Sep 15, 2017

Living Alone

We take lots of selfies but
don't really know what we are doing!
My husband has gone ahead to Tucson and will signing papers for our townhouse. I am in Oregon in our home in Hillsboro. We have not spent any length apart for almost 7 years. I have gotten used to having him with me. This summer he has not golfed with the men so we have spent everyday, all day together.

We finish each other sentences, bicker over whether we should leave the umbrella up or down in the rain and get in each other's way. But we love to spend time together. Honestly, I miss my husband when he is out of my sight!

Is this all a good thing? Should a wife be than dependent on her husband? Won't that make it harder for one or the other of us when we are left along?

Well, for as long as it lasts I am not going to question my joy. Marriage is still fun even after almost 57 years.

A day in the life of a single retiree must be very lonely I think. When I am by myself, I gain new respect for people who are left alone and live such a full life. It takes some doing on my part to think for myself without hearing my husband's voice in my ear. Isn't that strange? It would take time to get over that I think.

But, you need to know that I do do it without much trouble. I go about my business, visit with neighbors as I walk around my block, read, watch TV and (best of all) write. And in this day of technology I can talk face to face on my iPhone with family or even friends. That is so very wonderful.

It all feels like it might be okay to be alone after a while but I will not know how it really feels until it is my turn.

It is just a thought.

I am having a wonderful day and I hope you are too.



Juhli said...

What a sweet tribute to your husband and your marriage. I think you are also talking about the resilience that humans seem to have in abundance when placed in situations not of their choosing. I was happily amazed at how resilient both my mother and my FIL were after the death of my Dad and MIL. The first year was terribly difficult but they both found new ways of engaging with the world and finding happiness. Let's hope we all would too.

Mona McGinnis said...

As Juhli says, what a tribute to your marriage. Bereavement literature supports the notion that those with the most loving relationships manage their grief most successfully. Again, as Juhli says, a tribute to a human's resilience. I have lived alone after divorcing 26 yrs ago. Alone is not lonely. There is not one couple that I look at and wish that was me.

Barbara Torris said...

I am sure you will be fine. It is all in the task of living isn't it. But taking some time to reflect is always a good thing.

Be well.

Barbara Torris said...

We all find a way don't we. Living unhappily is not a good thing. Making a choice to change what is not valuable in our life takes courage and strength. I wish you well Mona.


Barbara Torris said...

And most of all I think it is wonderful that you are happy in your life. I think that most of us find a way to recover and not be lonely.

Kathy @ SMART Living said...

Hi Barbara! First of all, "Congratulations for a long and happy marriage of 57 years!" Thom and I are celebrating our 40th this year and while I think that sounds incredibly long--yours is even more so. And yes to all your thoughts about doing it without my beloved. I'm sure either of us would figure out a way, but in the meantime, I hope to make the most of it right? Good luck on your current singlehood and may it pass quickly and easily! ~Kathy

Barbara Torris said...

Just one more week and I will fly to Tucson. In the meantime, I will celebrate at a baby shower for my second great-grandchild. Life is good.!

Lisa said...

Had to laugh at your selfie caption. A few years ago my husband and I repeatedly tried to take a selfie with my new phone during a trip to Asheville. Turns out, we inadvertently made a video. That was unsuccessful as well, as we shot it upside down. 😁

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