Nov 16, 2016

A Day in the Life of Normal (whatever that is!)

Life is really is. In my little world of age mates that are for the most part very quiet about opinions, religion and all those issues imply, I am happy and above all healthy.

As for normal, I really don't know what that is anymore. I have lost a sense of where I belong in this world.

In this place many people take a park model, build an extra room on and close the blinds for the entire winter. Other, like my husband and myself, spend a great deal of time outdoors. We all come here for a different reason.

I need light to stay alive and healthy. I open windows and blinds even when it is fairly warm. We often air condition the outdoors because of my needs. It is not ergonomically efficient or financial good. But I just don't care...I need what I need!

Today in my normal day I started on a walk, stopped at a friend for a quick chat about dinner for friends tomorrow night, walked around a couple of blocks, stopped for an extended chat with a newly arrived friend. I stopped again to receive the blessing for my Facebook post inviting people that didn't like my views to unfriend me. I finished my walk 2 hours later. A short walk takes a long time unless I go out of the park where I don't know other people.

Our neighborhood carpenter returned with his son in tow. We need this man's help so badly and his son is a welcome event. He makes it possible for single women and disabled families to come here in the winter. If the floor falls in, he will fix it. We like that.

We live in a small space here, a trailer house that is parked permanently (sorta) on a spot. The thing we all know is that the axle and the wheels are stored underneath so that someday someone can drive the hunk of junk over a cliff. In the meantime, we live beautifully with ice in the door of the refrigerator and a dishwasher. The water for the ice may run through a hose, up through the floor and into the fridge but, much like the wheels, we choose not to think about that.

It is hot here today in Tucson again today. Our air conditioner is running and the ceiling fan is going full blast. I have a minor sore throat during this time of year from breezes coming at me from every direction.

The leak in the bathroom sink has been fixed and we found our lost garbage can hiding in the parks maintenance shed. That is the kind of thing that makes me laugh out loud. Holy cow, who would want our old, broken and ugly can. It is a mystery.

My husband has planted a tomato plant again...he does it every year. This year, however, he has put it up on a concrete block so the Havalinas cannot eat it. We have cartoon from neighbors about the Havalinas because it seems my husband thought he could outsmart them for many years. The stinky piglike creatures finally won.

So, life goes on. I am headed out to have a glass of wine with my husband in the back facing our mountains. We will have leftovers for dinner and I will watch Acorn TV or another episode of the Kettering Incident on Netflix. No football tonight. I golf 18 holes tomorrow with the women at my local golf course. We will have dinner for our friends at Mary's house. Her secret garden in the back of her park model with hold a table for the women.

Life is good and it does go on no matter what. People around the world are sitting down for breakfast right now and others are asleep near a loved one and their children. That all keeps me grounded.

Much love to you all.



Linda Myers said...

I get it about the neighborhood walk! said...

Ha! I love your neighborhood walk! It sounds like our neighborhood... so many friends, so little time. Life is good (just a bit scary right now)!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty delightful place to be. ~Janette

retirementreflections said...

That glass of wine, with a mountain-view, sounds perfect indeed!

Barbara Torris said...

I am walking HARD everyday and losing weight. Isn't that wonderful?

Barbara Torris said...

Yes it is...I am having friends over for wine this evening. We will sit outside and watch the sunset (the most beautiful in the world).

Barbara Torris said...

Janette...I have always felt that I was at home to matter where I was. I swear we could make a chicken coop lovely and be very happy. I like new stuff but I do not need it to be happy.

Barbara Torris said...

wish you were here...we would invite you over!

DJan said...

I love your post today. It makes me feel better. I'm gradually regaining my equilibrium, and exercise certainly helps with that. And I would love to share a glass of wine with you, so just remember I'm doing just that, even if we aren't even in the same state. :-)

christina neumann said...

I know Tucson somewhat having gone to U of A, which mountains do you speak of??? Sounds lovely all in all. I feel a little lost in the world with the political stuff but know if I just stay in my own quiet space I'll get thru it. Great on the walking!

Barbara Torris said...

I will think of you this evening really is good. We need to remember it with gratitude.

Barbara Torris said...

We look at the Catalina Mountains in the North. We live in southeast Tucson with the Rincons on the east of us. At different times of the day they are all beautiful.

Oh, I also need to say that WE are not not lost. We know very well what we believe and how we feel. Even if we are not in agreement with the election or other's opinions, it is all good. If we need to make our voices heard, we should do just that but like the little boy that cried wolf, we need to be careful. After a while no one listens.

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