Feb 3, 2016

Sarguaro Corners in Tucson Az...Friday night just the way I like it!

We love our life in the desert for a lot of reasons. Here in Tucson (The Old Pueblo) we get to live the best of city and village life with a little Harley motorcycle crossroads thrown in the mix. We experience this when we golf, eat out, take road trips and shop. The latest best place is called Saguaro Corners.

There is something very special about driving for a few minutes out into the desert very near the Saguaro National Monument and arriving at a place a place like this restaurant. This is where a unique cross section of people that is typical Tucson gather. (located at the intersection of Escalante Rd. and Old Vail Highway)

This old restaurant has been at the same location for so many years people have stopped counting. It closed for a while and has reopened recently with a menu that is a great fusion of regional food with tastes from other places around the world.

I ordered a dish made with "grits" (polenta), covered with smoked tomato cream sauce, andouille and shrimp. The grits has been cut into square and stacked with spinach between the layers. It was out of this world.

The bar is open air onto the deck where a band plays on Fridays. Reservations are necessary if the weather is warm at all.

But best of all is the mix of bikers, families and retirees all gathered in a room overlooking the desert or outside under heaters.

And, yes...that is a car seat for a baby inside a Polaris four wheel vehicle. A darling pink blanket was in the back. Did I say the Tucson is a unique place? Well here you have it.

I will add that we are a short drive from our house to places like La Encantata, a shopping area that features all of the top designers in shops of their own. Downtown is coming alive with great restaurant like Proper or the Congress Hotel. Tucson is a little bit country and a little bit big-big city! The Old Pueblo is still rocking and we love it!



mike casady said...

Ahhhhh, we will live vicariously through you while remaining in Colorado being care-givers to my wife's parents! Enjoy your freedom.

retirementreflections said...

Thanks for sharing this post, Barbara. We will be driving out that way soon and will try to check this place out!

Laura Lee Carter said...

Hey Barb, thanks for the recommendation! We hope to get down there sometime this spring!

Barbara Torris said...

We are...our time is very precious to us so we use it wisely. Even a day at home, which are getting to be more and more are meant to be memorable. Have a wonderful day Mike and give your wife my regards.

Barbara Torris said...

Donna, Tucson is the forgotten corner of the tourist part of Arizona. Those from Phoenix disdain our life. We like it that way.


No Nonsense Landlord said...

Great blog. I will be retiring in July 2016, so it's exciting to read adventures of someone who has already done it!

No Nonsense Landlord said...

Great blog. I will be retiring in July 2016, so it's exciting to read adventures of someone who has already done it!

Barbara Torris said...

Come on down...it is a wonderful life!

Barbara Torris said...

We have been retired for almost 20 years now. It is a second life actually. I hope you have as much fun as we do.

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