May 26, 2017

What does a snowbird's life LOOK like?

I know, it all sounds so wonderful...retirement, travel and maybe even a second home in Arizona or Florida. But don't you really having a hard time visualizing the life. If you have a great deal of money, it will look one way. If you don't, it will look another.

Our Tucson Arizona home...a park model on the corner!
Then there are those of us that live like we want to live. We probably even make choices that are less costly than they need to be but just fit our personalities. I thought maybe today I would give you a little glimpse into a very simple lifestyle. That is the one we live.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment!
Our park model front porch after dark.
Flower Garden in front of our park model.
A special at the Tubac Resort
The historic Presidio District near downtown Tucson
Outdoor plaza in the Presidio District
Just because!
Golfing with friends
My hand-me-down table and chairs...spray painted
Bocce Ball Tournament 
Taken on Arizona National Golf Course
Sightseeing in Tubac
Yes, it does snow and rain in Tucson Arizona
Rodeo Week Dance at the Elk's Club
Pink Martini concert, the Tucson Symphony
Our RV resort pool

May 22, 2017

Please DO-NOT Urinate on the golf course! It's creepy and illegal!

This really made me laugh. We received this email from our golf course in Arizona. It seems that some of the men cannot make it around 9 holes of golf without urinating so they have chosen the 7th hole as the designated unofficial urinal. The residence with homes on the course don't like it. I personally think it is creepy.

This was not the first email has been sent out explaining to the men that they should not do was one of those "once again with feeling...don't do that!" kind of messages. It went like this:
To all golfers: 
Again, it’s come to our attention that some members have urinated on the golf course. Please note we do have rest rooms available in the clubhouse and on hole #14. 
Arizona Golf many trees and
so many rules!
As before, if nature is calling please head to the closest facility. The folks who live on the course with their family do not want to see people relieving themselves in public.   
Here is the law regarding exposure: 
Arizona’s Laws on Indecent Exposure 
According to A.R.S. 13-1402: 
Is peeing in public indecent exposure in AZ? 
Peeing in a public setting constitutes indecent exposure. An officer can arrest someone who is urinating by the side of a road because they are exposing themselves in an inappropriate manner. Although the offender may not know they are committing a sexual offense, the law still constitutes the exposure as sexual and indecent. 
Please DO-NOT Urinate on the course.Thank you!
I can tell that the golf course official writing the email was really mad...I corrected the misspellings and punctuation because that is what I do.

So, as you can see, it is not only creepy to pee on the golf course, it is also illegal! Wow...both creepy AND illegal.

We have the same problem here in Oregon on our golf course. Signs are posted asking the golfers to respect the neighborhood, etc. It has been an ongoing problem forever.

I recall an older lady calling the pro-shop to complain about a man peeing on a tree with in plain sight of her back window. She didn't know who it was but she could give them a vital piece of information...the man was left handed. I am sure that narrowed it down!

Is this a problem everywhere? I wonder.


May 20, 2017

I Would Like to do That But I Just Don't Want To

We were sitting with neighbors last night talking about wine and other important things. The conversation turned to retirement and how we all worried about filling the days without a schedule and a job. Would we be bored? How would it feel to be without deadlines and big responsibilities?

Many people move from a work schedule to a very busy life full of "stuff". I am even told by women of my age that they would like to read or walk or even have coffee with me but they are simply "too busy". Isn't that interesting? How could that be?

As I was reading an article on a blog site called Your Entrepreneurial Spirit this morning, it finally all came into focus for me. In the introduction I found this paragraph:
He drew me a picture! What a wonderful day.

Sogyal Rinpoche
, author of “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” coined the term “active laziness” to describe how we attempt to live life to the fullest by filling the hours with too many unimportant activities.... Your E
ntrepreneurial Spirit
In today's world we are encouraged to live a full life brimming with activities, exercise and volunteer work. If we are to be fulfilled we must always be living in the moment and savoring the experience...or so I am told. If we don't do that, we are not worthy!

That is all very good but here is the thing...I would really like to do that but I just don't want there you have it.

My days are filled with joy and the best day is one that has some contact with another. I simply love that part of my life. And I think because it makes me happy, it actually lifts the other person up too.

I do not fill my day with "active laziness" now. I suppose at one time or another I felt a tiny bit of panic because I woke and looked at a day with a lot of empty space. On this blog I have talked about the importance of a routine when the days loomed long. But, if something better presented itself, I would drop that routine in a second. I am never "too busy" for someone that is interested in spending time with me.

How about you? Do you fill your day with unimportant details just because...? I am interested in how you feel about your life?


