Jan 30, 2015

5 Things That Drive Me Nuts

Nuts (film)
Just because!
I love my fun websites better than the average bear. BUT it seems that I have managed to sign up with a website (Polyvore) that sends me text messages DAY AND NIGHT. It is driving my nuts. I can not find a place to unsubscribe although I will continue looking. Did I mention that it is driving me nuts and I hate being "pushed" around. In case you don't know what a push is:
push:  In client/server applications, to send data to a client without the client requesting it.... Increasingly, companies are using the Internet to deliver information push-style. Probably the oldest and most widely used push technology is e-mail. This is a push technology because you receive mail whether you ask for it or not -- that is, the sender pushes the message to the receiver. (from Webopedia
This annoying practice is being used more and more.

Suggested Reading
Many of the women that I follow write for Huffington Post. It drives me nuts that Huff Post recommends such tacky, low to the ground stuff to me. Today, they were pointing me to why white guys marry black women and the most awkward couple in-the-world. Really?  I know that Huff doesn't pay their authors and writers are honored to have things published but when I see that kind of material, I find myself running in the other direction!

Repetitive News
About the news...I know that there has to be something interesting happening in this world but where is it. Here in Arizona they can beat a subject to death. The football issue for example...what am absolutely idiotic thing to impose on us. I wish that Arizona were the only state that does this but I know this is happening everywhere.

People Complaining about Paying Taxes
I read somewhere recently that even when people get old, they still care about what happens after they die. So why to people resent the taxes they pay for the education of our children. Don't they know that the future of the world depends on how we educate the young people? It drives me nuts.

Misc. Stuff
There are a lot of other computer, dust, a wrinkled bed, people with very high voices and pain....

I don't complain very often so when I vent I usually get it over with. I'm done.

It time for my wine and an episode on Netflix...I will be fine. Really I will!


Jan 29, 2015

How to Set Every Aging Senior Free

English: Audi A8 at Snetterton
English: Audi A8 at Snetterton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Let's just dream about the future for a minute. Because our population is aging faster than the speed of light, it would be so nice if technology and transportation would hurry up and set us free.

One of the worst nightmares that any aging person has is the loss of their driver's license wouldn't you say? Imagine being trapped in a house that works for you but is not near those things you need to, clothings, medical care or even just a drive in the country.

My daughter was talking about a totally autonomous car the other day..."I can hardly wait!" she said hopefully. She commutes a long distance everyday and could use at least part of that time to do phone calls (although that be illegal in some states). And you think she can hardly wait! What about my husband and I. Wouldn't that be the most wonderful thing in the world? We are 73 and 77 years old. Safety is a great concern for us and we hate to stay at home all the time.

On a website called Driverless Car Market Watch you can find the timeline for this wonderful invention to hit the market. The soonest we can expect to find such a car is an Audi A8 in 2017 while others are looking at 2025 or later. Reality tells me that only the rich and famous will be able to afford this but I suppose I can dream about the possibilities for my children and grandchildren.

Mobility and freedom are the two things we give up as we age. While doctors and science has given us extra years, the extended time is only as valuable as the quality of our life.

What do you think?


Jan 28, 2015


I really don't see my city very clearly on a day spent out and about if I am alone. I am lost in my own thoughts. Visitors to the city view things that I see as perfectly normal in a different light.

Take, for example, the fact that young people dress up in costumes, get on our mass transit and go to Pioneer Courthouse Square as someone else. I see it as perfectly normal but if you are from another part the country or the world, you may see it as beyond weird.

This last week we had visitors from out of town and we took the Max Line downtown to see Saturday Market and shop at Nordstroms. Pioneer Courthouse Square was our stop on the Max Line so we waited for the next train there. An event sponsored by some big athletic company was being set up. Just at the edge of the stairs two young girls dressed as English school girls with faces painted white as though they were about to appear in a Johnny Depp movie were waiting for the action to begin.

My visiting friend turned to me and asked where the play was. When I told her there wasn't a play and that, in Portland, this was just what kids did, she found it very hard to believe. As I think about it I can see why. It is a bit unusual to say the least. When she wrote me a thank you note telling about their trip home, here is what she said:
"At one of the rest stops I saw a girl with full face makeup like a cat...I waited to see if the car had an Oregon plate but it was Washington."
I suspect those people were on their way to Portland or had just moved away.

