Jan 19, 2015

Are You A Technophobe? Shame on You

Twitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I was blown away when I read an article posted in the NYT's this weekend called Older Job Seekers Find Ways to Avoid Age Bias. The Times writer wrote about people approaching retirement that were still seeking supplemental income. We all know the trouble that age group has finding fulfilling work. It seems that those very workers cannot find employment in part because they are perceived as "technophobic". Yikes! This is what the article said that caught my interest:
A lack of technology aptitude is a common worry. “People over 60 are often perceived as technophobes,” said Nancy Collamer, a career coach and author of “Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit From Your Passions During Semi-Retirement.” To overcome age bias, demonstrate comfort with technology and social media, Ms. Collamer said. “Include your LinkedIn URL on your résumé, or mention an interesting article you found on the employer’s Twitter feed during an interview.”
I know that there are younger people that are not keeping up with the technology available today. In this day and age you cannot even belong to a church group without having an email address so how they manage to lag behind I have no idea. The Times article is a wonderful source of information for people seeking a new job interest at an age when it all seems very hard. They pointed out that more education or training may be necessary and that volunteer work can lead to a paying job. But being or claiming to be a "technophope" is not cool and in the end may be a persons undoing.

I am just saying!

Jan 14, 2015

Let's Celebrate Now!

Well, did you know that former pro football player
Ickey Woods will celebrate almost anything?”
Are you a lover of parties and people and celebrations? I am! I am like Icky Woods, the NFL football player they feature in the Geico ad. He is the one that loves to celebrate and will do a happy dance when his number comes up at the deli counter. I am like that.

So we are going to celebrate my husband's 80th birthday next week...don't get me husband ISN'T actually 80. I decided that some celebrations should not be delayed, not for any reason. So we are going to just do

I have hired a wonderful band from here in Tucson and invited everyone in our park to attend. We will give them a little popcorn and a can of beer. We will dance until late at night or 9:30 p.m. whichever comes first .  We are going to do the happy dance just because we can.

So Icky Woods wherever you are, my hat is off to you. Celebrate the small is all about joy and a celebration is the best way of demonstrating it.

What will you celebrate today?


Note: Woods was a pioneer in touchdown celebrations when he unleashed the "Ickey Shuffle" during his rookie season with the Cincinnati Bengals in 1988. The Shuffle, which went on to be imitated by countless touchdown scorers, consists of three hops to the left, three to the right, three hops back, a spike of the ball, and a finger twirl.

Jan 13, 2015

On Being an Oregon Duck

2006 Oregon Ducks football team
2006 Oregon Ducks football team (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We watched our Oregon Ducks go down to defeat last night. I don't care who you are in our state, that is a hard pill to swallow. Our college athletic teams are living breathing symbols of the state. All those true fans of the game lived and died with their team.

We know all about our team jerseys and the Nike connection to Oregon. The fact that the TEAM does not plasters stars all over the helmets could be a way of telling the world that one man's success only contributes to the whole. The wing symbols on the helmets and shoulders of the uniforms are the eye candy that make the team look so elegant I think.  In many ways the state has Phil Knight to thank.  He is the benefactor that has brought so many wonderful changes to the University and all that it offers.

The game reminded me how proud each of us are of our local culture. Oregonians are no different. Those of us that have lived their whole life in the state take great pride in the way we live. I have even been know to brag just a little. In our hearts our children are more beautiful, our neighbors more helpful and our lifestyle more worthy. I know, it cannot all be true but unreasonable pride just swells in our breast when we talk about our state.

Our friends that live down the street from us here in our winter Arizona home are from Ohio. They are loyal Ohio State fans that follow their team unquestioningly. We had a long conversation this morning about the players from that team. They told me about the high school coaches for some of those young men and what adversity had taught them. They were very proud not only of their football skills but also of their ethics. I could see that Ohio State had earned the loyalty of the fans. I congratulated them on their team's success..

There was no need to put down the opposing team to make this fan feel better. Oregon and Ohio State brought us a wonderful evening of football finesse and, in Ohio State's case, brute strength that was impossible to overcome. On the other hand Oregon showed that, given a few less mistakes, they could have come out the winner. What a football season this has been.

There is always another year. But when you have a Heisman Trophy winner as a quarterback and he has already graduated so he won't be back, the chances that lightning will strike in Oregon again for a while is very small. We will keep our fingers crossed.

Jan 11, 2015

How Do We Live with the "Drip, Drip, Drip of Existence?"

Do you watch Elementary? Does the American version of Sherlock Holmes hold any appeal for you? I am a great fan of this show. I love that it is smart and above all quotable.

In the segment I watch this last week called The Eternity Injection, Holmes was in a big black funk. He is a recovering addict with 2 years of AA meetings under his belt and now he realizes that this is his life...forever. Day after day, week after week he will be a recovering more, no less. I loved the line he used as he talked to Watson about his feelings:
Now I think if I were to use drugs again, it would, in fact, be an anticlimax. It would be a surrender to the drip, drip, drip of existence.
It is a very depressing thought isn't it...the drip, drip, drip of existence? I think that we have all faced that feeling at one time or another. It is the mundane act of living after we have reached our goal and must now live without that tantalizingly need to conquer what stands in our way.

It has occurred to me that the very fact that we do live lives that are essential the same day after day makes it more and more important that we continue to find new challenges.

For example, the average person that leaves a job or sees a child grown or even gets that up level college degree faces a life empty of the challenge those things brought. If they don't love new challenges I can imagine that days and weeks must seem like eternities.

Can we change the way we approach life and make ourselves interested in learning or being creative or seeing every movie or even reading all the Nance Drew Mysteries? I don't know. But if we can, it would be a very good idea. Otherwise the "drip, drip, drip of existence" will take it's toll. We may not live forever but it will certainly feel that way.

Jan 9, 2015

How to Get Rid of Viewers....ask HGTV

Back in 2013...July I think it was...I began to wonder about Kitty Bartholomew. You remember, she was the delightful lady that hosted a show on HGTV for many years. She showed us how to make what we have sing...there was no demands for granite or demolishing outdated kitchens. It was all about creativity, paint and comfort. That post was called Kitty Bartholomew Where Have You Gone?  If you do a Google search for Kitty Bartholomew you may see it down the page a couple of places. I ended with the words:
Kitty Bartholomew wherever you are, thank you for making it okay to "live" in my little house with a cat that sheds and a husband that nests.
Even today I receive comments on this article because, back in the day, HGTV resonated with a whole generation of women that loved to create. The industry of scrapbooking and craft supply stores sprang up around these shows. Then, one day, they were all gone. Carol Duval vanished from the face of the earth and Kitty disappeared from our lives. Maybe it was just too much of a good thing. HGTV does tend be over zealous with a few shows.

Why is it that there can't be a trend that is not ground into the dirt? Now HGTV is running House Hunters all day. If I hear one more "I just love this space but we will have to replace all the kitchen cabinets before I can move in" one more time I will scream out loud.

While interior design is a wonderful calling and realtors are nice, there are only so many ways you can talk about a house and still be original. Either HGTV doesn't have deep enough pockets to provide a variety of shows or it is stuck in being simply a real estate channel.

So HGTV, here goes. Before you drive away yet another generation of viewers by getting stuck in a rut, consider this...why can't you introduce a show once in a while that might be about being creative...maybe even rerun vintage HGTV just for the fun of it. I bet viewers would love it. While I don't want anything all of the time, even Kitty, I would love to be able to go to your network and see something different.

I invite you to go back, read that original post and take a look at the comments. It is very interesting that even after all these years people still love Kitty Bartholomew!

I'm just saying.


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