Sep 2, 2017

My Grandsons Told Me That I Am the Best

Once a year since my children began school I have gone school shopping. That has been almost 50 years of a wonderful new beginnings. When my children were small we bought erasers, a large box of crayons and underwear. Now I am not responsible for school supplies...I am responsible for bringing joy. It is so much fun...not easy...but fun. I am a grandmother now.

Brayden at age 7.
Yesterday was my young grandson's day to be taken out for a day with Grandma. They are 9 and 7. We wandered through Macy's and Target. We bought t-shirts (a huge success) and one grandson convinced me to buy a sweat shirt with a Five Nights at Freddie's design. It took a bit of negotiation on his part but we got the job done. The youngest just watches with a puzzled look on his face and asks for nothing. I have to encourage him to tell me what he wants. The youngest walked away with 3 t-shirts and the oldest with 2 t-shirts and a sweat shirt. The youngest did ask if we could visit the Pokemon in the toy aisle before we left the store earlier in the morning and I paid attention.

So after the clothes shopping we walked to the toy aisle where the boys found the Pokemon card sets. That was where they got very serious. They had a limit on time and money so being focused was important. They looked and wondered and even did a price check at one point. They pondered the idea of pooling their money. In the end they walked out with just what they wanted given how much they could spend.
Brysen at age 5.

I bought 16 rolls of toilet paper and some Armour All Wipes to use to clean my car with. We were all smiling as we walked to the car.

Naturally, after a hard morning of shopping we needed to eat so we headed off to Red Robin. We have gone to the same place since this ritual began with this family of children 4 years ago.

As we were walking, to the door they clutched their cards in their hands. That was when I wondered out loud if they loved me. Of course we love you grandma they both said in unison. Why?  I asked, wondering what the response would be.

We love you because you are the best! Why did you think we would love you?

I thought it would be because I bought you prizes. It was hard to admit to them that I even thought that.

I walked into Red Robin marveling out loud...WowI am the best! Honestly, isn't that just the most wonderful thing ever? I am still smiling!



Linda Myers said...

How wonderful to be the best!

Barbara Torris said...

I am still smiling! Isn't that just great?

Janette said...

The connection you have with those two will last their lifetime---and that IS the best.

DJan said...

Adorable! They know how to make their grandma happy, all right! Such sweet kids. :-)

Mona McGinnis said...
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Mona McGinnis said...

My paternal grandma made me feel very special. I shared this with my granddaughters. The youngest one said I was a fun grandma. The oldest one ends our time together with extra-long hugs. Their unconditional love makes me feel special.

Barbara Torris said...

I love spending time with these guys. I just watch them do their own things. I will be doing that as long as I can.

Barbara Torris said...

Believe it or not making me happy is important to them. I think that is amazing!

Barbara Torris said...

I think it makes them feel special too. Love is just that way.

Elephant's Child said...

Misty-eyed here. I imagine you were floating on air. The best air for the best grandma.

Barbara Torris said...

The best is in whole world I was told today! It just keeps getting better. :)

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