I asked "what's up?" when the girl boarded in the orange costume at the Pioneer Max stop. She was puzzled until she realized I was asking why she was dressed like that. She said the Elmo-like costume symbolized the Don't Hug Me...I'm Scared song lyrics and that she did it for fun. Interestingly enough people all around me got out their cell phones and took pictures. They were wondering too. Lyrics from the YouTube video go like this:

Now when you look at this orange,
tell me please, what do you see?
It's just a boring old orange!
Maybe to you, but not to me. 
I see a silly face! (wow!)
Walking around and smiling at me.
I don't see what you mean.
'Cause you're not thinking creatively!

videos produced by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling

I don't know how "normal" this is but I do know that I think I know why these young people do this. Wouldn't we all like to hide behind a mask sometimes. Considering the angst and misgiving teens live with, I suspect that they feel somehow braver and strong when they go out in disguise. The song video, Don't Hug Me..I'm Scared that the teen loved promotes creativeness but I think the title says it all.

I like that young people do this. It brings the creative vibe that this city possesses alive. It is very alluring.

Anyway, Portland rocks. Keeping this beautiful city weird makes us more tolerant of all cultures and lifestyles. In fact, it may keep the city young and vibrant. Isn't that wonderful.

Have a wonderful day.


Jan 27, 2015

The Complete Guide to a Great Party

When I was young I thought a party was about great food and drinks. I thought the decorations needed to be perfect and everyone catered to at every turn. It turns out I was so very wrong. A great party is about people that are willing to laugh and make their own fun.

My husband and I hosted a party for over 100 people this last week. We invited anyone that was willing to make the effort to go to our parks activity office and pick up a ticket up. All we asked was that they bring a donation for a local food bank. Interestingly, enough people did not come early because they didn't think there would be that much demand and missed the chance to attend.

The Birthday Boy

Husband, friend, daughter and me

We hired a wonderful band that played 60's music and we bought sheet cakes that could be cut into very small pieces. We bought a keg of beer and cups.  I decorated the tables with minimal funds and then we waited to see what would happen.

It is amazing what can go right and what can go wrong. But in the end what went right outweighed what went wrong by a ton.
The thank you card from Connie commented
that it was a miracle we could get up in the morning!

  • Over 150 people had tickets while many were turned away because the ticket were gone yet many that had them did not turn up. That was too bad.
  • The keg of beer was sold with the wrong tap so we had the beer but we could not give it away. It was a promise that sounded good but we could not fulfill.
If there were other problems no one told me so I am happy. 

What went right?
  • Over 100 hundred people came, many with birthday cards.
  • The band was sensational and received ovations all night long.
  • The dance floor filled immediately and stayed that way for 3 hours.
  • The cake was delicious.
  • Everyone toast my husband with much love and friendship. 
  • Everyone brought their own drinks and snacks AND did not complain when we served the small pieces of cake on a napkin without a fork. Silly right? It worked like a charm.
  • My daughter was able to attend and danced the night away with her father and our friends.
  • We collected several clothes baskets full of food. The St. Pius food bank thought the gift came from heaven...their cupboards were bare.
Fellow Blogger Bob Lowry from Satisfying Retirement
All in all, what didn't go right was so minimal and kinda funny. We returned the beer and got a refund. I told the audience that we did buy the beer but they could not have any! It got a laugh! 

I did not know that so many people would come but I guess that goes to show you that beer (you cannot drink), popcorn and cake with no plate works. It is all about the people!

Have a wonderful day.


Jan 19, 2015

Are You A Technophobe? Shame on You

Twitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I was blown away when I read an article posted in the NYT's this weekend called Older Job Seekers Find Ways to Avoid Age Bias. The Times writer wrote about people approaching retirement that were still seeking supplemental income. We all know the trouble that age group has finding fulfilling work. It seems that those very workers cannot find employment in part because they are perceived as "technophobic". Yikes! This is what the article said that caught my interest:
A lack of technology aptitude is a common worry. “People over 60 are often perceived as technophobes,” said Nancy Collamer, a career coach and author of “Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit From Your Passions During Semi-Retirement.” To overcome age bias, demonstrate comfort with technology and social media, Ms. Collamer said. “Include your LinkedIn URL on your résumé, or mention an interesting article you found on the employer’s Twitter feed during an interview.”
I know that there are younger people that are not keeping up with the technology available today. In this day and age you cannot even belong to a church group without having an email address so how they manage to lag behind I have no idea. The Times article is a wonderful source of information for people seeking a new job interest at an age when it all seems very hard. They pointed out that more education or training may be necessary and that volunteer work can lead to a paying job. But being or claiming to be a "technophope" is not cool and in the end may be a persons undoing.

I am just saying!

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