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Aging: Is your search engine working against you?

I was reading The Succulent Wife yesterday. It struck me that the advertising industry is so pervasive that there is no way to escape the images of ourself as somehow not good enough.  Every page we go to on our computer is loaded with ads for things we women need to make us look more youthful. The search engines know how old we are, where we live and what we like to do. They take that information and place ads on your Facebook page and maybe even on your email account. I even suspect that the ads on my blog are aimed at me specifically. Don't ask me how but it is a fact. Susan Keats contributed the article and this what she had to say:
What a relief it would be if I wasn’t continuously bombarded with reminders of my age, but was encouraged instead to prioritize other things: books, classes, ideas, travel, excitement! Why, with a mind focused on my wonderful life ahead, (which is full of possibilities) I’d actually be a really happy gal!Feeling like a teen is unbecoming to me as a …

Blogging: Have you noticed the changes?

Many times things change so slowly that we barely notice. Weight gain, gray hairs, a small stoop or even lots of weeds in our garden can sneak up on us. Good things are like that too. In my world it is the small things that give me pleasure but sometimes I over look them.

Have you noticed that:
there are more comments on this blog?that the link with google+ is allowed on my website now?I am talking less about retirement?guest posts are just getting better and better?my writing skills are improving?I have become a bit of an expert?it is time for a new blog header picture (fall is over...really)?
Comments I was asked to write for a website called GenFab recently.  It is aimed at middle aged women and I may be the oldest in the original group but still...there I am. I loved that small change in my life that turned out to be a very big thing. It not only is very interesting but I am also gaining more comments and support from the fabulous women.  That give me pleasure.
Google+ The income I m…

Teen clothing trends all grown up...for Grandmothers too?

My daughter and I went shopping on her birthday this last week.  We were wandering through the teen department of our big department store when I remembered the time when this very daughter was herself a teen.  The years have gone by and on that day we were talking about my granddaughter who will be turning 16 within the next week or so. How time does fly.

What hit me was how tempting it was to keep looking at those young looking clothes. Bright colors, trendy styles and youthful design will always appeal to my eye. But who among us wants to look like our teen daughter or granddaughters? Even if we wanted to, the shape of our bodies would not allow it generally.

I have often wondered why we see older woman clothing follow those teen-like trends within a few years but I suppose it is only natural. Teen style all grown up can be very beautiful.

The bright colors that we all love can still work their way into our wardrobes. An older woman may prefer a three quarter sleeve and a longer t-…

Illumination Matters: Making Your Home More Pleasant by Upgrading Your Lighting

Whether you're completely remodeling your home or simply want to create a “homier,” more pleasant atmosphere, there is one easy way to make your space more inviting: upgrade your lighting. It might be the last thing you think about, but the way a room is lit has a profound impact on a person's mood. A bedroom that's too brightly lit can make it difficult to fall asleep, even after the lights are turned off. Conversely, reading in a poorly lit den can lead to eye strain and eventually the need for corrective lenses. If you're ready to completely change your mood or improve your sleep patterns, here are a few ways to make your experience at home even more pleasant by upgrading your lighting. 

Where Soft Light Is Best
Softer light works best in the rooms where you basically spend the majority of your time, including the living room, den and your bedrooms. The softer lighting allows you to relax and doesn't disrupt any activities that are taking place, including watching…

Road Trip: Las Vegas to Portland

Doris Montgomery Pass Nevada Highway 374 (Photo credit: D'oh Boy (Mark Holloway)) It has taken me about 47 years to actually appreciate a trip through Nevada. This is a place unlike any other. In prehistoric times much of the land was cover by a very large lake bed surrounded by mountains. The land is flat and the roads are as straight as an arrow.  We traveled down roads that went as far as the eye can see.  The land is covered by gray green sage brush and very little else grows in between.

The thing that is so remarkable about the area is that the water does not drain into an ocean.  That explains the alkalinity of the lakes and the collection of salt in many bodies of water. Even though agriculture does prosper in many places, the battle against the build up of minerals in the soil is ongoing.
I think it is the endlessness of the vista that is almost frightening. But beautiful it is.

