Mar 25, 2016

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Being a snowbird requires a bit of magical thinking. The meaning for "home" has to be modified to fit where you are, not where your house is. In fact, my first blog's name was Always at Home because in my younger days I would begin redecorating if I lived in a motel for more than one day.

I don't do that anymore. It was wearing me out. However, I still am a nester that can make a home out of a packing crate. It is a gift I think.

Easter in Oregon
When the major holidays roll around, especially those religious holidays like Easter and Christmas, finding peace while not near our family is a little hard. We miss that part of home that involves grandchildren and children.
Easter in Arizona
What we have discovered is that we can celebrate with friends and share their family traditions and stories with them. It eases that home-sickness that seems to seep into those special days. In a way we are like children again leaving home for the first time and making new traditions of our own.

So this Sunday on that special day 4 of our closest friends will come to our house for brunch. We will share not only food and prayer but also family news. After all of these years the magic is working...Arizona is beginning to feel like "home" during the holidays.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.



Terra Hangen said...

We live in a temperate climate near our adult children and do not migrate, as you snowbirds do. It does intrigue me though, my friend's parents were snowbirds between Canada and Baja, Mexico.

Tom Sightings said...

As you suggest, flexibility is the key to celebrating holidays as we get older ... we did Easter dinner on Friday since that was the only day the kids could come over.

Barbara Torris said...

WOW, that is a huge leap. Canadians that migrate to the US can only stay 180 days and then they HAVE to go home I suppose Mexico is more relaxed about those rules.

Those people that suffer from arthritis benefit a great deal from a warmer climate. My health is much better in the winter when I spend time here in Arizona.

Barbara Torris said...

That is another magic happening...migrating Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also include birthdays in that charmed circle of celebrations.

Mona McGinnis said...

My gratitude for home - thank you for my home in the hills, the home in my heart, and the people who lead me there. Happy Spring!

retirementreflections said...

Making a home wherever you are is a true gift indeed. Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

Barbara Torris said...

It alway feels like a new beginning when Easter comes. I like that.

Barbara Torris said...

Thank you so much. I know your spring will be charmed too!

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