Apr 12, 2014

Grandchildren: Little pitchers have big ears!

Prov. Children like to listen to adult conversations and
can understand a lot of what they hear. Remember, "Little pitchers have big ears."
(Used to warn another adult not to talk about
something because there is a child present.)
Shay is 2 today. Happy birthday Baby Granddaughter Shay! She doesn't really talk a lot yet but she is listening and watching. Two big brothers do all her talking so everything is good. Who know what her first big sentence will be.

I am heading home in a few days and we will be spending some time with her. I hope that her first big sentence is not something I have said because it probably would not be good. She is the 9th grandchild I have been around from the time they were born. Everyone of them picked up something from me that was less than perfect. 

I am often reminded by my children that "little pitchers have big ears". What about you? How is that grandparenting going?

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Apr 7, 2014

Shopping Online: The Cardigan and The Shoes

I invite you to go to the J. Jill website and look at the timeless cardigans. The little sweaters are so slimming because of the way they are cut in at the waist.  I have one in black.

I ordered these Gianni Bini shoes from Dillards today and had them shipped to Oregon. We don't have a sales tax there so I didn't have to pay Arizona taxes...that is good.  We don't have a Dillards in Oregon...that is not good.

I have a pair of these shoes in gold and I absolutely love them.  They are comfortable and reasonably prices.  GB is a wonderful brand name.

There you online just has to do some times!

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Apr 5, 2014

There's a Hummingbird in the Livingroom!

We are getting ready to return to Oregon. I am always torn between our two homes. Each has it's own charm and appeal. But I can tell you for sure, the hummingbirds do NOT come into the house in Oregon. Arizona however is another thing.

I have told you before that I am married to a Doctor Dolittle and that animals, birds and even lizards are okay having him very near. He talks to them as though he is one of them. Our cat, for example, thinks he hung the moon and looks at him with such adoration it melts my heart.

Our hummingbird feeder hangs near the place where we sit outdoors in the morning and evening. Each time a bird comes to feed my husband talks to them and encourages them to just relax and take a load off. See, a sitting hummingbird is not very common.

When a friend came in the house to share a glass of wine yesterday, she left the screen door open. We were visiting and evidently the bird heard my husband talking and laughing. It flew onto the porch and then into the living room. We ducked as it flew to a nearby window and we were thinking it would be wounded after fluttering behind the blinds. To our surprise it let my husband gather it up in his hands. He took it outside and we watched it flit away none the worse for the wear.

Doctor Doolittle with our
 baby granddaughter last summer
in Oregon.
I miss these creatures when we return to Oregon where we live in the city. Here we watch Vermillion Flycatchers, and red headed wrens, red birds and the ever present red capped woodpeckers. The doves are mating now and the coveys of Quail will be marching by anyday now.

The cat brought a blue bellied lizard in the house the other day. My husband caught it twice...the first time it just shed it's tail and ran away. The second time my husband left it's tail alone.

We have not been plagued by bees this winter at all. A couple of years ago a hive gathered in the cactus across the street and our workers killed them all...killer bees can be very nasty so no one takes any changes. Since then the bees have avoided us. It is really strange.

Coyote howl in the Pantano Wash located just across the street from us and rabbits feed in my friends secret garden.

We live in an RV Resort in east Tucson and even though we are close to all services we live up close and personal with the desert. I think we are very lucky. I, of course, am doubly blessed...I live with Doctor Dolittle!


Note: I do not call birds or animals by any scientific names so don't be alarmed at my lack of tagging skills. I prefer it that way. If I took it too seriously, it might not be as much fun to watch and learn.
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Apr 4, 2014

How to add "Reply" Function to Blogger Comments

Yesterday I was having second thoughts about using Google+ comment system. If your followers are not in the Google+ loop, they cannot leave a comment. I liked the Google+ system because it allowed me to reply to comments directly under the comment and I thought is was impossible to do it without Google+.

Then I went to read Bob Lowry's blog, Satisfying Retirement, and I noticed that he could respond to all his reader directly below the comment. I knew he did not use Google+. How did he do that? I wanted what he had.

