Jun 27, 2015

What Type Are You? Z is Me

Ann is the co-founder of Midlife Boulevard.
I was looking at Facebook today and I noticed that Ann Paris is speaking at a Type-A Parent conference in NYC.  The conference is for parents that blog.  It all sounds so exotic and appealing. I love NYC and all that it offers.

So Ann's trip got me thinking about how I see myself in the "parent-type" scenario. See I think of the Type-A parent as above average. Their children sparkle with accomplishments and not only belong to everything they are the star in the show. I have know women that spent a great deal of time being sure that their daughter dated the coolest guys and the their sons leaped the highest on the track team. They were Type-A all over the place. I always felt just a little intimidated. We just average people. No rock stars here!

I will admit that is has all turned out pretty good for us. My children are rock stars in their worlds now. Maybe it was because we were average people doing the right thing day after day. Sometimes we took a u-turn (a new phrase for failure) but in the end we survived. Yes, I think survival was the mode we lived in for a big period of time.

So if there is ever a blogger's conference for old blogger that were Type-Z parents, count me in. In fact if there is any group of people that blog, are older than midlife, truly successful and interesting, let me know. No grandparents groups thank you. I may bring my Z game with me and join.

Have a great day.



NotaSupermom said...

The good news is anyone can go to Type-A Conference. Neither Type-A personality nor previous reproduction required!
If they let me in, they'll let in anyone. ;)

Gwen said...

Ha! If you find that group, let me know! ;)

Barbara Torris said...

I was sure that the name was not what it was really about. It did catch my interest though and brought back some very old memories.

I wish I could be there to hear you speak Ann. Be well.

Barbara Torris said...

The good news is that the Midlife Boulevard women are getting closer to my age/stage all the time. In the mean time, I think I will just hang out with them. How about you?

The Metaphysical Quilter said...

There is a BAM (bloggers at mid life) day conference in Las Vegas next spring. The link is http://www.eventbrite.com/e/bam-conference-2016-tickets-17141643116. I am a non type A Mom who managed to raise independent happy kids. No idea how this happened!

Kim Dalferes said...

I always worked to be a type-S parent: supportive. No matter what my son chose to pursue: the bowling team, the drumline, soccer, etc.I always supported him 150% . I think the very best title for any parent is "uber cheerleader extraordinaire." Your grown children may not remember which game they won or lost, but they will remember that you as the parent were there at every game, no matter the outcome.

Barbara Torris said...

I am hoping to make the BAM conference in April. It is the first time I have seen anything "blogger" or Midlife that I could attend. We will see.

Barbara Torris said...


That was the role I followed too. My children were not pushed to do more than they could. And, if they tried to take on more than I thought was healthy, I tried to keep them in rein. But as for being an "uber cheerleader" I have the bleacher bottom to prove it. The fact that my husband was a high school principal for 13 years kept me in that arena even when my children were not involved.

Thank you for the comment.

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