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Best Low Stress Jobs After Retirement

Retirement is a big deal. It means freedom from the daily grind, more free time, and an opportunity to pursue new interests. However, there’s also a lot of uncertainty surrounding retirement. Will you be able to afford to live comfortably? Will you be able to find a job? How will you spend your free time?

Low Stress Jobs After Retirement

If you’re thinking about retiring soon, you might want to consider taking a part-time job after retirement. Not only will it give you additional retirement income, but it’ll also provide you with valuable skills and experience.

36 Low Stress Jobs After Retirement

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to retire early. However, there are ways to do so safely and successfully. One option is to take advantage of low stress jobs after retirement. While most people think of traditional careers such as teaching or nursing, there are several jobs for seniors available today.

Freelance Writer

Freelancing has become increasingly popular over recent years. It offers flexibility, independence, and freedom from office politics.

Online Teaching

If you’re an experienced teacher, why not teach online? There are lots of websites where teachers post lessons and assignments. Students then complete them via video chat. The best part: students typically receive feedback within 24 hours.


Tutors provide personalized instruction to students based on their needs. As a tutor, you will be able to set your own schedule and choose which subjects you want to focus on.

Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistants perform administrative tasks including data entry, scheduling appointments, organizing files, etc. Depending on the type of work you’d prefer to handle, this could be a great fit.

Transcription Work

Transcribers transcribe audio recordings. This allows you to earn extra money without having to leave home! You might find clients looking for transcription services on sites like

Translation Service

Translation companies translate documents into different languages. For example, if you speak Spanish but would like to communicate with French speakers, translation may be a good choice.

Data Entry

Data entry involves entering information into databases manually. Companies hire freelancers because they can afford to pay per task instead of paying hourly wages.

Customer Support

Customer support representatives answer questions submitted by users of products and services. Some call centers offer live chats during certain times of the day. Others require customers to submit requests through email. Either way, customer service reps must deal with irate consumers all day long. But hey, at least they get paid well!

Sales & Marketing

Salespeople sell goods and services to potential buyers. Marketers create ads that encourage prospective customers to buy specific items. Both sales and marketing positions involve cold calling, networking events, and other activities aimed at generating leads.

Social Media Management

Social media managers oversee multiple social networks. They monitor posts published by others and respond accordingly. Many employers look for candidates who demonstrate strong writing skills since it helps when responding to comments left on Facebook pages or tweets.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluators review web pages against predefined criteria. Their job requires analyzing content, keywords, links, and other factors related to search results.

Website Reviewer

Website reviewers evaluate website design and functionality. After completing a test project, they write detailed reviews about how effective the site is in terms of its layout, navigation, and user experience.

Writing Instructor

Writing instructors help people improve their written communication skills. These professionals often develop lesson plans and assign homework as needed.


Blogging and vlogging allow individuals to share videos taken on mobile devices either individually or collectively using platforms such as YouTube. The ability to record video directly from one’s phone makes blogging easier than ever before.


Proofreaders correct spelling and grammar mistakes in text created by others. Since this type of editing takes place post-production, many proofreading firms order work based on client needs rather than time constraints.

Substitute Teacher

While there are many ways to earn extra money after retirement, becoming a substitute teacher can be a great option. Substitute teaching offers retirees the chance to make some extra money while also staying active and engaged in the classroom.

One of the benefits of becoming a substitute teacher is that there are no requirements for age or experience. This makes it a great option for retirees who want to stay active and continue learning. In addition, substitute teaching can be a great way to meet new people and build relationships with other educators.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants perform administrative tasks associated with owning a business. This role includes setting up appointments, organizing mail, scheduling meetings, creating spreadsheets, and more.

Software Engineer

Software engineers build programs designed to solve problems. In addition to coding software themselves, these workers may also research new technologies and methods to incorporate into projects.

Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for programming sites that use HTML5 technology. Because there is no shortage of companies looking to hire skilled programmers, competition can be fierce if you want to land your dream job.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks enter information into databases manually. Although data entry isn’t brain surgery, some freelancers set their hours and choose which assignments they complete first.

Online Surveys

It’s no secret that retirees often face a dwindling income once they leave the workforce. However, there are many ways to earn extra money after retirement by taking advantage of the internet. One great way to do this is by taking online surveys.

