Nov 25, 2014

Aging: On Giving

Christmas gifts.
Christmas gifts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My husband and I have been absent from the family holidays gift giving tradition for quite a while. Oh, we have given gift certificates and money but no shopping or thinking was required. Actually, it wasn't even very much fun. I am one of those people that loves buying gifts and I have a hard time not giving the Christmas gift away long before Christmas if I buy it early. Why did I stop doing that?

But things are different this Christmas Season. It has been a lot of fun. We have come up with the idea that we might "re-gift" this year and, when we didn't do that, we searched at thrift stores for perfect gifts. Then we filled in with new things we found as we shopped at every store in the area. It wasn't easier but it was more interesting.

As we age we do seem to forget how to shop for gifts. I found myself surprised at the cost for some items and surprised again at how little others cost. In fact, it could be that my husband and I may have lost touch with what is going on in the market place. This is a new beginning for us. The joy of giving is not about money and gift cards. It is all about thinking of each person and reconnecting with what they are all about. The art of giving can be a forgotten talent if a person doesn't nurture it. I for one am going to try remember how to give.

Have a wonderful day!


Nov 23, 2014

Aging and Memory: On Drawing a Blank

Moonrise in Tucson, AZ
Honestly, every time I talk to an age mate the same thing comes up...they can't find their keys or don't remember the name of the person that fixed the plumbing 5 years ago. When they do that, the worry is that aging may be taking their minds away and the dreaded Alzheimers disease is looming on the horizon. It is very sad I think.

Most don't talk about what they remembered when they were 50. If they did, they would know that life and their mind was not perfect then either. My contention is that we should never worry about that sort of thing. If we are living life to the fullest, continuing to learn as we age and remaining socially active, what more do we need? It seems to me that a lot of our mind problems might be a self fulling prophecy. We all draw a blank once in a while. It is perfectly normal.

I have a friend that has gone to a specialist to be tested for her IQ and goes back every several years s. I just don't see any point in it.

Last winter when I arrived in the desert I was thrown into my snowbird world I had left behind six month before and names did not want to come out of the drawers in my mind. I could actually feel my brain trying pry the containers open. We all started saying "remember that guy, you know the one that cuts hair on that road?" Of course we would remember at some point in the night, generally about 3 AM. Because of shared experiences we could fill in the blanks. It got to be just hilarious. No really, it was funny!

But as time went by, the other part of our lives that happens in Arizona warmed up our minds and the drawers opened easier and easier. The fact is that in our work lives, we did not have two lives with two totally different set of friends and circumstances. We did not have to shift gears twice a year and expect our brains to hold all those names, places, etc.

So, when you draw a blank and cannot remember your own name, cut yourself some slack. You are probably okay. Life goes on and so will you. Worry about whether your favorite ball team will win or if hamburger is going to be on sale this those are things worth stewing over.

Have a wonderful day.

Nov 21, 2014

Twitter: Getting No Place with Hashtags

Free twitter badge
I am case you are interested.
Free twitter badge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I really do want to be cool and hip and trendy and all that. Really I do. But I simply do not understand Twitter at all. In fact, when I started with the media, all the buzz was about followers. Then something changed and I just lost interest. But now I am see more information on hashtags (#). It all seemed much more interesting.

I think the trick is to find a hashtag that will help me be seen by a group of like minded bloggers. The group needs to be not too big and not too small. I want my tag to be inclusive but not too inclusive. You can see it might be a little tricky. The PAULA REED NANCARROW blog had a wonderful suggestion about using "meme" hastags. All of her hashtags and Twitter follow links save one, had the word "blog" in them. The one that was the simplest was #ArchiveDay used only on Saturdays. That worked for me. That is what I am online...a blogger. I think you should hop over to her blog to see what hashtags she suggests how she suggests you use them.

I can suggest #SundayScribblings, #3WordWednesday and #FridayFlash. You may know of other "meme" hashtags that can help you gain more traffic.

But like everything thing in this world, participating in Twitter as a tweeps with my twits means I must follow written and unwritten rules.  Thank you Paula Reed Nancarrow. You have started me thinking that there may be hope for me. I may become an authentic tweep after all. I am feeling hopeful.


Note Mashable and WikiHow have some wonderful information too.

Nov 19, 2014

Aging: The Dentist and the Older Me

English: *Portrait of Pierre Fauchard's histor...
English: *Portrait of Pierre Fauchard's historical book Surgical dentist. The following artwork was obtained from The Library of French Medicine website available on (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I suppose I could write a book about how different my life is becoming as I age. I am a walking talking study in gerontology. I have written about the way youngers treat the older me and how I feel about my life experiences but I have never written about going to the dentist.

Like most people, my dental visits are not a favorite of mine even though dentists are very nice people and necessary to my health. Over the years I would say that my experiences have been pretty typical. Nothing really changed from the time I was 20 other than a few methods. But when I went to my new dentist this last week it was a totally different story. We talked about, gasp, my age!

The poor hygienist was saying that I didn't look my age and the dentist was saying that a woman "of my age" has to think about how long they need for their fillings to last and if we really need to have a procedure when our teeth would probably be okay until the day we die.

I just turned 73 a couple of weeks ago...seriously I had not even considered dying anytime soon. My teeth are not falling out and if they do I will get them fixed the right way. I'm just a little vain so I may be a little funny that way.

So, my question is "When do you consider quitting medications, abandoning dental care and throwing in the towel?" Anyone have an answer for me?


Nov 18, 2014

The Funny Thing About Snowbirds (people)

The Santa Catalina Mountains just north of Tucson.
We are STILL in Oregon. Family you know. My husband and I are snowbirds so we go south when Fall season gets deep. Even though we call ourselves "snow" birds, we do NOT like the snow or even frost! I love being here in my home but my body doesn't like the Northwest temperatures as winter approaches.

 Our friends are in Tucson golfing and having cocktail hour. We look forward to joining them soon.

So now I am getting very ready to fly away for the winter. My husband and I don't think about Arizona until we are ready to go. But when we are ready, it is all we think about.

As for my body, it will wait a little while I suppose. The cold is not good but the warmth of our home, family and friends somehow makes it all okay.

Be well.


Note: Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this post for earlier stories about our snowbird lifestyle.
An evening with friends.

Our porch in the evening

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