Aug 18, 2013

Retirement: Did your dreams come true?

The photo I took...

The photo I wish I had taken...
How long have you been retired? Three months or 15 years? I am very interested in what you dreamed you would do and how it actually turned out. Are the two the same or are you still dreaming about what you thought you would do? Or do you even want to do what you dreamed of anymore?

See, I think retirement is a lot like the two games of golf that my male friends talk about after a round with friends. There is the game they almost played and the real game reflected on their score card. One card has pictures of putts that almost dropped and long drives that were amazing. The other one, the real one does not have pictures and the only thing that it shows are the numbers. After all, in the end, the game is about the numbers. Really, there are no pictures on a score card.

So, let me know.  How has your retirement turned out? Did your dreams come true?

Be sure to read Bob Lowry's article over at Next Avenue: What Retirees Say Retirement Is Really Like

Note: I spent the morning editing my flickr account and adding pictures from all the wonderful summer fun we have had. These are the pictures of what we REALLY did, not what we dreamed about. Take a look here.

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