May 5, 2014

Wives give the World's Best Hearing Test

I suppose that most retirees deal with hearing loss either personally or in their relationships. It is just a given that many of us will get become a little or a lot deaf. Is that a problem? Well yes and no.

Can you hear me now?
See, being deaf can be kinda nice actually. It is quiet, night noises don't bother you and you don't need to even pretend that you hear or understand what the next person is saying because "you have a hearing loss...sorry!" On the other hand the person that is living with a deaf person can become a little grumpy because...well just because.

I know for sure that the most important test for hearing loss happens long before that person ever visits a doctor. I have a friend that gives her husband a hearing loss test every once in a while just to reassure herself that she is not going nuts and that she really did tell him that there was no milk and would he please get some but he claims she didn't.

For example, they were dancing one night and she was talking very pleasantly and he was nodding and smiling at everything she said. In the middle of the conversation she threw him a curve. It went something like this,
"We have been invited to go out to dinner for fish fry on Friday.
He nodded and smiled.
"There will be six of us so would it be okay if we took the van?"
He nodded and smiled.
"I'm having an affair with the milkman."
He nodded and smiled.
The dancing was a lot of fun for them both. But when Friday came around, he was very surprised when six people turned up so he could drive to the fish fry. He never did mentioned the milkman and neither did she. After all, it was only a test.

I'm just saying!


Note: My husband and I both have hearing aids and they have been wonderful. Thank heavens that we were not so stubborn that we did not do what was necessary!

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Linda Myers said...

My husband has a hearing aid that he wears off and on. I wish he were on friendlier relations with it.

Linda Hoye said...

Ha! Great test! That selective hearing loss is always a tricky one to diagnose and treat too. :-)

Barbara Torris said...

It is about as accurate as any computer but a lot more fun. I did this to my husband the other day but he is on to me. Thank heavens he has a sense of humor.

Barbara Torris said...

My husband hates his but finally recognizes the need to wear it. Me on the other hand.....

joeh said...

My wife thinks I should be tested, but I won't hear of it.

George Luke said...

Hearing loss is really hard. When we don't know its not a problem, once its diagnosed its hard you have to be sure you have hearing aid with you always.

Barbara Torris said...

Okay Joeh, I am a wife and I have heard them all! When I suggested my husband needed an appointment he would always say "What?" and grin. He would not "hear" of it either.

Barbara Torris said...

George, you are so right. You need to make them a part of your daily routine. I can tell if my husband doesn't have his on right away. It has made such a difference in our lives.

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