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How Do You Tell If Your Wife is Going to Leave You?

Is your marriage on the brink of falling apart? Does it feel like there is something wrong between you and your wife?

How Do You Tell If Your Wife is Going to Leave You?

It doesn’t matter if you have been married for years or even just a few months. There will always come a point when you cannot help but wonder if your wife’s love for you was still the same as the first time you started dating. This kind of thought is rather scary but it is actually valid with a good enough basis.

If the time comes that you start questioning where your marriage will go from here, it is important to know sooner than later if your wife is going to leave you. This way, you can still try to save it if there are still signs of hope, or learn to accept and let it go if the marriage is already broken beyond repair.

She Doesn’t Say the Three-Letter Word Anymore

This is probably the most obvious reason that your wife is going to leave you soon. Most women tend to be quite showy whenever they love someone and they are usually very vocal about their feelings. A sudden change in your wife’s behavior combined with the fact that she doesn’t say “I love you” anymore might be a tell-tale sign that something has gone wrong with your relationship.

She Always Picks Fights

It is pretty normal for couples to fight every now and then. In fact, fights are inevitable. You and your wife will argue over things only to make up later on because you bought realized how unimportant and silly they were.

But, if you notice how your wife seems to constantly pick fights with you like she actually enjoys the arguments, this might be a completely different story.

If she acts like she is just waiting for that perfect opportunity to start a fight over the most trivial things, you better brace yourself because she might already have plans to leave you.

She No Longer Fights With You

What is worse than constant fights with your wife? It’s when she doesn’t even fight with you anymore. Arguments vanished into thin air, nagging is nowhere to be heard, dramas only belong to TV shows now, and an upset wife is no longer there to wait for you to go home late. Your wife lets you be this time around. Although this silence might be a welcomed change, it might also mean that she already had enough and she just wants out of the relationship.

Your Sex Life Changed for the Worse

Now, this one is rather tough. If things used to be shaky from the start, you might find it hard to recognize if your sex life has changed. But, if the two of you used to share the same level of passion before but she now finds excuses every time you initiate, something might have already changed for the worse. Take note that there are many forms of intimacy and most relationships fare well for years even with a limited sex life. However, if sex is completely absent in a marriage or you can no longer recall the last time you actually shared intimacy, there might be an issue here.

She Got Plans of Her Own

Back in the days, your wife always showed interest about your whereabouts and even tells you to include her in your plans. Now, however, she makes plans that she doesn’t even inform you about. It could be plans with the family, coworkers, or new friends you haven’t met yet. If she seems irritated when you ask her about it, it is another red alert you need to be mindful of. This is among the most obvious signs that she is not interested to spend time with you anymore and might even leave you soon.

She Focuses Too Much on Her Physical Appearance

It is nice when your wife has this glow around her or she starts focusing more on herself. She starts shopping for sexy new clothes, perfumes, or spends time at the spa. While it might sound exciting if her purpose is to get your attention, it might also be a sign that your wife is planning to leave and is getting geared up for a new chapter of her life that doesn’t include you anymore.

She Now Spends More Time Outside the House

Another telltale sign that your wife will leave you soon is if she spends a significant amount of time away from home. It could be because she wants some alone time to clear her head or she just want to avoid you, she might start looking for excuses to be outside the house.

She’s Pleased When You are Not at Home

You will be away on a business trip and your wife arranges a get-together with her friends. For some reason, you feel like she is relieved that she doesn’t need to share the same space with you even just for a few days.

She Doesn’t Seem Interested in the Future

If your wife doesn’t look like she is still interested to spend the future with you, your marriage is probably going south soon. If the two of you usually love discussing your plans for the future and dreams such as trips to your favorite destinations, or even home renovations when the kids grow up but she no longer shows even an ounce of interest on them this time around, it can be a big red flag that your wife is going to leave you soon.

Once you spot these common signs that your wife will be parting ways with you, it is about time for you to take action. Try to sit down with her and discuss what went wrong and why your marriage ended up this way. Is there something that you could have done differently? Can you still try to fix things and save your marriage? There are times when a good talk is all it takes for the relationship to get right back on track. But, if there is no hope, at least, you can still try to end it on good terms.

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