Jul 20, 2016

Pokémon GO Is Here....Really!

I wondered what in the name of heaven was going on. Young people, people in cars and more young people kept wandering into our neighborhood. And as the days passed, more and more came.

We live in a 55+ neighborhood on a private street. It puzzled me as to what they were doing and why all of a sudden old people were on their watch list.

Then all H""LL broke loose...and trust me, there is not much excitement around here so when there is and it becomes a 55+ neighborhood's version of a firestorm, I sit up and notice.

Our private street, gazebo and catch basin were by occupied Pokémon GO players. Now I am not against video games or having strangers take a walk in my neighborhood. But when it became a constant stream of traffic on foot and in cars, we all got a little edgy! It was different and we do not like that. :)
When Pokemon Go players see the sign, they
turn around and leave...very odd!

They occupied our little park at night. That is where a gazebo sits in our neighbor's backyards. They sat in the catch basin near the entrance until the wee hours of the morning giggling and talking.

Signs were placed around the neighborhood banning Pokemon players and we gathered in the garage entrances to watch for intruders. Honestly, it was hilarious!

Our local library welcomes players AND
they can charge their phones too!
And there was cussing and stuff...I'm sorry but I am laughing because normally everything is so quiet around here. I am always up for something...anything that makes people's blood rise! It is fun...in fact I am not above stirring in the pot just for the heck of it.

So, the beat goes on. Our streets are getting tar sealed today so couples are gathered on the sidewalk watching construction...see what I mean? I love my life and I absolutely adore my neighbors. Smile!

Oh, and did I mention? The stream of Pokemon Players continue to come!

Have a wonderful day!


All my grandchildren want to come and visit us and sit in OUR backyard...they love Pokemon Go!


SimplySingleSenior said...

I can honestly say I don't know much about this craze -- but I have heard it is a "thing". Haven't noticed any around where I live. My first thought is that it is good that it is getting kids outside. I'll have to find out more about it.

Anne Louise Bannon said...

Who knew? I've heard the game does get people out and about.

Bodynsoil said...

I've been using Pokemon Go, it's increased my daily step count if nothing else.

Barbara said...

I never paid any attention to the original pokemon so , this has no appeal for me. But, I am a bit concerned with the mindlessness that is causing some to venture onto roadways and not look both ways. My grandsons will be here next week. I'm curious to see if they've gotten into the whole thing. We'll see.
Meantime...stay alert!

Barbara Torris said...

I think it is a good thing! But, you will have to admit that is really is funny.

Barbara Torris said...

Good for you...whatever it takes to get us up out of our chair!

Barbara Torris said...

That is what Facebook is saying...who knows!

Barbara Torris said...

My grandchildren come in all size and this is one of the conversations that everyone can join into...it is very interesting. I am sure it is just passing phase and next week it will be something else. :)

DJan said...

I really hope this craze dies down soon. I see people everywhere walking with heads bent over their phones and not paying attention to traffic! At least they are usually in packs so maybe somebody will notice the danger. :-)

Jennifer said...

HA - this is silly. I see why it's appealing. I grew up watching Pokemon with my little brother. But I think everyone playing and not paying attention to their surroundings is just silly. I still think it'd be great if they made all of the polling places in November Poke Stops! That'll get everyone out to vote! Haha.

Kitty said...

That is so funny. I must admit that I am one of those Pokemon Go players. I do endeavor to watch where I am going though.

Barbara Torris said...

Be aware of the walking Pokemon player! :)

Barbara Torris said...

That is one very good idea...as you can see from the pictures above, our library us going with the flow. Who know...someone that wanders into that place may just decide to read a book!

Barbara Torris said...

Kitty...finally, someone that will admit that they play and it is fun! I know my grandchildren and grown children like it too! Thank you for stopping by.

Barbara said...

Honest to Pete. I've got to read up on this Pokemon thing. I don't know what it is about so I can't say whether I would like it or not. If people came in my yard I wouldn't like it .... but I might like going to parks or somewhere like that.

Barbara Torris said...

Well, let me know what you think. Our library and park were very popular at first. Home Depot was invaded too. I just have to smile when gamers leave their houses and come out into the sunshine! It is all good.

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