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Counting: 25 questions ask "What do you WANT to do in retirement? "

There are so many choices for that second adulthood that follows retirement.  Should we travel the world, buy a second home in a warmer climate, move permanently to a warmer climate, move closer to our children, stay at home and pursue hobbies, go back to school, work part time, become a snow bird, take up Rv travel? Making a rational and financially sound choice requires that we sift through the choices carefully.

I woke up in the night thinking about how my husband and I could have fulfilled our retirement dreams more responsibly. I am not a retirement counselor...I am a retiree leading the snowbird life. We went blundering through the early years of our retirement without a clue as to where the path would take us. Yes, it has been an adventure but I am coming to realize the time (and money?) we could have saved if we had been clearer about what we wanted out of our retirement life. It was not until we actually knew what we wanted that we made good choices. Here are 25 question I t…

Counting: 10 How to be a Snowbird - Nuts and Bolts Ideas

My husband and I have been traveling in the winter for so many years it is old hat for us now. I forget that there are always beginners that need to learn the ropes. I suppose I should share a few ideas with you that are buzzing around in my brain.

I would like to say that we "normally" leave at a specific time but there is no such thing as normal. We are just like the hummingbird that is still hanging around using my feeder. We do what we want when we are free to do what we want.
Snowbird Lessons: (more here):
Travel plan: We always travel so we will avoid bad weather. The snowbirds I know that come in January are generally flying in.  The have bought an inexpensive car to use while they are in the resort. If they come early in the fall and leave in April they can generally drive without bad weather worriesTwo of everything: Since we own a park model in an RV resort, we usually leave all our spices and staples in two places. But after the trip to Mexico where we had a small k…

Counting: 2 Books to Help Children Learn by Doing

I think that we grandparents have a wonderful opportunity to give our grandchildren some unique experiences. Because our home is different from the one that the children are being raised in, we can offer them a chance to change their routine and learn while they are at it.

But first I want to visit the concept of "learning by doing versus learning by learning". Text books and books in general do offer some wonderful learning experiences for children.  However, doing what the book is talking about offers a totally different look at the world.

I remember back when I was teaching kindergartners we would celebrate Dr. Seuse's birthday each year. I think that more often than not we would start with Green Eggs and Ham. The book always symbolized for me the idea that trying new things can be a little bit scary but if we can find the courage, scary things can turn out to be a lot of fun.

Eggs are eggs but GREEN EGGS just don't look like something you would want to put in yo…

Counting: 8 Ways to Keep Your Blogging Life Simple

It occurred to me yesterday that I needed to simplify my blogging life...a lot!  Passwords, social media and time spent maintaining might be sucking the life out of me and the payback is not worth it.

I do earn a little money from my Adsense account linked to me blog and an Amazon account (which I would love you to visit) but it has come time to remind myself why I began blogging back over 8 years ago.

The blogging idea was so appealing...I could see my words in print, tell stories and even share pictures I had taken of faraway places. Best of all the thrill of having even one reader put me over the moon.

I loved the process of writing and learning while I was doing it. It never occurred to me that people would want to use my blog to promote their products. When they did, I jumped at the chance. However, when that happened, I then felt the need to promote my blog more. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and even following followers took over the computer time that I had been spending just e…

Counting: 5 Ways We Travel Like We Are Rich

When my granddaughter wondered how my husband and I got to be rich the other day, I could not figure out where she got that idea. We are not rich in the financial sense.  One of my readers posted a comment suggesting that the granddaughter may think we are rich because we travel. I had not thought of that.

So I asked our granddaughter. That child just can not figure out how we can afford to do what we do. She knows how much it costs. We travel routinely to places like Santa Fe and Mexico. What she doesn't realize is that we have planned and invested slowly in our travel over time. We knew that we wanted to travel when we retired.

1- For example, we own a timeshare that does not require us to pay anything until we actually use it. Connected to that timeshare is a membership to an exchange membership that was purchased with the timeshare. It allows us to find condos at rates that are very affordable and in areas that are desirable. We spent a week in a condo in Santa Fe for around …

Counting: 3 reasons we are so rich!

I Just thought you would want to know how much fun our three little grandchildren can turn a Sunday afternoon into...they are three reasons we are so rich!

Hurtling down the highway in Utah!!!

Yes, that is 80 mph!

How did Grandma and Grandpa get to be so rich?

I really need for you to know that we are rich...but you also need to know that I am NOT talking about money here. It seems that my beautiful 16 year old granddaughter thinks we are rich. I don't know what kind of rich she thinks we are...I will need to ask her soon.

I was visiting with my daughter the other evening. She was in Portland and I was in Las Vegas.  My husband and I were having dinner at the Culinary Dropout located in the Hard Rock Hotel. It was late and we were eating light...not expensive. We were seated outdoors and the temperature was very near 80 degrees. As I talked with my daughter she laughed because it was, as always, raining in Portland. I admit that I did rub our good fortune in a little bit...she does lots of fun stuff too so she can take it.

Then she told me that my granddaughter wanted to know how Grandma and Grandpa got to be so rich? I have asked myself that question many times. How did we get to be so lucky?

My daughter's thought that it was our …

Grandchildren: Little pitchers have big ears!

Shay is 2 today. Happy birthday Baby Granddaughter Shay! She doesn't really talk a lot yet but she is listening and watching. Two big brothers do all her talking so everything is good. Who know what her first big sentence will be.

I am heading home in a few days and we will be spending some time with her. I hope that her first big sentence is not something I have said because it probably would not be good. She is the 9th grandchild I have been around from the time they were born. Everyone of them picked up something from me that was less than perfect. 

I am often reminded by my children that "little pitchers have big ears". What about you? How is that grandparenting going?

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