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16 Signs an Older Woman Likes You

There are many signs an older woman is attracted to you. It can be difficult to know if she’s just being friendly or if she’s interested in more, but there are a few things you can look for to help you figure it out. Older women often have more experience than younger women, so they may know what they want and be more direct in their advances.

If she’s flirting with you, touching you, or making suggestive comments, she’s probably interested in something more than just friendship. If you’re not sure what to do, don’t be afraid to ask her out. She may be hesitant at first, but most older women are flattered when someone takes an interest in them. Below are 16 subtle signs that can help you determine whether or not an older woman wants you.

Wants to Spend Time with You

It isn’t always easy to know when a mature woman likes you. But, there are signs and it usually has to do with her wanting to spend time with you. If she asks you what you’re doing for the weekend, or if she invites you to an event, then she’s probably into you. It’s also important that she can look at you straight in the eye and not get nervous when talking about something personal.

Touches You

Older woman touching you is a strong sign of attraction they like you. It is also how they show interest in you. Mature women are often scared of expressing their feelings so they will touch to get the message across. They may not want to come out and say it but if they brush your arm, grab your hand, or touch your face, she’s probably into you.

Give You a Ride Home

Many people think that when an older woman offers you a ride home after last call, they are just being polite. Wrong! There is actually a hidden message in the act of giving you a ride home late at night. Women who offer you rides home are generally attracted to your sense of style and generally want to get to know you better.

Ask You to Help Fix Their Stuffs

Older woman who ask you to help fix their stuffs are signs they likes you. When a woman asks to have a handy man around, she is sending you a signal that she wants to date or flirt with you. If an older woman is asking for your help to put up her screen door, move a piece of furniture or assemble a bed frame, it could mean she might be interested in going out with you soon.

Give You a Lot of Compliments

Many people may not know that flattering someone is often just a way to show you like them. That’s right. If an older woman compliments you, she may be trying to flirt! It’s also worth noting that, in some cultures, complimenting someone can be seen as an act of kindness. Women who are looking for companionship might find this to be the best way to make themselves more attractive in your eyes!

Start Sending You Texts

Many women are on the lookout for true love. One way to find out if someone is interested in you is to read signs they are sending you, such as text messages. If an older woman starts texting you, there are a few possibilities for what they are trying to say. They may be looking for an escort or just want some company.

Cook for You

Older woman are cooking for you is the to go sign that they are into you. Cooking an elaborate meal for someone is a big commitment, which can take hours of preparation and time in the kitchen. The majority of people don’t take on this task for someone they’re not interested in. It’s also worth noting that over half of women over 50 are single, so there’s no spouse or significant other to cook for them.

Hinting They Are Still Single

Older women who hint to the fact that they are still single could be flirting with you. This means that they might like you and want to get your attention, but they aren’t sure if you are interested in them. Older women often have a hard time finding dates because of their age, so it is common for them to put out feelers to see if someone will bite.

If she starts inquiring about your relationship status or previous relationships, it’s definitely worth taking things further. Older women often have more life experience and are looking for someone who can make them feel valued and loved.

Ask About Your Parents and Siblings

Older woman who ask about your parents or siblings are often interested in you. It’s not uncommon for these ladies to see how well you get along with family members. If you have a good relationship with your family, it could be a obvious sign that they are interested in you. Similarly, ladies who are more introverted may also ask the same questions because they want to get to know more about you.

When You Leave, They Hug You Tightly

Unlike other women who will fake cry and make a scene, older woman like to hug you tightly when you leave. It is because they know that they could be saying goodbye for the last time. It may seem like an innocent gesture at first, but it’s an act of love and respect. Older women are wise, smarter than others give them credit for, and also know how to hold back their feelings to avoid drama.

Offer to Teach You How To Sew or Knit

A woman hoping to attract the attention of a man might offer to teach him how to sew or knit, but what’s really happening is that she’s hoping for some one-on-one time with the man. This is because these skills are often associated with housewifery and family life, making it easy for couples to form relationships. The older woman may also be hoping to find someone who has the patience to demonstrate the skill with her.

Keeps Eye Contact with You

Older women who keep eye contact with you for an extended period of time may be interested in you. Eye contact is a direct and personal form of communication. It reflects interest, trust, and attraction. What’s more, research has shown that the longer a woman keeps eye contact with you, the more likely she is to like you.

Blushes when She Talks to You

If you’re wondering whether an older woman blushes when she talks to you, it might be signs that she really likes you. Blushing is not something that most people do deliberately and if she’s blushing when she’s around you, it’s a good indication that she want you. When someone is attracted to another person, they may blush and feel their face and chest getting hot. This is because the brain triggers hormones which raise your heart rate and blood pressure.

Speaks to You for A Long Time without Making Excuses to Leave

It’s not unusual to get caught up in conversation with an older woman. They like to hear their own voice and often make excuses to leave, but if they speak for more than five minutes without making excuse to leave, then they really like you.

Chat About Their Sex Life

When an older woman begins to talk about her sex life, it can be a sign that she is interested in you. She may be trying to find out if you are sexually compatible, or she may simply be flirting with you. Older women often have more sexual experience than younger women, so they may be looking for a partner who can keep up with them. If an older woman starts to flirt with you, it’s a good idea to flirt back and see where things go.

Laughs at Your Jokes

Many folks think that when an older woman laughs at your jokes, they are just being polite. This couldn’t be further from the truth! When a woman laughs at your jokes, she’s actually trying to tell you that she likes you and finds you funny. It sounds like the older women are in on some kind of conspiracy because they can’t help but crack up in front of you.

Listens to What You Have to Say

Younger woman can be very judgmental when it comes to listening to what you have to say. If she is not interested in your opinion or input, she will not hesitate to let you know. On the other hand, an older woman will listen and take into consideration what you have to say. She will lend a kind ear and offer her own thoughts and opinions about the topic at hand. She may even elaborate on your ideas and help brainstorm solutions for the problem that you are facing.


In conclusion, we want to express that it is not wrong for an older woman to like a younger man, and vice versa. It is good for men and women of any age and of any sexual orientation to be open about their feelings.

With this article, we hoped to educate readers on the signs that they may be interested in someone who is not their own age.

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