my family went white water rafting. Moose and I were left in a park by the river where there were barbeques and lots of people. The restroom was far away. I wanted to use the restroom, Moose wanted to eat barbeque. It was a tough day for both of us. We were both relieved when his people came back. 

So the news that Moose had eaten his family's dinner really came as no surprise. I knew from experience that his stomach can win out over reason.

That is why he ate the roast the other night...3 lbs. of pork loin possibly in one gulp. There were no witnesses and I think he would blame his people for leaving him alone with all that deliciousness. He left the wrapper and Styrofoam tray behind so there is that. The good thing, my daughter tells me, is that the 3 lb roasts were on a two for one sale...I suppose Moose thought that meant one for him and one for his humans. 

He didn't bet his kibbles last night because he was a "bad dog". 

His tummy hurt today and apparently he is constipated. 

Oh  Moose what did you do?

PS: My younger son has a very small pug names Bodie...he is a tiny little pup. He came to stay with us last summer. What a easy little puppy his is. Thankfully!

Dec 8, 2017

How much to you care?

It has come to me recently that what readers want is to be entertained...they really aren't so much interested in my sleep habits or even my health. They are usually very nice but care? I wonder.

We sold our park model today...that made my husband and I very "do the happy dance" happy. We played golf with two very nice people, ate Mexican and drove home.

Beautiful Tucson Winter!
Tucson showed us that side of itself that makes us wonder why we ever  leave. The colors on the rocks over in Tucson Estates are as glorious as any we have see anywhere in the world. I shared on Swarm with a picture.

So there you have it...I feel better because my day was perfect and I just wanted to tell you. But, the question is "Do you care?" We will see.


Dec 5, 2017

When the Jehovahs Witness Come to Call...

"No, I'm not interested in salvation... but 
can I interest you in a glass of wine?"
I know I am living in the real world. The Jehovah's Witness ladies came to call this morning...before I was even dressed. It has been so long since that has happened that I was surprised they still did that! We exchanged a very few words and we were done. It was kinda nice!

See, I have lived in upscale condos, 55+ neighborhoods and even an RV resort with a guard. The Witness people don't usually visit in those places.

Now we live in a middle class neighborhood with townhouses and people, young and old, that work hard. There are no gates or any upscale anything. It is just real people living in a real place.

I like that a lot. The real world works for me...even when the Jehovah's Witness get me out of bed. I probably sleep too much anyway.

Where do you live?


"I wish people would stop treating me like I’m two steps from a dirtnap", she said."I’m only 55!"

Being older has its perks, but I wish people would stop treating me like I’m two steps from a dirtnap. I’m only 55!

This made me giggle. I remember thinking this same thing when I was 55. Now that I am older, I am not sure if anyone will notice when I am two steps from the dirt-nap. I think that sooner or later someone would wonder why I slept so much but it is not a given.

The truth of the matter is I have faced that fact that I am old. Just because I don't feel old doesn't change a thing. In fact, I see it as my job to change the definition of "old" by example.

We take our pictures from a distance now.

What does old mean to you?
  • Wrinkled
  • Smart
  • Experienced
  • Elegant
  • Retired
  • Grandparent
  • Traveler
  • Useful
  • Volunteer
  • Sick
  • Feeble
  • Adventurer
  • Wise
  • Ready for the "Dirt Nap"
I would mark out 3 of these things and wrinkled is NOT one of them. But then that is just me. You may have a different idea. Think about it and let me know...and please make me giggle. I need a good laugh once in a while!


I wrote this five years ago...still something to think about. Any thoughts?

Nov 30, 2017

35 Steps to a Perfect....

I wish I could assure you that in only 35 steps you could be made perfect or your world made awesome. I could sell those 35 steps in a notebook for just a little and, if it turned out I was right, I would have enough to share some with you. WOW!

However, in my world those 35 steps re-enforces my belief that my husband can do anything.

We ordered a small desk for my computer for 15% off on black Friday. Yesterday it was delivered in a very flat box with instructions for assembly. Somehow we didn't think this through and hadn't counted on a flat box. We don't think the ad said "some assembly required" We could be wrong.

So today...all husband took on the 35 steps and a gajillion small screws, bolts and nails to assemble my prize. When I came home at around 2 pm he had been at the task for several hours. He was on step 24. It is now 5:47 pm and I am just now set up to write again


I do love that man!

What did you do today?


PS I had a wonderful day of golfing with friends! :)

Nov 28, 2017

What IS Important?

Note: I published one year ago on this date. It is still important to me. How about you?

I have had this on my mind for a few days. I think it must be because the last few weeks have been very hard on all of us. We are trying to find the ground again and begin living our life without that dark cloud of mistrust and hurt feelings hanging over our heads. What is important in my world...really, what is it given that I have control over almost nothing?

The other day I was feeling very discouraged over a game of golf when one of the women I was playing with told me her grandson had committed suicide last week. What is important on a day like that?

My beautiful great-granddaughter smiled for the camera the other day and I loved her so. What is important on a day like that?

A friend dropped by with a problem here in the park and began to talk about his children and their spouses. The problem faded. What is important on a day like that?

Important: Our Earth
Important: Our young son and his beautiful

So, today the sun is shining. We shopped for vegetables and I made a pot of soup. Soon I will have a glass of wine and begin reading a book I ordered for my kindle on my iPad. I ordered a gift for a grandchild for Xmas and checked on another that is to be delivered later this week. I will order more this afternoon.

On this day, what is important to me is that pot of soup, the people I love and, above all, all of you. Outside of that I will do what I can to keep my family safe and loved, our earth clean and do my duty for my country. What else is there?

Important: My husband and I
laughing on our 56th wedding anniversary.
Have a wonderful day. I am sending much love your way.

What do you think is important?


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What IS Important?

Note: I published one year ago on this date. It is still important to me. How about you? I have had this on my mind for a few days. I thin...