So I went to the ever helpful Blogger Help to find the answer. I found that I could actually add the reply button under the comment by embedding a code in the template! However, they did not tell me what the embedded code was. However they did get me started with the first few steps necessary to get the job done.

Then I found a website called Webaholic and was able to get the embedded code I needed plus some how-to information. But that page was aimed at the users for the old Classic Blogger template. It took a little time before I finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together to make it work with Blogger's Beta templates. 
Blogger Overview Page
Template on edit HTML under the picture.

Bogger Template HTML
Screen Shot - cannot be copied into text.
Click on the image for a larger view.
Find this code on Webaholic and paste into the HTML after
  1. First you must go the Overview page from your Blogger Dashboard and click on Settings on the left of the page. 
  2. Click Other under this tab. Here you will set the Blog Feed to Full.  
  3. Then click on Post and Comments in settings and change the Comment Location to Embedded. (info from Threaded Comments in Blogger Help).
  4. Return to Overview and click on Template in the lefthand side of the Overview page 
  5. Find Edit HTML (under the picture of your live blog page) and click on it.
  6. Click the Format Template tab at the top right of the HTML page. It would not work unless I performed this step. 
  7. Find the code that says data:commentPostedByMsg/
     I discovered I could do that by typing Ctrl or Command F which will bring up a search box.
  8. Type or paste that data:commentPostedByMsg/in the search space. Highlight the code and clicked return. (Look at the screenshot above to see that is has < before and > after the code.
  9. data:commentPostedByMsgwill be highlighted in the template HTML
  10. Paste the embedded code that installs the Reply function directly after it. That piece of embedded code is available at Webaholic link.You can copy it there and embed it in your HTML template. It will look like the screenshots above.
You will need to replace YOUR BLOG ID HERE with your blog ID #. You will find that number in the address line. I am very glad to say that I now have what Bob has on his blog too! I feel so smug.
Disclaimer: I could not copy the embedded code. Webaholic is your go-to website for that sort of thing.

One more time:
  1. Go to Setting on Overview page then Other and Set Blog Feed to Full
  2. Go to Posts and Comments and set Comment Feed to Embedded
  3. Open Template tab on the lefthand sidebar.
  4. Click Edit HTML
  5. Expand line 14
  6. Type Ctrl F to bring up search box.
  7. Paste code data:comment.....etc. in the search box and then highlight it.
  8. Click return.
  9. Paste embedded Reply code from after or below the data:comment...
  10. Add blogger ID# found in the address line to replace YOUR BLOG ID HERE.
  11. Save Template.
  12. Go back to blogger and see if it worked.
Good luck!

If I can answer any question just contact me. I will see if I can help.
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Apr 2, 2014

Small Space Living: Channeling my inner goldfish!

English: An image of a Common goldfish
Channeling my inner goldfish....
I heard once that a goldfish only grows as big as the container in which it lives. That is why you see big "goldfish" in big ponds and tiny ones in a glass. I really don't know if that is true but it does sound very interesting. Oh, and I have been told that if you feed a goldfish too much it might die. That is important to know if you buy one.

...or channeling my inner whale? (Sea World photo by b+)
Last night I began to wonder if I was finally reacting to the fact that my my husband and I live in a small park model all winter. Is my inner goldfish telling me that I need to get rid of a few extra pounds or my house will be too small to hold me? After all, I should fit into my tiny house. That may be the reason I have begun to enjoy walking again.

When I walk, I lose weight...AND that is the only way extra pounds are going away. There is no hope that I will change anything much about my eating habits at this stage in my life. Thank heavens I am not like a goldfish. I might eat myself to death in one day.

When I return home to Oregon, I will have 1500 square feet of living space. Plus, I have a yard, a patio in the front and the back. There is a small park across the street. I don't even know what to do with all that room when I get back. But, believe it or not, the goldfish in me will adjust and before long I will feel like I cannot live with less.

As for my weight...pray for me. Up until now, I have managed to not expand to fit the space in Oregon. Let's just hope I don't slip a gear or something and begin to channel my inner whale. My goldfish self would have a tough fight against that big creature!

Be well,

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