May 19, 2017

I've Got This

The Oregonian posted their funniest cartoon today. Todays favorite was one from Non Sequitur. It features a group of people gathered around a grave with a tombstone that says simply "I've Got This". 
We have all walked up a path we knew nothing about. In the search for for a solution to a problem put before us, we have volunteer blithely. We put on a smug smile. After all we are sure that "We've got this". Then we journey to the brink.

Jeff in the cartoon above set out to find out how far one had to gone before a task turned from one demanding courage into the one that was just plain stupid. Jeff died in the quest. His tombstone tells it all. It is funny but it is also a little sad.

Boy do we have to be careful when we put ourselves into the line of fire with "I've got this!" because "not having it" can be a very bad thing.

The one that I have used many times before is "how hard could it be?". I remember heading out to see a cousin. He and his wife lived in a small community of about 900 people. I didn't have his address but I thought "how hard can it be?" Surely the gas station guy would know where Dale and Renee lived. Well, believe me, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I said the same thing when we added a porch to our park model, when we added an Arizona room to the same structure, when we poured concrete (many time) and the list goes on. My husband runs and hides when I say "How hard could it be?".

I think Trump thought the same thing about being the President of the United States. After all, being President can't be complicated..."How hard can it be?" he thought. Then before long we heard him say "This is a lot harder than I thought it would be". I know how he feels.'s wireless. How hard could it be to not install wires?
I have learned that going on a quest without a plan is not a good plan and I should never say "how hard could it be?"

It is Friday and it is just a thought! What do you think?

May 17, 2017

On Gardening

I have always found a connection between growing a garden and raising my family. It may be that only a gardener would understand. It seems to me that taking care of the garden requires a love of gardening and a certain instinct for what the flowers and plants really need.

My husband and I share a garden so it sometimes becomes a tug of war. For many years he was sure that I was watering too much and was giving the plants too much food. I was positive that he let plants get stressed and hungry before he would give them what they needed.

In spite of our different views our garden did grow. Somewhere between the different philosophies was the perfect plan. In the end it seems we share a brain and it goes very smoothly now.
Auntie and Brayden
Family many years ago when
every grandchild was a baby!

We have raised a family and now have grandchildren and a great grandchild. It could that what we learned and took into our hearts during that time is why our garden grows with great gusto now. Like my children, the garden blooms and produces things that make us proud.

I like that.

So how does your garden grow?


May 15, 2017

Oh How I Love Mother's Day (and my gifts)!

You have got to love children that know you so well that they actually read your mind. Those are the kind that get you things you didn't even know you wanted. You just really have to love those children.

I am now the proud owner of 3 (three) sleeves of brand new golf balls. Wow. They are all different brands so that makes it more fun...kind like doing a wine tasting experiment. I am happy.

I also received the cutest birdhouse/planter. I will hang on my back fence. I am sure it will have a nest in it before we know it. I like it a lot!

Then I got a cute black wire basket that will hold more did they know I had more junk than I had baskets? Pure genius you will have to admit.
Echo Dot

Then, as icing on the top of the cake I got an Echo Dot. (Yes Andy, I can order from Amazon now just by talking to Alexa. That is not such a bad thing actually.) I didn't know I wanted this device until I had it in my hands.

Remember when I was talking about forgetting blog ideas before I could walk across the room. When I sat down at the computer they would vanish. Now Alexa will keep those ideas in a to-do list for me. Plus I can build my grocery/shopping list just by telling Alexa to save it for me. This morning I told her to play jazz on my Amazon Prime account. It was wonderful. The sound is actually very good.

Oh my gosh. I am so happy.

How about you? Did you score big time.


May 14, 2017

What do you have on your bedside table?

It seems like a foolish question but I wonder what your bedside table reveals about you. Do you even have one or are you one of those people that reserves their bedroom for sleeping?

Family Pictures?
My husband and I like our bedroom a lot and we spend time in that space not sleeping. You might find a cough drop, an iPad, remotes for TV, Apple TV and the cable on our stands. But there is also a book, crossword puzzle magazine and Kleenex. The Kleenex is on my husband's side even though he doesn't use it. My side has an inhaler. I would like to have a plant on my side but I haven't found just the perfect one. Maybe an African Violet...I like those a lot.

Do you have magazines on technology or shortwave radios or golf or design or hiking or living healthy or even your will? Is your book a murder mystery, a biography or a Harlequin Novel?  Does it have plans for your future or connections to your past? And what do those things have to say about you?

See what I mean? So...what do you have on your bedside stand?

Have a wonderful day.