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Dec 5, 2017

When the Jehovahs Witness Come to Call...

"No, I'm not interested in salvation... but 
can I interest you in a glass of wine?"
I know I am living in the real world. The Jehovah's Witness ladies came to call this morning...before I was even dressed. It has been so long since that has happened that I was surprised they still did that! We exchanged a very few words and we were done. It was kinda nice!

See, I have lived in upscale condos, 55+ neighborhoods and even an RV resort with a guard. The Witness people don't usually visit in those places.

Now we live in a middle class neighborhood with townhouses and people, young and old, that work hard. There are no gates or any upscale anything. It is just real people living in a real place.

I like that a lot. The real world works for me...even when the Jehovah's Witness get me out of bed. I probably sleep too much anyway.

Where do you live?



  1. This made me smile! I usually hide from them because I'm pretty anti-religious (not to be confused with being anti-spiritual), and from the Mormans for same, but I appreciate your more gracious approach. ☺On

    We live in one of the few ungated communities in our town, and I am so happy not to be behind gates. In spite of our town being ridiculously safe, there are many, many, many gated communities here, and they just seem so silly and pretentious to me, particularly in the lower price home brackets. Everytime we visit someone living in an area that has them, I'm appreciative all over again that we do not. Our biggest issue with unwanted visitors are snakes and coyotes, not people.

    1. I understand what you are saying Tamara. It was very interesting that we felt as though we were at home in this neighborhood. We had forgotten what it was like to live among people that were different yet the same as we are. I like it a lot!

  2. How funny, they showed up at our neighbors yesterday, while I was driving out. They didn't come over since they saw me leaving. We've told them over and over to NOT come to our house but somehow they continue to think we're worth redemption.

    1. Well being worth anything is a good thing...but over bearing is not a good thing. Good luck with the JWs. They can be tenacious.

  3. I hide from them if I can. But if I open the door by mistake, I just say "not interested..." and they smile and go away. Your picture says "Add caption" at the bottom... probably a mistake, but I'd caption it: "No, I'm not interested in salvation... but can I interest you in a glass of wine?"

    1. And "yes I do believe in evolution and science!" :) I don't share my wine with just anybody so there is that.

    2. I didn't notice the add caption under the picture...I will put your caption made me laugh!


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