All of the posts you will find here are related to life in a Park Model!  We have chosen this as our second home for winter living.  It falls somewhere between a studio condo and a tent in the forest.  Smaller than a conventional trailer but bigger that most Motor Homes.  It does cost more than a tent but a whole lot less that anything else.  We call them the Doll Houses.

The first one of these little doll houses I ever saw was in an RV resort in Florida.  Tiny little houses painted beautiful Florida colors line the road to the back of the park.  The humid air hung on all day and we felt a tiny bit amphibious.  But those little doll houses have never ever left my imagination!  They were the cutest things I had ever seen!  These vacation rentals at Tropical Palms Resort and Campground are the very ones I remember.  I wanted one of these the minute I saw them.

from Park Home Sand Cabins
Several years later we saw these darling little houses appear in the northwestern part of the United States.  Unlike those in Florida they were clad in a log cabin siding and fit into the landscape just a perfectly as the little painted models I saw in Florida.  In the Brookings, Oregon and Crescent City, CA they have become very common. 

There are people here in our park that have chosen to make a park model their permanent homes and will vacation in the north in the summer.  It makes a lot of sense financially for them.  It is very tempting!

I have experience with this type of life and would be glad to answer your questions.  You can email me at  Here is a collection of posts I have written describing the park model life.  Take a look. 

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