Apr 4, 2014

How to add "Reply" Function to Blogger Comments

NOTE: This information may be out of date. Go to IOMISSE to find the updated information. When I changed blog templates I lost my reply function and could not fix it with the old system. Remember that Command F with bring up the search function on your template. Good luck.

Yesterday I was having second thoughts about using Google+ comment system. If your followers are not in the Google+ loop, they cannot leave a comment. I liked the Google+ system because it allowed me to reply to comments directly under the comment and I thought is was impossible to do it without Google+.

Then I went to read Bob Lowry's blog, Satisfying Retirement, and I noticed that he could respond to all his reader directly below the comment. I knew he did not use Google+. How did he do that? I wanted what he had.

So I went to the ever helpful Blogger Help to find the answer. I found that I could actually add the reply button under the comment by embedding a code in the template! However, they did not tell me what the embedded code was. However they did get me started with the first few steps necessary to get the job done.

Then I found a website called Webaholic and was able to get the embedded code I needed plus some how-to information. But that page was aimed at the users for the old Classic Blogger template. It took a little time before I finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together to make it work with Blogger's Beta templates. 
Blogger Overview Page
Template Page...click on edit HTML under the picture.

Bogger Template HTML
Screen Shot - cannot be copied into text.
Click on the image for a larger view.
Find this code on Webaholic and paste into the HTML after
  1. First you must go the Overview page from your Blogger Dashboard and click on Settings on the left of the page. 
  2. Click Other under this tab. Here you will set the Blog Feed to Full.  
  3. Then click on Post and Comments in settings and change the Comment Location to Embedded. (info from Threaded Comments in Blogger Help).
  4. Return to Overview and click on Template in the lefthand side of the Overview page 
  5. Find Edit HTML (under the picture of your live blog page) and click on it.
  6. Click the Format Template tab at the top right of the HTML page. It would not work unless I performed this step. 
  7. Find the code that says data:commentPostedByMsg/
     I discovered I could do that by typing Ctrl or Command F which will bring up a search box.
  8. Type or paste that data:commentPostedByMsg/in the search space. Highlight the code and clicked return. (Look at the screenshot above to see that is has < before and > after the code.
  9. data:commentPostedByMsgwill be highlighted in the template HTML
  10. Paste the embedded code that installs the Reply function directly after it. That piece of embedded code is available at XOMISSE link.You can copy it there and embed it in your HTML template. It will look like the screenshots above.
You will need to replace YOUR BLOG ID HERE with your blog ID #. You will find that number in the address line. I am very glad to say that I now have what Bob has on his blog too! I feel so smug.
Disclaimer: I could not copy the embedded code. Webaholic is your go-to website for that sort of thing.

One more time:
  1. Go to Setting on Overview page then Other and Set Blog Feed to Full
  2. Go to Posts and Comments and set Comment Feed to Embedded
  3. Open Template tab on the lefthand sidebar.
  4. Click Edit HTML
  5. Expand line 14
  6. Type Ctrl F to bring up search box.
  7. Paste code data:comment.....etc. in the search box and then highlight it.
  8. Click return.
  9. Paste embedded Reply code from Webaholic.com after or below the data:comment...
  10. Add blogger ID# found in the address line to replace YOUR BLOG ID HERE.
  11. Save Template.
  12. Go back to blogger and see if it worked.
Good luck!

If I can answer any question just contact me. I will see if I can help.
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  1. Thanks for the info. The only sidebar is that I rarely return to a site to see if there is a reply to my comment, although I just returned to Bob's to see and yes he had replied. I guess I do like when a conversation gets started through the comments and replies, but if you are the first one to comment, it is a bit lonely. That being said, I do try to comment as much as possible from my little iPad keyboard :-)
    I'm at http://www.restofourdays.com/

    1. Sandy,

      That is a good point. A lot of blogs have a place you can click to subscribe to just the post updates. You can do that if you are interested in seeing that the author said in reply to your comment.

  2. Thanks for the info.. but the reply comment is not under the comment i want to reply. It's not like what you have here. Some help, please..

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