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How Can a Father Walk Out on His Child

In today’s society, it’s not unusual for a father to walk out on his child. Some fathers may feel that they are not ready to be a parent, or they may feel that they are not able to handle the responsibility of being a father. Others may simply lose interest in their child after the baby is born, and decide that it would be best if they walked away from their responsibilities. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to remember that walking out on your child is never the right thing to do.

There are many reasons why a father might walk out on his child, but some of the most common ones are listed below:

He Doesn’t Want to Be a Dad

This has become a popular new trend, and it’s something that can be done without any legal repercussions. The reasons for this vary from fear of commitment to the idea of fatherhood being an anchor to someone else’s life. However, there is some debate about what exactly this means for these children and what effect it will have on them in the long-term.

Controlling Wife

The excuses that men come up with when they want to abandon their family are often quite flimsy. They say that they’re leaving because their wife nags too much, or because she’s selfish. The truth is, there are many reasons behind a father walk out on his child. Some of these reasons may include the wife being controlling, other men in the household, the wife having another life outside of the home.

Abusive Wife

It is a sad story when a father is forced to abandon his child because of abuse from their mother. It can be hard for a father to stand by and watch their children get hurt and try to manage the situation alone. It is impossible for fathers who are in an abusive environment to protect their children while also trying to keep themselves safe.

He Got Another Woman Pregnant

A father may decide to walk out on his child because he got another woman pregnant and is not willing to be in a relationship with both of them. Children who grow up in this environment experience psychological trauma and lack the emotional attachment that they would have when raised by their biological mother and father. This can then negatively impact their future relationships, education, and career.

Financial Instability

Financial instability is primarily caused by unemployment, which can lead to feelings of failure and shame. These feelings are enough reason for some fathers to abandon their children. Social pressures can also contribute to father abandonment due to the expectations that are put on them as providers.

Substance Abuse

Many children grow up without a father figure because the fathers left the family due to drug and alcohol addictions. This can be devastating for a child, who might think their mother is the only one in charge. For other children, they may never know why their father left and wonder if it had anything to do with them or if he just didn’t love them that much. These fathers must get treatment for their addiction before they can return to their families.

Imprisonment Due to Father Broke the Law

A father’s role in a child’s life is important, but what happens when the father has been incarcerated? Society paints a picture of fathers as absent and uninvolved in the lives of their children, but incarceration is an issue that leaves many dads feeling helpless and more than often, resentful.

A father’s imprisonment can have a profound impact on their child, potentially leading to mental and emotional problems. For children in these situations, it is important they have a support system in place to help them get through this difficult time.

They Are Not the Child’s Biological Father

The pressure that a father feels when he learns that he is not the father of his child can be devastating. The only way to relieve this stress and jumpstart the healing process is to leave and go on with life.

For some fathers, they don’t take this option and instead choose to stay in the relationship with the mother, but for many others it’s too much and they break up with their partner and find love elsewhere.

Their Partner Cheated on Them

A lot of people are unable to understand why fathers would choose to walk out on their child if the mother cheated on them. However, statistics show that there are many reasons for this occurring. Some of these reasons include resentment towards the mother, not wanting to raise a child with another woman, and wanting to avoid the drama that goes along with it all.

They Feel that They Cannot Give Their Child the Life that They Deserve

The way in which society has become so competitive, fathers are struggling to provide for themselves, let alone their children. It is becoming increasingly difficult for men to find employment or work that will pay them enough for them to live comfortably in today’s economy. Today’s economy is tough on everyone but it seems like men are taking the brunt of it.

They Feel Like They’re Missing out On Life and Want to Experience It

It’s a sad thing when a father walks out on his child. When a father leaves for reasons such as they feel like they’re missing out on life and want to experience it, it can be devastating to the child, as well as to the mother.

Since they are not mothers, fathers may feel that they have more work to do in the world. However, if the father feels he is missing too much time with his children or believes that his presence may be harmful to his child, then he may walk away from them as well as their mother.


In conclusion, the article discussed the many reasons a father might walk out on their child. The first and most common reason is to avoid visitation and custody battles with the mother and former spouse. This solution is often seen as an easier option than paying child support or dealing with other family disputes that may arise from not visiting the child.

However, we advise all fathers should talk to their children about the decision to leave them if possible, and make sure it is what they want for their children.

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