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"Amaze Your Eyes" he said.

We all take pictures and read the guide books. If you or anyone wants information about Dubai or Jordan, please go to the websites or books. I am not going to talk about the history or statistics. I am going to tell you about what will "amaze your eyes". 
We have been in the Middle East for over two weeks now. During that time we have visited the beautiful Burj Kalifa in Dubai and the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. We have been in Amman, Petra and the Dead Sea in Jordan. We have ridden in taxis', Uber cars and vans. Our children have two cars here so we have been transported in them shopping at the spice market. I love a ride in a car as well as the next guy but I am not going to talk about that either. I need you to imagine the voices of people and visualize their story. 
We were standing in the lobby of the Marriot in Petra. A taxi would take us to the ancient and glorious Petra UNESCO World Heritage Site for a day of walking and marveling at what nature and man can create…

That Day I Was Ignorant

I see that word flying around on the biosphere all of the time. We  are ignorant if we don't vote right or use the wrong word or even look the wrong way. After all, we should know better shouldn't we?

Pia Savage wrote on Facebook yesterday about the phrase "Jewing them down". It is phrase used to explain a business deal where the seller is bullied enough to sell for a lower price than ask in the first place. We all know it is offensive. I agree with Pia that people really do need to quit saying that if they still do.

But when I was growing up in a very small community where we never saw the outside world and had no idea what it like that meant, I am sure I heard the phrase many times. I may have used it myself because I did not know any better.
The only thing I did know was that I should not take the Lord's name in vane. 

But I don't think I was ignorant. I think I was innocent of a lot of things back in those days.

I remember the first time I heard someone sa…

Dubai: USA Elections and 19 Second Graders

We are here in Dubai visiting with our family. Our son and his wife are involved in education where my son is director of a proprietary American school. His wife is the assistant elementary school principal. While we are visiting here we hear and see "the other side of the coin" when it comes to how the world works. It is very interesting.
So you need to know that I have not been sick or mad or anything of the sort. We are here in the UAE visiting and it turns out the challenge of simply signing in to the VNP on our families internet can stop us in our tracks. I have been taken to tasks by ATT for using more data than I should. The habit of picking up my phone to have a small conversations with friends is so engrained is a problem. The "data cops" sort of shut me down. Thank heavens they didn't just let me go for the gold! Wow.
We talk non-stop for a couple of days getting ourselves reconnected. In this particular case, politics was on the table immediately. My f…

"I am not buying you anymore clothes," he said.

Every time I pack to leave for a vacation I learn something about myself. How about you? Do you find that you really haven't taken a good look at what you like lately? Are you paying attention to how you shop and what you actually own?

My husband and I were entering our golf course restaurant doors when I said that I liked my friends clothes better than mine and I wanted new stuff. Guess what he said?

"I am not buying you anymore clothes!"

Now you need to know that my husband doesn't control my shopping because he knows we are a team. But he says things like that once in awhile. He is so cute when he gets all huffy.

And the truth is I forget that he is not in control totally sometimes.

"How dare he say that", I thought, "I need stuff...I know I do."

Then I began packing for a vacation to Dubai we will be starting next week. It turns out I like what I have and I like black a lot and I maybe should not shop clearance sales because there are things …

On Learning to Stand Upright

I really do feel for the first man that decided to walk upright on his hind legs. He probably looked foolish wobbling along and trying to get his balance. I suppose there was a certain amount of ridicule involved with that choice too. Tipping over for babies is cute but when a grown cave man did that there may have been hoots and boos.

Or maybe the first was a cave baby. Oh my goodness. I suppose they kept pushing the baby over because it was not what cave babies did. I think they probably thought the baby was possessed.

My husband tipped over in the kitchen several years ago. I stepped over him, plugged in the computer before I called 911. I am not as sympathetic as I could be. He was fine...just didn't like to drink water. He said it rusted his pipes. After a scary moment when he did not move, and a trip to the hospital, I learned to push water like a drug dealer.

I have been walking upright for a very long time. Imagine my surprise the very first time I experience vertigo and s…