On Shopping!

Once every summer one or the other or all of my grandchildren get a special day with me. Grandma deserves it so there you have the reason.

It is not easy on my grandchildren. Several years ago the oldest little one went home, melted down and had a bad case of stomach problems! I take the blame but I still remember how much fun it was...for me!

It is all about me and everyone knows that.

So....yesterday I took Shay shopping for school shoes. She is four. Here is how the day went.

10:30 AM Breakfast Croissant
12:30 PM Shoe Shopping

5:00 PM Ballet
See what I mean!



  1. Love the ballet picture! I bet you felt that way too.

    1. Well she was with her mother so there you have it. But Shay was channeling me for sure!

  2. Looks like you did her in. That means it was a successful day.

    1. I did and then I passed her off to her mother. As always my life is good!


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