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Shocking Words!

I know...nothing on the face of this earth should shock me. After all when you have lived as long as I have, you have forgotten more than most people will ever know. Still, once in awhile, someone will say or do something that simple shakes my world.

For example, the other day a commenter on this blog wrote that what I had written reminded her of the the story about the "elderly" lady that lived on a cruise ship. I was okay with the cruise ship story but the word "elderly" shocked me.

See, believe it or not, I had forgotten there was such a thing as being elderly. In fact, I am not even quite sure what that is. Is that the Miss Marple character of Agatha Christie fame. Remember her? She was the seemingly old doddering lady that carries a purse, wore sensible shoes and knitted constantly but could still out reason any young person around.

Or is an elderly person one that has passed a certain age no matter how they act or what they can do.

Perhaps an elderly person …

How to be a 12 Month Snow Bird

I live around snowbirds 6 months of the year. I have heard those people say that they all want to live the "snowbird" lifestyle when they go home. But it just is not possible. They are isolated and cold. Social activities with friends and beautiful weather are greatly missed when they return to the realities of their "real" life.

One couple I visited with lately returned to Florida this morning where they own a home. The woman is a nurse and works in the summer. They are not going home until May this year. It is too cold in Michigan in the spring so they are hoping to extend their good weather season by simply staying away. Besides that they love their Florida lifestyle a lot.

Last week I visited with a woman that lives the snowbird lifestyle year around. No going home to the Midwest in the spring. They essentially vacation 12 month out of the year. And I thought their solution for avoiding unpleasant weather and keeping their lifestyle interesting was genius.


There Is A Rule for That!

I know I have written about rules a lot. My daughter has rules for napping. I have rules for counting calories. I play golf so rules* guide everything I do on the course.

So I have started golfing with a women's group again. I know...I must be nuts. But it turns out I am having a lot of fun. I am also learning that there are rules for playing with women in Arizona that I had not heard of before. I did not know it could be different. Thankfully, my friend has helped me stay ahead of the rules committee whoever that might be.

It turns out you cannot put the rental golf cart key in your purse and take it home. The golf course does not like that and they can be very kranky. I will pay attention to that one...not that I have ever done that but who knows.

There is a specific order that you tee off when you begin a round of golf. On the golf card you are handed, the names are listed. Everyone plays the first hole going in order. After that it doesn't matter. I need to remember that I…

Sarguaro Corners in Tucson Az...Friday night just the way I like it!

We love our life in the desert for a lot of reasons. Here in Tucson (The Old Pueblo) we get to live the best of city and village life with a little Harley motorcycle crossroads thrown in the mix. We experience this when we golf, eat out, take road trips and shop. The latest best place is called Saguaro Corners.

There is something very special about driving for a few minutes out into the desert very near the Saguaro National Monument and arriving at a place a place like this restaurant. This is where a unique cross section of people that is typical Tucson gather. (located at the intersection of Escalante Rd. and Old Vail Highway)

This old restaurant has been at the same location for so many years people have stopped counting. It closed for a while and has reopened recently with a menu that is a great fusion of regional food with tastes from other places around the world.

I ordered a dish made with "grits" (polenta), covered with smoked tomato cream sauce, andouille and shrim…