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What are the Benefits of Living in Hawaii?

Dubbed as the happiest state of the US, Hawaii is a place that offers so many exciting things to its residents.

What Are the Benefits of Living in Hawaii

You can spend time on the beaches, live close to nature, chill out, and just enjoy your life. But, more than these obvious perks, there are still a lot of things that await you in Hawaii more than what meets the eyes.

Check out the following benefits of living in Hawaii and learn why more and more people are moving there:

Sublime Climate

A lot of people live in Hawaii because of its warm and pleasant tropical weather.  What they fail to realize is that there are some parts of the island that tend to get chilly. In fact, 11 out of the 13 climate zones of the world could be found on Big Island.

Do you love to sit in front of a cozy fireplace during wintertime? Then, you will surely love Volcano and Waimea where their higher elevation makes winter months enjoy cooler temperatures. Do you prefer the verdant landscaping of tropical rainforest? Hamakua Coast offers a lot of options for you to choose from. And if you love an oceanfront property that got its very own waterfall, you can also expect to find it all in Hawaii.

Magnificent Nature

The state’s remote location resulted to a varied and rich wildlife and natural landscape. This untouched and secluded paradise can be a true apple of your eyes. You will enjoy exploring and discovering numerous attractions that are out of this world. You can visit and see for yourself the complexity of nature and just lose yourself in its beauty.

A few must-see attractions in Hawaii include Mau Loa and Mauna Kea volcanoes, Haleakala Volcano, Kalalau Trail along the Na Pali Coast, the high cliffs of Molokai, Kilauea which is the most active volcano of the planet, Wailua Falls, Hulopoe Beach, Moaula Falls, and more.

Choose from Different Islands

You can choose from six major inhabitable islands in this American state and all of them have their own exciting perks. Also popularly called The Big Island, the island of Hawaii is the biggest and youngest of the entire island chain. There is also Maui and its stunning valleys. The greenest out of all islands is Kauai and Oahu serves as the home to Honolulu, the capital city. Molokai is that place without traffic lights. Finally, the smallest of all the islands is Lani, which used to be called the Pineapple Island because of the vast plantations of pineapple

Fantastic Food Options

Hawaii’s local is actually an exciting fusion of different flavors that boast of influences from different parts of the world with savory and interesting recipes. One of the main stars of Hawaiian cuisine is none other than poke that mixes raw cubed fish with seaweed, sea salt, as well as other ingredients to create a sumptuous salad.

Another popular dish is loco moco composed of hamburger patty, white rice, fried egg, and delish salty brown gravy. There is also poi, a traditional staple food. Satisfy your taste buds in Oahu and revel in the exciting flavors.

The island is also well-known for its farmer’s markets, food trucks, and the fusion plates from the star chefs of Hawaii.

Enjoy Beachfront Living

Have you always dreamt of waking up every morning with the infinite ocean waters to greet you? Then, you will surely love to live in Hawaii. With the Pacific Ocean surrounding the state, Hawaii boasts of dazzling beachfront properties that can be found on all the major islands.

Access to Free Entertainment

Boredom has no place in your life if you live in Hawaii. There are lots of activities that you can try to do and the good news here is that you can enjoy all of them for free. The variety of fish and warm waters of the state, for instance, make it ideal for diving and snorkeling. Those who are looking for some adrenaline rush will love to go surfing the huge waves and try kiteboarding. But, if you are not a big fan of watersports, you can also explore the gorgeous campsites and hiking trails.

Experience Unique Hawaiian Culture

Hawaii boasts of a rich cultural and historic heritage. Some of the great traditions of the place are the hula dance as well as the famous luau, the celebratory feast that is accompanied by activities and music. The Aloha Spirit serves as the main anchor of the Hawaiian culture. This is a way of living that values respecting nature and treating other people with love. Among the benefits of living in Hawaii is the friendliness and warmth of the people living and breathing the Aloha Spirit.

Indulge in a Laidback Way of Life

The Hawaiian way of life is also about that laidback and simple lifestyle. You won’t experience any rush here. People always have big smiles on their faces and problems seem smaller if there is the beauty of nature surrounding you. Serenity and bliss in day to day living seems to come naturally when you live in Hawaii.

Promote Healthy Living

Fresh water, clean air, and stress-free life have a positive and strong influence on the quality of life when you live in Hawaii. Studies even revealed that Hawaii is the healthiest state in the United States. Bathing in the ocean and soaking up the sun can do great wonders for the overall health of the residents of Hawaii.

Lowest Real Estate Property Tax

Although Hawaii has the highest median price of homes in the US, it also happens to have the country’s lowest rate for real estate property tax. The average tax rate in effect for real estate properties in the state is 0.27%, which is lower than the 1.08% national average. This makes a big difference of the homeowners in the place as well as those who have plans to buy their own property on the island.

If your wish list includes exciting adventures, nice people, good food, and a more carefree lifestyle, look no further than Hawaii!

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