Sep 29, 2014

Blogging: Why Comments are SO Important or You Can't Get it Right Until You Get it Wrong

I was just reading an article written for a website called Medium. It was called I'm Saying Wrong Things on the Internet. The website is not important (although it was very enticing). The quote I bring to you today went like this:
You can’t get it right until you get it wrong.
The premise for the article was that doing is the best way to learn. The writer was a programmer that had tried using lessons provided by some very prestigious company. The lessons were incomprehensible so they decided to jump into the pool and just do it learning as they went along. Like inexperienced blogger or writer that has not put in their 10,000 hours, they made mistakes.

But here on the internet we all know that someone, somewhere will call us on a mistake or misstatement especially if they see their field threatened by some beginner. And that is what much more experienced programmers did. They pointed out the errors and the beginner learned.

Most bloggers are learning as they go along...after all what good is reading a book on writing going to do? You need to start somewhere. We blunder along trying this and that. But what we need is constructive criticism. However, here in our blogging world, people are more apt to say atta girl or boy. We need a lot more comments AND a lot more honestly when it come to subject matter. If what the blogger says doesn't agree with your take on things, then they should say so.  Even a troll serves a useful purpose. Somewhere in that persons words will be a small truth. Learn from it! That is why we are all here.

Comment away are important!



Geo. said...

You're right, of course. Comments are what I look for first because on my blog, "Trainride of The Enigmas", I quite often venture into areas about which I'm still uncertain. I have a couple poetry blogs too but they're not quite so troublesome because that comes from within. My compliments on your excellent post.

Bob Lowry said...

Comments are really the lifeblood of a blog. Without some feedback you might as well be writing in a journal you keep on a shelf. Blogging is only satisfying if the writer gets something back from his or her efforts. As you note, even passionate disagreement is much better than passive apathy.

Barbara Torris said...

Thank you for stopping by Geo. The caveat "I think" or "this may not be true but..." helps a lot. Then people know that you are not speaking from authority but from personal opinion. If they commenter takes exception to your opinions then that is something we for which we need to be prepared.

Barbara Torris said...


I always read your comments. Many times there are insights or even insightful questions that are very important. You have a wonderful following.

Kathy @ SMART Living said...

Comments can be very useful but I've had some trolls come at me and the only thing I learned from them is DO NOT RESPOND. They were looking for someone to flame and unfortunately the first time I gave them what they wanted. Beyond that, I don't think most people take the time to honestly comment on what bloggers are saying. For me and my blog, I've learned the most by connecting to other bloggers who genuinely have something to say and whose opinion I trust. Otherwise, unfortunately, most comments are chit/chat.

Barbara Torris said...

You are absolutely right...I never worry when I don't get comments. Honestly, it is not why I write the blog. But, there are some very good addition to the conversation when people have their say. I like that.

Pam said...

Although experience is an effective teacher, I'm very glad that you CAN get it right without getting it wrong. We've all made lots of mistakes, but many were avoided because someone showed us a better way, or we educated ourselves in order to gain understanding. Your post is a reminder that bloggers provide a service to the readers. I think bloggers are brave souls who launch their ideas out into the unknown, hoping to provoke others to think, or at the very least to express what they believe to be true. It's a win-win situation for most of us.

Kathy @ SMART Living said...

Hi Barbara...I agree that I don't write for the comments but I have to confess that when a good one comes in it is really sweet. :-) It is always gratifying when you know someone really "got" what you are trying to say. Plus, I'm always glad when someone adds a point that I have forgotten or simply never thought about. They aren't necessary...but they sure are nice! ~Kathy

Barbara Torris said...

Pam, I am very glad that you CAN get it right without getting it wrong too. I will have to admit that I remember the lessons learned from mistakes longer though.

I have learned a lot from fellow bloggers. Just reading their posts, looking at their blog pages or even the title of their stories has helped me more than I can say.

And when I see something I like on a blog I will set out to figure out how to do new things. That is how I added the reply function you see on this page.

Thank you for your comment. As always it is appreciated.


Thea Ava Martinez said...

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Nathalie Uy said...


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