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Bio for Barbara Torris (b+), writer and owner of Retire in Style Blog.

The writer of this blog says she lives her life with very few secrets. She believed that blogging is all about a life lived in the open, just in a discrete way.  All you really need to know is that she writes about retirement out there where the rubber meets the road. Any glimpse you get of her personal life is seen because it gives you a view of how a retired woman lives. That is what she wants you to know.

Her background as an educator prepared her for the huge amount of learning that was necessary to become a successful blogger.  The learning curve satisfies her need for a creative outlet. Curiosity coupled with the research necessary to become knowledgeable about the subjects she find interesting is part of what keeps her coming back to write frequently.

She has been married for 56 years and shares her life with her husband, 3 grown-and-flown children and 12 grandchildren. She and her husband travel as much a possible and just recently returned from a trip to the central Mexico community of San Miguel de Allende. Next spring will find them in Dubai visiting with her son and his family.

As her life in retirement continues to evolve so does Retire In Style Blog. Where she once welcomed guest bloggers and native advertising she now spends her time on only those things that interest or affect her life.

When asked what she like to do in her spare time she said, "I love to read. Once in awhile my husband and I golf together. And I love a glass of really good wine." She is 74 years old and feels like this part of her life has only begun.

You can find her on Twitter at barbblogtwits, Facebook, Flickr and Pinterest.


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  2. Nice to meet you! I found you through Google looking for other women writing about retirement. I do like your blog! It's funny how all of us retiree "women in retirement" bloggers have the same things in common:

    1. We all have had to adjust to retirement one way or another ourselves.
    2. We all have our own stories and testimonials about "our" retirement.
    3. We all want to share information with other women on how to have that happy, healthy connected retirement.

    That is what prompted me to write the book, Faith Full Retirement: The Woman's Guide to Finding Joy in Her Later Years.

    I would be thrilled and honored if you would consider a review of my book on your blog. I can send you a hard copy or if you have Kindle Select you can download it for free. Of I can also just email you a copy in a PDF format.

    I in turn would like to forward you some information about a retirement project you might be interested in. Although some parts of it are up and running, there is much more to come. It is a way for you to make a little money on the side and be able to help a whole group of retirees - no matter what stage they are in.

    So, I am looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are. Thanking you, also, for considering to review my book.

    Best to you,
    Jan Elliott, Author
    Faith Full Retirement

  3. I really like what you said about HGTV and all their "house" shows. It used to be so enjoyable to watch but I hardly ever watch HGTV anymore. You are so right in saying that there are only so many ways to redesign and decorate an old house. And as far as all the house hunter shows, most of us could never afford to buy the houses they show, especially in the locales where they are! Wake up HGTV and get back to some programming for your previous viewers!

  4. I am finding your blog and other retirement focused blogs really interesting as I we are now in that stage of our lives, [well have been for a little while as we retired early] look forward to reading more.


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