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When Reality knocks, will you move or buy a chairlift?

I am all about living a positive life and most of my writing reflects my Pollyanna attitude. Playing golf, walking, shopping, travel and pursuing any interest that crosses my mind is the way I would live forever if I could. But when I took a big fall, reality came to call. Facing the truth about my mobility was hard. That is when I began looking into a way to purchase an affordable stairlift.

I had fallen on the golf course here in Arizona and sprained my ankle severely. After I regained my dignity, I visualized what I would do if I had been at home in Oregon and had to navigate the stairs we climbed to get to our bedroom and laundry. What was I going to do about all those stairs if I didn't get well? All I could see was me crawling up and down the steps several times a day. I am not a small woman so my husband definitely could not carry me. (Poor man!) Moving to a new house crossed my mind immediately. But my inner Pollyanna did not fail me. I knew there had to be a way. Then I b…

3 ways Your Unused Gift Cards Can Make Christmas Better

I am always looking for ways to give more at Christmas time. Although our list is not horribly long, we do have 12 grandchildren. We want to be generous with them. In the past we have given gift cards or cash to family and friends but we are finding that there are ways to give better gifts. Here is how it works.Take a look at any gift card you have received but have not used. I bet you have some. It is estimated that over 2 billion dollars worth of gift cards went unredeemed during 2012.  If you are smart, you will find a way to put those cards to use. That is where you might want to use a company that will buy your gift cards. 

Gift Card Exchange: If the gift cards you are re-gifting are for stores that are not convenient you can get extra value for the card by exchanging for an Amazon gift card. Cash for Gift Cards: If the person you are buying for really needs a cash gift, sell the unwanted gift card and give cash. Make it easy for them.Buy Gift Cards:  Buy your gift cards at a disc…

Candy Chang's food for thought...what is your discipline?

Have you ever thought about how you have changed since you retired? Maybe you went back to school to learn to be something totally different. Or have you created your own "Discipline" combining skill that you had learned from other stages and ages?

Remember when you were in college and you studied a discipline like math or art or accounting? It seems that we can create our own discipline combining talents we already possess. That is what I want to talk about today.

It all started with my email and a link to SumbleUpon. The next thing I knew I was looking at a weblog posted by an artist named Candy Chang.

First of all I want you to know that I am not acquainted with Candy Chang. But I do know that I love her website and better yet I love the range of her creative nature. She has given a TED talk so you know she is remarkable. She has done everything from a chalkboard on her house grown into a book to an exhibit in Las Vegas called Confessions.

After the death of someone she …

What does a snowbird's life LOOK like?

I know, it all sounds so wonderful...retirement, travel and maybe even a second home in Arizona or Florida. But don't you really having a hard time visualizing the life. If you have a great deal of money, it will look one way. If you don't, it will look another.

Then there are those of us that live like we want to live. We probably even make choices that are less costly than they need to be but just fit our personalities. I thought maybe today I would give you a little glimpse into a very simple lifestyle. That is the one we live.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment!

Did you hear about the guy that bought a house next door to the Halloween Haunted House?

This may be everyone's worst nightmare. You find the perfect house and it turns out the neighbors are yellers and night owls. It would be enough to make anyone cranky I suppose. I was reading about a guy that bought a weekend house out at the shore or someplace equally a expensive sounding. The house was down the street from a small theatre company. All the neighbors had screen porches so they could enjoy the summer evening. It was just perfect.

It all started I think, when the neighbors visited until all hours of the night on the porch in the summer.

Then Halloween came and the theatre company opened their haunted house. Evidently the actors were very good at their jobs because the screaming began as soon as the doors opened and continues until the haunted house closed. That was bad enough but at least they were only open in October. He could stand that...then this year they decided that, since they were such a huge success, they would extend the haunted house season and open in…

A Travelers Guide to Retiring Abroad


The New York Times Can Still Make Me Laugh!

I subscribe to the NYT's online. It costs me $20 a month and I often question the wisdom of paying for the news from them. And then they put something on the front page that makes me laugh. I am a sucker for a good laugh and I will in fact pay $20 a month just on the off chance that there may be one coming soon.

And here it is...Giving a Wife Her Front Yard Burial...No Matter What. The first paragraph went like this:
STEVENSON, Ala. — James Davis figures that his first mistake was asking permission. If a man promises his wife he will bury her in the front yard, then he should just do so. I know...I should not laugh at this but, see, I am 72 so I live very close to the time when I will be telling someone where to put me. Oh, I promise it will not be the front yard of our home. Still, if I were inclined, I suppose I could make some wonky request on my death bed while under the influence of a pain killer! Thankfully, I live in Oregon so I don't think it would be allowed, especiall…

10 Photographs of Road Trip from Oregon to Arizona

It rained 6' that week. My garden had gone to sleep and all the flowers had been dead headed. The trees were only beginning to show a hint of the cold that was to come but I felt like a snow goose ready to fly south.

I don't think it was about the rain or even the cold though. I think is was about the people that inhabit my life. Children were off to school. Parents were going into that rainy season working mode and we needed to go out into the world in search of new scenery and flowers that were just beginning to grow.

I like the road trip from Oregon to Arizona. It gives me a chance to bring my soul along with me. When I fly, it takes two or three days for it to arrive. In the meantime, I am walking in a dream. Driving takes three days so it is all good.

The change in scenery as we travel along allows a gentle transformation.

So here we are in Arizona. Life is good, we are busy and friends will be coming very soon. My garden is growing with more flowers than I even dreamed.

10 Best Travel Application for a Smart Phone

If you are on the road like us, you know that your smart phone (my iPhone) can save your bacon....over and over. My husband and I just finished our journey from Oregon to Arizona. I know what a difference that device has made for us.  Here are the 9 we used just on this trip plus one I want.
Gas Buddy mobile app...this app can find you when you are on you phone. It gives you a list of gas stations that are nearby along with the price of gas. It can make a difference...for us it was $.20 per gallon. Over the length of a trip it is significant.Twitter mobile app...I follow local Twitter, keep in touch with people on the fly.Instagram App allows me to post photos to twitter and facebook. If you are a blogger, you know that being personal and up to date is important.Facebook mobile app...this one is for family more than anything. But I do have a lot of followers. Timing is important for twitter and facebook.  Be sure to post when the most people are using the apps.FourSquare is a social ap…