There are a number of reputable survey companies that pay their participants for their opinions. In most cases, you can earn money by completing surveys on a range of topics, from current events to products you use every day. What’s more, many survey companies offer sign-up bonuses and ongoing rewards for their members.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives take calls from customers and resolve issues over email or chat apps. Some reps answer basic questions while others handle complex queries relating to billing or product orders.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual elements for print materials including brochures, flyers, logos, advertisements, packaging, etc. Designing graphics requires creativity, innovation, and artistic skill but graphic artists must master computer software used to edit images at high resolution.

Administrative Coordinator

Administrative coordinators oversee all aspects of office operations including human resources, payroll, bookkeeping, purchasing, marketing, facilities management, and other duties. They plan activities, organize files, and ensure deadlines are met.

Project Manager

Project managers coordinate teams working on different parts of a single project. These employees keep everyone moving forward through the planning stages, implementation phases, and completion phase.

Park Ranger

A park ranger patrols national parks and preserves nature reserves. Park rangers typically wear uniforms consisting of khaki pants, boots, and a shirt bearing an official logo. Their primary responsibility involves protecting natural areas against damage caused by humans.


Salespeople promote products and services offered by businesses. Often sales professionals target specific industries.

Animal Shelter Worker

An animal shelter worker cares for animals who have been abandoned or rescued from abusive situations.


Recruitment specialists search out qualified candidates for open positions within organizations. Many recruiters focus on one industry sector like healthcare or manufacturing.

Insurance Adjuster

Insurance adjusters evaluate the damage caused by natural disasters or accidents. Workers compile evidence, assess losses, and negotiate settlements.

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors help clients manage money by recommending investment portfolios and providing financial advice. Advisors need strong analytical skills as well as knowledge of investments (e.g., stocks, bonds.

Personal Assistant

Personal assistant roles vary widely depending upon employer needs. For example, personal assistants might provide errand running, transportation, shopping assistance, social media support, pet care, house cleaning, meal preparation, child care, and/or laundry.

Dog Walking & Pet Sitter

Pet sitting involves caring for animals in someone’s home. Dog walking refers to taking dogs outside for exercise. Both require patience, empathy, and an ability to interact with pets.

Food Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers deliver food items ordered online or via mobile app. The workday typically begins when workers arrive at a restaurant or grocery store before opening time. After placing orders, delivery drivers travel between locations until completing deliveries.

Cleaning Services Provider

Cleaners clean homes, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, factories, stores, and more. Cleaning services include window washing, floor scrubbing, carpet steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and much more.


Accountants track income and expenses using accounting principles. Bookkeepers enter data into spreadsheets and prepare reports that summarize business activity over time.


A handyman is skilled at fixing things around the house such as plumbing repairs, electrical problems, painting, carpentry, drywall installation, tiling, and many others. Handymen often have their own tools and equipment which they use to complete projects quickly and efficiently.


Paint contractors apply paint to walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, windows, doors, etc. Painting requires skill and experience. Some painters specialize in certain types of paints while others can handle any type.

How Old is Too Old To Work?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics defines an “older worker” as anyone 65 years old or older who works full-time year round. This includes people who are retired but still receive Social Security benefits. Older workers may be eligible for health insurance coverage under COBRA laws if they lose employment due to illness or injury.

Older workers also face unique challenges because employers tend to prefer younger applicants. Many companies offer flexible schedules, telecommuting options, tuition reimbursement programs, and other perks to attract new hires. However, these opportunities aren’t available to everyone. If you’re interested in working past the traditional retirement age, consider exploring your options now.

What Will Happens if You Work After Retirement?

If you continue working beyond the traditional retirement age, it could affect how long you’ll live on Social Security alone. Most retirees rely on two main sources of income: Social Security and private pensions. In 2018, about half of all retirees received from one source only. That means those individuals will likely outlive their savings within 20 years.

In addition, some states don’t allow employees to collect pension payments once they reach age 70. To avoid financial hardship later in life, make sure you plan ahead so you won’t need to take early withdrawals from your 401. You should also save enough money during your career to cover living costs without relying solely on Social Security.

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