Feb 7, 2015

How to Find a New "Career" Using Your Inner Child.

When I saw the wonderful video from iVillage Australia, I was reminded of the advice given us so many times in the past; you need to get in touch with your inner child.  This little boy hears music somewhere inside his head and heart that most of us would not even understand. He was born that way. I have often quoted Popeye's piece of wisdom when he said, "I yam what I yam." I honestly believe he was right on the money. We all are born with a love for something...but how do we turn that love into an vocation or avocation? Given the fact that working is a requirement to survive, finding that perfect niche is the trick.

I have always wondered what I would have done if I had been given the choices beyond being a teacher. I popped out of the womb being teacher-like but being in the classroom did not make me happy for very long.  Once I had figured it out, I was ready to do something different. I could not be a secretary. I used to tell people that the trouble was I need a secretary to keep my life in order. I have a creative and scattered mind that can get things a little muddled.

So today I went to a career quiz website and took the test. I wondered what my inner child was really up to. The question was "What would you most like to do?" Not what I am trained to do or what I have experience in but what do I like to do. It was very interesting because I was so tempted to check those things I can do and actually have a talent for. It turns out that while I can do a lot of things, those skills can also move over to an area that would give me great satisfaction and make me happy day after day.

The quiz had some very unusual options but I just didn't over think it. I liked the idea of shearing sheep and laying out a building before it was built. I wanted to do the interior design in an office building. I thought painting cars might be fun but then I also chose counseling for stressed employees as a possibility. I also thought that editing and writing was interesting.

Was there any commonality between all of these. I think there was. And that goes back to my inner child. As a child, I did not like being bossed but did like bossing. I did not want other people to copy my ideas and I loved beautiful things right from the beginning. I remember disliking clothes my mother chose because I thought they were not beautiful. I thought it didn't matter if I was cold...but when I had my own choice I chose practical shoes and warm coats.

My father's workshop called my name so many times. The idea of building something totally original fascinated me. I loved to be outside and even sat against the back of our Oregon house in the winter sun to read even when the temperature was very cold. My desk bulletin board in college was decorated with pictures from magazines of flowers and interiors. I began writing a book when I was about 10...it was about naughty children and a slamming screen door.

So I like to be my own boss. I love to be creative. I want to see the outdoors and let light into my life. I scored very high on creativeness on the quiz. But the quiz also revealed a practical side that I don't acknowledge very often. In the end I would choose to be in interior design or architecture if I could start over with my life. But now I will read and write and study (interior design?) and continue to do what I love on a daily basis...create a beautiful home for my husband and I.

What does your inner child tell you?



Haralee said...

I like bossy creative women! I mean who doesn't? I am an entrepreneur and loving it. I showed entrepreneurial tendencies early in life, sold pot holders I made door to door and then again in college with a business. After college I was seduced by health benefits, salaries and travel. It took a bout with cancer to bring me back to my inner child as an entrepreneur!

Barbara Torris said...

Good for you Haralee. A life spent in a career that isn't satisfying can be very unhealthy. Why wait until retirement?

Lisa at Grandma's Briefs said...

What a precious video! Love it!

I was always far more quiet as a child and it's taken a long time to give my inner child the power to be herself. The new, REAL inner child is what has given me the power and determination to work as a freelancer and not seek a "real" job after my 2008 layoff.

Great post. Made me think (and smile!).

Bonnie said...

Great video, had to share on FB!

I took the test, it's hard to not pick what you have done but in another way it confirmed that what I've done is what I've like. I played office, not house or dolls or dress up. One thing I thought it migh point out is whether you like to work with people, with things or with ideas. I'm definitely a solo worker.

nancy john said...

Truly said, interior designing has now a days lot of scope not only in designing for house or office but the requirement of interior designer is required in each and every sector of industry.

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Linda Myers said...

I took the career quiz. In retirement I'm moving away from the tech work I did for my career. Ineresting! Shall we find some sheep to round up and sheer together?

Barbara Torris said...

I loved your comment...you reminded me how important "determination" is in our lives.

Barbara Torris said...

I am so glad you took the test. What a wonderful discovery. I don't think that many people are happy in their jobs so you are a very fortunate woman.

Barbara Torris said...

I even think that in a career like design people find a lot of freedom to create. I would love that a lot.

Barbara Torris said...

Oh yes, lets do. In EASTERN OREGON the basque sheepherders and ranchers hire a crew to come in a take care of that as well as castrating the rams. It must be quite a day of excitement. Fresh air and all!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

I will tell you, after I take the test!


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