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Oct 14, 2018

More and More Like a Pregnant Mother

Am I getting ready to have a baby? Honestly, I am going through a period where I want to clean out that extra bedroom and put in bunk beds and make it beautiful for children.

It started with the closet in our dining room. That closet is our "basement" of sorts. We don't have a real one so it has to do.  In the past week I have gone through boxes of art supplies and laid my hand on all that I own. I love owning that stuff.

Then I opened a kitchen cabinet and began dragging out antique kitchen stuff that was gifted to my husband (of 80 years) when he was a little boy by a long dead sister. I just set it on the kitchen counter wondering...why?

Last night I was telling my daughter-in-law that we needed more beds.

What is going on here. I am not pregnant and there will be no baby. Do all people my age go through this need to get ready for heaven only knows what?

I wonder.

How is your life going?



  1. I haven't heard about people going through a sense of needing more beds in the house, but I do know a lot of people lately are seeming to have the urge to purge stuff from their homes. But to me it sounds like you are having something more along the lines of a premonition that you are going to need places for more people to sleep at your house for some reason. It seems like you are paying attention to the premonition. At least you'll be prepared if you have overnight guests suddenly appear.

  2. I think you are doing "fall cleaning" to get ready for the annual migration to Arizona. Change is a coming! I'm the same way with your place right now. I know that our shipment will be arriving super soon so I'm getting my hands on everything we have and I'm sorting and tossing before the big day. Come ooooonnnnnnnnn shipment! Let's do this!

    1. Dear Maddie's mom,

      I am feeling the need to leave things clean before we leave next week on Tuesday or maybe I am "channeling" your furniture arrival. Maybe tomorrow?

  3. We downsized eight years ago and purged. But here it is years later and closets are stuffed and clutter surrounds me. Time to declutter - again. I keep wondering - where did all this new stuff come from? It seems to magically appear.

    1. You really made me laugh. That ad that has the people packing and organizing so they can go out and buy more "stuff" is more true than not. OR the stuff we keep breeds and multiplies in the closets! Either was Goodwill benefits! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Incidentally, the “unknown” commenting person is me, the owner of this blog. I hate it when thei internet forgets who I am!


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