May 10, 2017

Do you get your news from me?

If you do, don't do that anymore. I am not a news agency. I am a blogger. Of course you all know that...except for a troll that climbed out from under a bridge somewhere.

It was a very good day over here yesterday. Someone that disagreed with me, a Trump supporter I suppose, told me I should be banned from the internet. I think that might be like not being allowed to travel if I am a Muslim but I am not sure. That line of thinking is going around these days.

The fact that I was called out for posting "fake new" made me laugh. I do not post the news. I just comment on what I think is a very scary time in history. And I am allowed to do that in America...saying what I think is alright isn't it.

And I still think the joke is on the conservative Republicans because I remember very well what their take on Affordable Healthcare Plan was at the beginning of the Obama era. But, having a short memory or even calling the truth a lie is okay these days too.

I have done a little extra digging (not depending on the News media stories for my memories) and I did find a "sorta" healthcare plan that the Republicans sponsored. The winners in that plan was the insurance industry with the focus being on limiting lawsuits. In an article written on Politifact I found the following information:
House Republicans offered an amendment in November 2009 that -- if it had passed, which it didn't -- would have replaced the House Democratic health care bill. It was much smaller (219 pages, compared to roughly 2,000 for the Democratic bill) and had a more limited scope. It relies on bedrock GOP principles: consumer choice, no tax hikes, limited government involvement and caps on lawsuits.
See, that is what I remembered happening. I thought at the time the Republicans were somehow lobbied to death by the insurance industry and I still believe the same thing.

I also looked up Consumer Affairs, the website that posted the information on the insurance industry raking in the money on the back of the consumers after Obama Care went into effect. Consumer Affairs has been reviewed and rated and does seem to work for a lot of people. The article called Health insurance industry rakes in billions while blaming Obamacare for losses! explains what happened after 2010 when the Healthcare Act became law.

But getting back to the comment. This is how it went:
You're a friggin' liar. You should be banned off the internet for promoting fake news.
The pre-existing clause stays in Trumps new health care.
Go get a fuckin life, you loser.
Sorry for the f#$% but still  you have got to think. WOW! Now this person could have made an argument for his take on the new law. Maybe he/she is right in a lot of ways. Yes, the pre-existing conditions are covered but...the cost to the insuree could be astronomical.
Republicans would have states set up "high-risk pools" for those with pre-existing conditions. There is no Congressional Budget Office score of the proposal yet, but the AARP has projected that premiums in high-risk pools could cost as much as $25,700 per year. CNN
So I want you to know,
  1. I do not cover the news...I give my take on what is happening.
  2. I love to get comments from those that disagree with me.
  3. I have learned that those comments can go either way...I can get new information or I can be call a liar or worse.
  4. You need to know that, if I am totally wrong, I will admit it. 
  5. Hence, I had better have a back-up plan. :)
  6. and I do have a life, thank you very much!

Have wonderful day.



Geo. said...

I'm afraid anonymity has furnished tortured souls a portal to curse us from the depths of hell. They do not think so much as broadcast a string of irritable mental gestures. Sorry you got targeted, but your measured response was civil --exemplary.

Tami Von Zalez said...

Since you are my only news source, I am greatly disappointed ...
Some seem to be in the dark about how government works, the Trump HealthCare Mess has to pass the Senate. If the Senators are listening to their constituents, which I hope they are, they will send the Mess back from whence it came.
Passage of this would be an absolute disaster for California, as 1 in 3 residents are on Medi-Cal.

b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

I know that so many people are very worried. We just need to keep people's awareness up.

I think I am ok with the trools because I have not been given a "time out" on facebook.

You made me laugh...I am sorry you are disappointed. No new news here but maybe some new thoughts.

Thank you for commenting Tami.


b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

There really is nothing to be done about the "Anonymous" human. Thank you for seeing my response as "exemplary". I could not have wished for more. :)


Bob Lowry said...

Stick to your guns, Barbara. The idiot who couldn't communicate without obsenities is not worth your time or energy. Healthy disagreement is encouraged, being foul and degrogetory is not. said...

Ha! I love when trolls demonstrate what idiots they are all by themselves.

Cheapchick said...

I've disabled anonymous comments - the only people who usually comment that way are trolls. Sorry it had to happen but unfortunately many who voted for Trump are of that ilk (not all though, some thought he was the answer and are now fully regretting their decision)

Marty said...

I think what blows me away is even the definition of what constitutes "news" now by people, both left and right. So many of our citizens look at opinion shows on such networks as Fox or MSNBC -- or even radio shows, re: Limbaugh or Levin -- as, well, "news." They're not news; they're talk shows. But there's such a backlash at what far-right conservatives call the "main stream media" that they're unwilling to consider traditional sources such as the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Arizona Republic, New York Times, etc. Sorry for the nasty troll on your blog. I guess it goes with the territory, though.

Kathy @ SMART Living said...

Hi Barbara! Good for you for not letting that troll get to you. As a blogger you should be able to write about anything you want (not that I disagree with what you wrote at all!) But trolls are usually just deeply unhappy and frustrated people running around (the internet) trying to get someone to fight with them so they feel they are doing something besides living their sad lives. I actually consider it a compliment when a person "trolls" me because that means I am reaching a wider market than my usual. The trick of course is not to get baited by their words. ~Kathy

RJ said...

"Don't Speak Up Unless You Improve The Silence". That is a quote we should all learn. Your troller of course has no idea what that means. I certainly get my share of these thoughtless people and they are simply not worth your effort to respond. Beside by now they are off dissing someone else.. (ha)

This is one of your better posts Barb, I love you tongue in cheeks words...

b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

Oh I will! I think that being able to disagree without being hateful is absolutely necessary especially in our political climate.

Best to you Bob.


b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

By disabling Anonymous comments I have closed off a segment of readers. I don't want to do that. But, it could be that I wouldn't lose anything. I have found that some that prefer Anonymous do have an identity online. And I do always wonder what that person has to hide. Hmmmmm.


b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

It is very revealing isn't it?

b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

Yes it does. I just roll with it. Did you see Cobert in response to the president mentioning his name and calling him a "no talent" guy. He was almost gleeful. I suppose that should be our take too...if we get a rise out of the trolls, it is all worth it!

b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

I agree...being baited is not a good thing.

b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

Thank you RJ. That means a lot to me.

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