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Happiness: Sorry, You Have to Share the 10!

Retirement is all about compromise especially if you are married or in a relationship. But it is a lot easier if both partners are on the same page. When they aren't, the outcome is misery for everyone.

So on a scale of 1-10 how happy are you? Are you married or in a relationship? How happy is your spouse or partner? Do the same things make you both happy? Or do you see things very differently.

What if I were to tell you that when you see things differently, the happiness scales changes? When it comes to expectations for happiness, you only get a total of 10between the two of you.  So if you are feeling about 8 then the other person in your life is probably only at 2.

It seems that this is the way a lot of retirement relationships work. There is no clear vision of who calls the shots or how relationships should work. Each feels the other needs to lighten up. The other doesn't see the need for doing anything at all so they are thinking "What?". Nobody is really happy…

Book Review: Scafell by Mathew Pink


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to read something a well known mystery writer had written before they became successful. What did that first book, perhaps rejected by the publisher and unpolished by a very good editor, read like? Was it still compelling enough to keep the reader interest and involved? I think I may have just had that experience and I was surprised by the experience.

Matthew Pink was the guest author on my blog this last week and his bio contained a link to his recently published book, Scafell. It is Pink's first novel. I didn't expect much because I am not having good luck with the new fiction coming out right now. But in this particular case I was very wrong.
English: One of the Three Tarns With Sca Fell and Scafell Pike as a backdrop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Stephen "Sparky" Markham was a detective in London where he worked close to the line between legal and illegal. He drank a great deal and was at the wheel drunk when…

Is there an anti-aging cream that works?

Quote: Do not regret growing old.  It is a privilege denied to many.
I know, we all go into denial when it come to aging. There was a time in our society when not only did people die young but it was better that way. Growing old was very hard. But now that we have dentistry and wonderful medical care, growing old is expected. This good right? We should be grateful when we actually reach 50 or 60 or 70 or 80? But NO...we cannot do that. 
Have you seen the infomercial by Cindy Crawford about her anti-aging line of creams and lotions. They show two melons, one is rotten and the other is fresh as the day it was picked. Whenever that was. The line is that the melon holds the secret to staying young FOREVER. Honestly, you can try to sell a substance made of a fruit that never grows old Cindy Crawford, but in every sense of the word I am not buying it! It is just plain dumb to spend my time smearing fruit juice on my face. It will not work at all I don't think. But then that is just me.

Harry S. Truman's Remembered on Memorial Day

It Crossed My Mind Blog, May 2009

Today a fellow blogger wrote a post from her home in Provence. It was about the fields of poppies that are in bloom. Corey Amaro from Tongue in Cheek told about traditions in France, back road drives and the beauty of late Spring. I was reminded about a visit my husband and I made to the Harry S. Truman Library in Independence, Missouri many years ago where a single faded poppy caught my eye.

Harry Truman served in WWI when he was a young man. He was courting his wife, Bess, at that time and he sent her a poppy he had picked in a place that was once a medieval country in northern France and southern Belgian called Flanders. The flower had been pressed it in the leaves of a book. I have always imagined it was the battle field Bible so many soldiers carried over their hearts.  The poppy later was recreated in paper and veterans sold them on street corners around Memorial Day here in the USA. They were also a vibrant symbol of the suffering of a great co…

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Small Space Living: Remodeling? Angies List

Okay, I told you yesterday that I was looking at carpet for our master bedroom.  Sure enough the Sleep Number bed is in and I will need to have delivery delayed because the carpet will not be here for 2-3 weeks...maybe sooner if I push the process along. This is a learning process it seems. Even though we have gone through similar things many times before, the rules keep changing. And I have a cold so I am working with a big cloud hanging over my head. Thank heavens for my wonderful husband!

The Plan
I had thought I would go with one of those quick install companies you find across the US. It seemed simple and they would come to your house with samples.  Easy peasy...right? Then I got a little worried and decided to check reviews on line at places like 3 Cent Worth and Yelp. Wow! It seems from the comments made, having the carpet salesman come into your home was a bit like letting the vacuum cleaner salesman step in the door.  The old bait and switch, etc., seemed to be what people wer…

Small Space Living: Bedroom Carpet Dilemma

Okay now we are getting ready to upgrade our carpet in the master of our little retirement community home.

The bed we have been using was returned to Costco because I felt like I was falling out of bed all night. My husband and I were fighting for the middle space. It was the safe part of the bed. Incidentally Costco gave us a full refund even though we purchased the bed in 2010.

The room is empty as we wait for the delivery of our Sleep Number bed in a week or so.  Hopefully, we can locate the perfect carpet and have it put down within the next few days. Yikes!

So what is the best carpet for the bedroom? Anybody have any suggestions or ideas?  Help!


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