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May 3, 2014

Talking about Retirement...again!

b+ (Retire In Style Blog)
The blogging guru's advice was to talk about what I knew. However, being retired and getting older didn't get anyone's interest. I was a woman, I did not know about financial matters and I really am not much about small talk.

Was I going to continue talking about retirement like the Guru told me or was I doing to abandon retirement to talk about clothes or something equally as gender related. I really didn't want to be all about gender but I am a woman so there you have it. It seemed that if I wanted readers I needed to change something. I decided the important thing was not what I talked about so much as who I talked to.

That was when I connected with a group of women, middle aged women over 50 and things changed for me in many ways. See, the thing is, younger people, even those past middle aged, really aren't interested in what being "old" is all about. They want to hear what their contemporaries have to say.

So I just declared that I was not that old and began to hang out with that group of younger women (online that is). Most of the time it is just fine and I have learned so much from this pool of women. Whitney Johnson, Pia Savage, Chloe Jeffreys, Julie Deneen and Sharon Hodor Greenthal are all power bloggers and I follow their example.

What I enjoy most of all is that they are still figuring it out and like to talk about it. There are not many women my age that are blogging regularly or if there are, I don't know where they are hiding. Plus I am not about cooking or knitting or quilting.

So, as promised in the title of this blog, Retire In Style Blog, I am going to talk about retirement out in the open just a little bit. After all, I do have a thing or two to say that you have not heard from me yet. Even if you have heard it, I have probably changed my mind since last we spoke!

More tomorrow...


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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog recently and wanted to say that I enjoy your posts and, as someone who is a newbie retiree, I look forward to your continued retirement-related posts.

    Linda Hoye

    1. Linda

      Thank you for stopping by. I will visit you blog. I love to find out what new retires are up to.

  2. Well, we all want to hear what our contemporaries have to say . . . and I hope I an count on you as a contemporary!

    1. I am agrless! Still it always pleases me when younger people like you Tom think of me as a contemporary

  3. Well said, Barbara! I too have found support snd motivation with our MB colleagues. It's more about the here and now...the ongoing reinvention and discovery of ourselves as women period! Keep up the good work!

    1. I agree Joan...the here and now plus the idea that life is an ongoing reinvention and discovery is something very new and wonderful to retirement. It may be what makes the fact that we are going to live a very long time a positive.

  4. Thanks. thats so sweet and wanted!
    I am a geriatric social worker but don't consider myself an expert in retirement or aging. I keep reading how baby boomers are the first generation, to retire and not sit in front of the TV all day.
    My father never retired and my parents went on one exotic trip a year, one to regular Europe, one to Florida to see family and friends, and numerous smaller trips. Many of their friends did the same or went on elderhostels--trips in the US and around the world where you stay in college dorms and take classes.
    You and Earl don't have that "we reinvented the wheel and everybody should learn from us," manner about you which makes you refreshing.
    I'm on my fourth reinvention. Maybe fifth as I left everything I knew, bought and renovated a house just as the recession hit. I'm still in shock!

    1. Pia, I continue to love following your life. You are a very interesting person with a lot to say. For those of you that don't know Pia writes at Psychology Today (http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/odd-girl-in) and on a blog called Couting Destiny (http://courtingdestiny.com/)

  5. Thank you for the mention, Barbara. Not many bloggers are writing about retirement as clearly and informatively as you do.

    1. Well Sharon if we don't mention you then we are not giving you the credit you deserve for giving women of a certain age a voice. Thank you.


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