Feb 6, 2016

There Is A Rule for That!

I know I have written about rules a lot. My daughter has rules for napping. I have rules for counting calories. I play golf so rules* guide everything I do on the course.

So I have started golfing with a women's group again. I know...I must be nuts. But it turns out I am having a lot of fun. I am also learning that there are rules for playing with women in Arizona that I had not heard of before. I did not know it could be different. Thankfully, my friend has helped me stay ahead of the rules committee whoever that might be.

It turns out you cannot put the rental golf cart key in your purse and take it home. The golf course does not like that and they can be very kranky. I will pay attention to that one...not that I have ever done that but who knows.

I don't think we are suppose
to feed the coyotes. This guy
looked like he could use
a good meal.
There is a specific order that you tee off when you begin a round of golf. On the golf card you are handed, the names are listed. Everyone plays the first hole going in order. After that it doesn't matter. I need to remember that I do not get to go first all of the time. I am paying attention to that one. I like to be first.

We play ready golf...unless we truly respect the person hitting next or if we are just not in the mood to hit yet. Some people are very fast and others are very slow. Ready golf can be interpreted many ways. That one is not very clear to me yet. I'm working on it. I think that if I am playing with someone slow, I cannot leave them behind and play on to the next hole even if I am ready. But I could be wrong. I am not the most patient person in the world sometimes.

Most golf courses have a dress code of sorts but on this course there is not a rule that you have to dress any particular way. As long as your body is covered and if you are a man, you have a collared shirt, you are good to go. I was a little disappointed in this one...I like new golf clothes and even though I don't play good golf, I want to always look like I can. I am making up my own rules for that one!

Women will correct other women if they don't obey the rules. It is a given that sometime during the round I will be told where to drop my ball if I land on the golf cart path. I always do that and it is not easy to stop a ball on the cart path. Thank goodness someone knows what they are doing. Otherwise I would be bumbling around for 18 holes. I have only played golf for 20 years so I really am a beginner.

So there you have it. Rules follow us around everywhere. I really like it when other people follow the rules even though I don't want to myself. But what is, is.

What is the strangest rule you have ever run into? We would love to hear it.


*Note: Rules are what we expect other people to do and don't want to do ourselves. For example, I don't want the people in my neighborhood to paint their house sky-blue-purple if it is against the rules. But if I fall in love with that color, I might want to do it myself. 

Feb 3, 2016

Sarguaro Corners in Tucson Az...Friday night just the way I like it!

We love our life in the desert for a lot of reasons. Here in Tucson (The Old Pueblo) we get to live the best of city and village life with a little Harley motorcycle crossroads thrown in the mix. We experience this when we golf, eat out, take road trips and shop. The latest best place is called Saguaro Corners.

There is something very special about driving for a few minutes out into the desert very near the Saguaro National Monument and arriving at a place a place like this restaurant. This is where a unique cross section of people that is typical Tucson gather. (located at the intersection of Escalante Rd. and Old Vail Highway)

This old restaurant has been at the same location for so many years people have stopped counting. It closed for a while and has reopened recently with a menu that is a great fusion of regional food with tastes from other places around the world.

I ordered a dish made with "grits" (polenta), covered with smoked tomato cream sauce, andouille and shrimp. The grits has been cut into square and stacked with spinach between the layers. It was out of this world.

The bar is open air onto the deck where a band plays on Fridays. Reservations are necessary if the weather is warm at all.

But best of all is the mix of bikers, families and retirees all gathered in a room overlooking the desert or outside under heaters.

And, yes...that is a car seat for a baby inside a Polaris four wheel vehicle. A darling pink blanket was in the back. Did I say the Tucson is a unique place? Well here you have it.

I will add that we are a short drive from our house to places like La Encantata, a shopping area that features all of the top designers in shops of their own. Downtown is coming alive with great restaurant like Proper or the Congress Hotel. Tucson is a little bit country and a little bit big-big city! The Old Pueblo is still rocking and we love it!


Jan 30, 2016

Did Your Charmed Childhood Include a Trip to the Dump?

Where did we shop before Goodwill and yard sales and Craigs List? I don't believe I know anyone that doesn't have a story about how they acquired that wonderful old chair or table on the sunporch. Without those second hand places we would be lost. How did we ever manage to survive?

I was talking with our daughter a while back and she said in parting that one of her favorite childhood memories was time she spent with her grandfather and father cleaning out the garage. My parents lived in a very small community in eastern Oregon so everything that was disposed of out of the garage went to the dump.