Great Basin
 Note: All of the photographs here were taken with my iPhone as we raced down the ro…

Vintage Retro Hotels: Road Trips with a Twist

Source: via Celebrity HotSpots on Pinterest

We are packing to go home to Oregon. We have made this same trip for many years so you can understand how we are always looking for something unique to make the journey more interesting. Even though there are a lot of routes we can take we are beginning to find the long drive boring. When I saw Tablet Hotels list of 11 revamped hotel across the United States this morning, I had the aha moment. This might be the way we can keep a very long drive interesting. We could plan our trip around retro motels in the places we pass through. I have a collection of retro motel signs I have photographed during our travels. This would be great opportunity to add to them.

The only thing we would need to keep in mind when we are planning to do this is that most of these motels are not on the freeway. A back road or a slight detour is usually required. I would check ratings on Trip Adviser. I happen to think that the ratings on this …

2013 Best of Tucson AZ: Retire In Style Blog Recommendations

This is the "I did this and I recommend it" list for 2013 snowbird season.  My husband and I have visited each one of these locations plus a lot more.  I hope that you will give each one a try and let me know what you think.

Best of 2013, Tucson AZ 

Best Wine List at a reasonable price: Zona 78 Italian KitchenMost authentic Sonoran Food: El Charro (Court Street, original location)Best Historic Old Pueblo Restaurant: Congress Hotel (breakfast)Best Outdoor Dining: Old Pueblo Grill (best outdoor patio)Best Mexican Family Owned: La Sur (Yelp recommended)Best Southern Arizona Country Restaurant: Wisdom's Cafe (Tumacacori, AZ)Best Golf Experience Best Golf and Fish Fry for Friday nights: Del Lago Golf and Hacienda del LagoBest Golf Deals: Golf Now Tucson or Easy Links (24 cancelation option)Best Beautiful Low Key Resort: Tubac Golf Resort Spa and Restaurant (Tubac, Az)Best Municipal Golf Course:  Haven Golf Course (Green Valley)Best Arizona Folk Art
Old Town Artisans Bes…

Travel: Why the Snowbird Life?

I am a snowbird and spend up to 6 month a year in Tucson every year. My home is in Hillsboro Oregon. It rains there a lot. I suppose that is one of the reasons my husband and I feel the need to travel south for a while. We want to escape the rain and the dark weather. But life is not perfect even when you get to travel south for the winter. Why? Well, the weather has not been good this winter.
It has frozen, snowed, rained and the wind blew 50+ miles an hour last week. When it has not been cool it has been hot. The elements are not particularly favorable for a snowbird like me. But, would I stay at home in Oregon even if it was never warm here in Arizona? I really don't think so.

The truth of the matter is I do not come here for the weather...not entirely. I come here because I like the people and it is just so much fun. My daughter compared this RV resort to a college campus in the fall and I think she is right. We are friends that have not seen each other for several month and …

Staying Safe on the Go: Online Security Advice for Travelling Seniors

In this digital age of hackers, spammers and identify theft, seniors now need to add online safety to their list of concerns about modern threats.

Times have changed. It’s becoming more and more common for the over-60s to use the web to find out the latest news, do their banking, buy their weekly shopping, book trips abroad and keep
up-to-date with their families on social networks.  

Seniors are also using the internet more when they travel, too. But unfortunately, cybercriminals know how important online communication is to travellers, which is why they often target them through internet cafes and Wi-Fi hot spots.

A naïve - or careless - senior traveller could find their computer or phone infected with a virus, email hacked into, even much-needed money lost through malicious software programmes.
The good news is that there are a number of simple steps you can take to protect your computer when you travel.

Before you go
Run a free virus scan on your computer to make sure it’s clean, and …

Grumpy Old Men: Ladies, it is not your fault!

Have you ever wondered if you should pamper your husband? After all, he is working hard and under a lot of pressure.  When the husband turns that certain age when he begins to wonder where his youth had gone, the changes in his life may have his wife wonder what she could do to make him happier. Women will even morph themselves into something they are not just to keep the marriage together. They will take up hobbies they have no interest in learning because they can see that, if they don't participate in his life, some other woman will. 

Really, there is nothing wrong with being aware and making an effort to be a part of the husbands life.  Sometimes we get too comfortable in our relationship with our husbands and blow them off when they want to do something we think is silly. But there is a much deeper issue here. The question might be how responsible is a wife for her husbands happiness? What if the husband that was dealing with midlife issues didn't want to take up a new hob…