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Jul 24, 2016

In My Humble Opinion...Trump, Black Lives, World Tumult, Gun Control, Abortion

I suppose I need to talk about the news sooner or later and now is as good a time as any. In a lot of ways, every post I write is about the world we live in but, because this is my blog, I get to ignore a whole lot of what occurs on a very bad day. Today is my day of reckoning. A few words are in order just so you will know where I stand.

Black Live Matter...well of course they matter. Unless you can find some personal experience that allows you to understand how a black person feels when they are stopped by the police, you cannot even begin to appreciate what is going on.

If you have ever felt fear as you are trapped by someone with ALL the power in the world and is holding a gun, then you can understand how bad things can happen. Just the wrong word or motion can lead to a death. My heart goes out to people that live with that fear everyday. I am a white woman whose life also matters but I am white so I have no idea how a person of color feels.

On the other side of the coin are all those police officers that are also afraid. They have my sympathy too. I don't want to walk in their shoes either.

The World is a Very Bad place...I will agree but don't ever tell me that it is worse than it has ever been. Even the horrible shootings in Munich don't begin to compare to the past. Keeping perspective is hard but we really must not let ourselves sink into a pot of self-pity because today or yesterday was not perfect. WE can make a difference.

Donald Trump is an idiot/savior of the world! See, the thing is we get to vote. Both Democrats and Republicans. If you or someone feels like we are danger from this man they need to vote for the person that is the less of the two evils. If we don't, it is as though they have voted for him anyway. Think about it! (Note: Michael Bloomberg, Dem. turned Rep. turned Independent turned Dem., is endorsing Clinton because he is very alarmed.)

Hillary Clinton is a criminal and should be put in prison...this one puzzles me because those people that made the decisions on the law say she did not commit a crime. I suppose that the talk show hosts are stirring this pot but who knows. I'm going with the law because I am all about our country being based on our willingness to obey the law even when we don't agree. And I think that slander is slander.

Building a Wall to Keep Them Out...I am very a torn about illegal aliens. I am worry about children but I also wonder what part of illegal those people didn't get. It is a hard hearted way to see things. I do know that those people that come here legally wait a very long time to gain admission to the United States. I admire those people for their honesty and tenacity. Oh, and I don't think the fences we have built so far have worked at all. There might be a better way.

Abortion...this is such a complicated issue that I don't think we'll ever figure it out. Babies are so precious and should not die at our hands. In my world, no woman would ever be pregnant unless she wants to be. I think rape victims or those that live in compromised circumstances (homeless, drug users) need to take a day after pill. The pills should be readily available. The Catholic Church and any other group that is so visible in opposition to abortion should be spending their time getting information and supplies to woman so unwanted pregnancies do not happen. In that scenario, an unwanted pregnancy might be a burden that could be endured and all babies would be my perfect world!

Gun Control...I don't like guns but I prefer for a person that is carrying a gun to do it in plain site. I can cross the street if I feel threatened. I don't think guns are good for anything unless one needs to kill an animal to eat. Otherwise they need to be locked away. AND I am not a fan of the NRA.
But then that is just me.

Mass Murder, Homelessness and Mental Illness...It seems to me that we don't want to deal with the culprits here. Mental illness is truly rampant and needs our attention all of the time. We ignore so many people because they are different when we should be asking ourselves if as a society we are paying the taxes needed to provide for solving the problem. I believe that mental illness and our gun laws are are working hand in hand to create chaos. I have no idea how to stop the violence and loss of human dignity but someone somewhere does. We need to hear their voice.

I'm glad we had this little talk. As a disclaimer here, you should know that I might change my mind. That happens you know.

So, what do you think? Is there a hot button issue that you have been avoiding?


  1. Barbara, what you said here makes a lot of sense. Not just because of certain opinions but because of your willingness to be open and consider all sides. One can have an opinion without demonizing everyone who does not completely agree. Your thoughtful post reflects common sense and deep compassion--a powerful combination. Nicely done.

    1. Coming from you Galen, that mean a lot. Thank you so much!

  2. Every four#two years we get to choose our leaders. If we don't choose, we have nobody to blame. If we keep our mouth shut, we might as well be mute.

    1. the end we have no one to blame but ourselves! Let your voice be heard.

  3. I spent five days in Canada last week. Everywhere I went people asked me about the election. I said I trust the American people will exercise good judgment.

    I don't understand the gun thing either. I suspect it is based on fear. I try to stay out of fear. Unless someone is standing in front of me threatening to do me harm, it is future tripping and completely useless. That's my opinion at this moment.

    1. I love the "at this moment" Linda. We always need to remember that the strength or our opinion is inversely proportionate to the depth of our knowledge. The sad thing is that many do not temper their opinions as they learn more or maybe never take the time to do that very thing.

  4. You make excellent points, Barbara. I'm hoping for a bit more sanity from the DNC this week, as opposed to last weeks fiasco. But, everything seems day to day anymore. I'm all about stopping the hate and getting along.

    1. Yes, hate is an ugly monster that is very hungry and we are the ones that feed it. It really does have to stop!

  5. Excellent points from your view.
    I seem to be from a different part of the country- since all minority (brown and native come to mind) lives matter as much as black lives. I lived in a country of stop and frisk/ immediate suspicion - I was white in a Saudi world. Not very fun.
    The name calling- from both sides is maddening. Trump just calls everyone names. Democrats tend to call anyone who does not agree with them "uneducated, bigoted, homophobes". (There are a few more, but they are not as common). I think to stop the hate we need to listen a whole lot more and call a lot less names.

  6. I realize that I'm fighting depression every day because of the fear and ignorance that seems to be all the media covers these days. I'm making a concerted effort to look at the positive in the world to balance it out. There's plenty out there, it's just not prominent in the news. All your hot button issues are mine, too. :-)

    1. I sought medical help for depression. Life is just so short and I don't want to waste on minute dwelling on what is wrong. It isn't that our live are perfect or not simply how we are able to deal with it. Think about it DJan.


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