She and her brothers were allowed to make the trip to the dump to dispose of the collection out of the garage if they helped clean.

The Carwash
The dump was treasure hunt waiting to happen. She described how people would bring old chairs and broken tables to the sight outside of town and sit them lovingly along the hillside. As soon as she and her brother piled out of the pickup they would rush to inspect everything left behind. When the pickup was emptied, Grandpa and Dad would join them to look everything over too.

I am sure that something went back home with them every time. My father was very handy and could fix anything.  I suppose the choices were based on what they might need and not on what could actually be repaired. He was not greedy at all. My children never missed a trip to the dump if they were allowed to come along. My daughter remembers it as part of her charmed childhood.

Cleaning Up
Picking Peaches
Some children remember the vacation or even a trip to the big circus. But, as it turns out, it is the simple things that children love. I took my granddaughters to the carwash a couple of years ago. Our carwash is like a treasure hunt too...free popcorn, windows onto the washing brushes and a place to sit in the sunshine. They loved it. The grandchildren back on Oregon love a walk and an old box of crayons and color books left over from the older cousins now in their twenties.

I learned very long ago that a charmed childhood is all about whims and surprises and just a little work with it's rewards. I am truly hoping that the next generation has their very own dump stories to tell. The thought of it makes me smile.


Jan 28, 2016

What can you control in your small world?

My own little world revolves around
family and friends. I try to make it
a good place to be.
My friend and I were talking yesterday about how hard it is to be civilized. Really, really hard. As civilization has evolved, man has learned that it is not okay to act like a caveman anymore. Living with other people peacefully has left us with tasks and restraints that our baser being does not want to obey. And, surprisingly, is it not the big things that get us.

It is our behavior with those around us, what we think as we look out our front window, feeling superior to those less fortunate and our tendency to act on our anger that creep up on us. Being a good person is very, very hard.

In fact those humans that wrote the bible talked about those instincts back when civilization was emerging  tells us how slow we are to civilize ourselves. They are not listed as such in the bible but do appear in Proverbs. From what I can find they may have been collected by scribes of King Hezekiah, who reigned from 715 to 686 B.C. I suppose they could be the root of all evil. They are:
Envy: the desire to have an item or experience that someone else possesses.
Gluttony: excessive ongoing consumption of food or drink.
Greed or Avarice = an excessive pursuit of material possessions.
Lust: an uncontrollable passion or longing, especially for sexual desires.
Pride: excessive view of one's self without regard to others.
Sloth: excessive laziness or the failure to act and utilize one’s talents.
Wrath: uncontrollable feelings of anger and hate towards another person.
These are not the big things that we think about in today's world. Notice there is no mention of terrorism or war or theft or shunning. The fact that we want what another has is not something we necessarily think of as a big thing. It is when we act on these impulses that we get ourselves in trouble.

But as my friend and I continued to talk, it occurred to me that making things better in our world is all about what we as individuals can control. It all happens in our very small personal theatrical stage.

Controlling our weight, keeping our space and ourselves clean, being less confrontational and angry, spending less money and giving up greed, being happy not envious of other's successes, remembering to never make another feel unworthy because we are prideful and last but not least, being virtuous in our personal lives are all situations that are very close to home. And no one else save our self can control those urges.

It really is all about our own little world. Could it be that if we actually did what we ALL could to be better as individuals, the rest would follow?

What do you think.

It is a thought!  


Note: I just want to tell you that I am not a church goer and do not belong to any particular religion. But, when it comes to ethics and virtue, one cannot do better than study the world's religions. I just happen to be more familiar with the Bible than any other book on religion.

Jan 26, 2016

700,000 Views...but whose counting?

Just because pictures make
the post more interesting. Local hangout
in Tucson AZ. Saguaro Junction Bar and Grill
I do check my stats. I went over 700,000 last week. But I don't believe that 700,000 have stopped to read this blog. It is just simply not possible is it?

On Facebook I saw a post that said that we should not brag about our views. I can't remember why but the person that said it seemed to know what she was talking about. That is why I would never mention it anywhere else than right here. I can do that here because I own this space.

The question would be "WHO is counting?" There are search engines that do something if the material here is interesting. People look for something and by magic a word I use or even a subject falls into that category and a blip about the blog appears. The blog post How to Be a Snow Bird...answers and questions is one that draws a crowd so a lot of my traffic is related to that one post. How those stat counters work is a total mystery to me.

It really is beside the point...the number is big and I will take it. Not that I'm counting.

Do you track your numbers and popular posts?


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