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Jan 5, 2019

Hello Fellow Blogger...Are You Out There

Belonging to Women of Midlife has been and still is one of the best "blogging" related steps I have taken so far. After all I do write to be read as well a fulfill a need to express myself.

Those women are 50+ and I am 75+ so our paths do not necessarily cross very often. Our live are different as are our interests.

I really don't find "style" or "recipes" very interesting. In fact, a lot of the woman than began with that group have dropped out of the blogging life.

But, because I wrote a blog that covered a plethora of subjects, the beat goes on around here. The interesting part of simply growing up or even old is what I know about. That is what I write about. Actually life is funny, fill with stories and of course, feeds my need to express my opinions.

I suppose that those people that are really serious have moved on to writing book or have found a steady income doing something else. I have chosen not to do either.

Remaining interested (in blogging) and interesting is still the challenge for me. But that is not the only problem...I am getting lonesome for people that share my life style.

Where are those people? You tell me. It could be that AARP is the answer. I have never been a fan of living with old people even though I seem to have found that things work out that way for me. Reading about interesting people's lives is a lot of fun.

I am interested in:
  1. humor
  2. travel
  3. family
  4. stories
  5. opinions
  6. learning
  7. snowbird lifestyle
Can anyone help me? If you would like to be added to a blogroll in my sidebar so I can visit you over and over, let me know and consider it done.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. I am in your age group and am retired, which is why I began following your blog. I'm not interested in style and rarely recipes. Since becoming a widow two years ago I sometimes write about that and coping with these changes. I find retirement a delight! More time for gardening, reading, family and friends.

    1. You will find yourself on the list. I do visit your blog often anyway.

  2. Even though I'm not exactly your demographic (male, late 60s) as you know I've been following your blog for a while ... and I think I'm interested in all seven of your subjects. Except maybe opinions. I find that the supply of opinions far exceeds the demand for them.

    1. I know that opinions are not needed...but they somehow come without warning and there is no stopping them!

  3. Hi. I just found your blog and plan to stay on and read. I'm not sure if you'll welcome this but there are 2 blogs that fulfill at least 6 items on your list.

    1) https://muddlingthroughmymiddleage.com/?wref=bif
    2) http://peacefulheartopenmind.blogspot.com/?wref=bif

    My day's always better after a visit here.

    1. I will take a look at them Thank you Caitlynne Grace (such a beautiful name).


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