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Photojojo iPhone/SmartPhone Camera Attachments! Teens would love this!

Happy Halloween. In the spirit of modern day culture I think that since it is Halloween we can begin talking more about Christmas. Witchy says, TEE HEE HEE! Cackle!

I found a new attachment for our iPhone camera yesterday on! They are little lenses let you take all those fun pictures you could not capture on your iPhone/smartphone before! And yes they work on you iPhone 5. The set of three little lenses let you take macro, fisheye and telephoto shots. This is a very good price on amazon.  I paid a lot more than this when I bought a set!

Buy the Photojojo Phone Lens Series at the Photojojo Store! In fact if you look at the Photojojo page on Amazon you will be amazed at all of the cool stuff there is for your smart phone camera.  The quality is already on your cell phone camera.  All you need is some neat attachments to make it perfect!

Photojojo has some things I could not find anywhere else. For example, if you invest in the lenses you will want something to carry …

2012 Election, Flooding and Duct Tape

English: A roll of silver, Scotch brand duct tape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We are all watching the news from the East Coast. Devastation to property, loss of income, death and the national financial consequences for this storm may bring many their knees. However, some good might come of this event...maybe we will see if we can work together.

I remember commenting on a blog recently about the hatred in our political rhetoric. My thoughts were that the hatred would only lessen in the face of a disaster. It seems we are at our best when we need to pull together toward a common goal. Hopefully no candidate will try to make political hay out of this. We will see. I didn't think that the talk after Libya was our finest hour.

That brings me to the duct tape. You know what duct tape is don't you? It is a tape that is so sticky and tough that it can kill warts. At one time it only come in silver but it may be available in other colors now. Most importantly it has many many uses.
In t…

Frugality in Retirement is a Must

Oh my gosh, retirement can be hard if we don't handle our finances in a responsible manner.  I talk about retirement finances a lot even though I am not an expert. It is always on my mind.  However, I rely on the experts when it comes to anything specific. However, when I am asked to write about "frugal" I can do that. I think I am the expert on that subject.

Late last week I wrote a blog on brainstorming about possible things we might do to make retirement possible. I talked about ideas that I thought might work for you if you could just be creative. However, in the end I said that you cannot retire by using coupons and that you much always spend less than you spend. Frugality is not about coupons; it is about lifestyle.

There are some specific things that experts have said on this blog.  This what we should all do to make sure we are on the right track:
Not everything should be about "frugal". Be sure you have the right insurance. In the end, cut-rate insuran…

Garden Vineyard in the Rain! Fall in Oregon at its Best!

I don't how you could find a more beautiful place.  Even in the Fall rain, Washington Co. in the Willamette Valley of Oregon sparkles.  These images were taken at Garden Vineyard this afternoon. We had a wine tasting outside as the rain pelted down on the awnings and heater warmed the autumn air.  My life is so good!

Garden Vineyards open on weekends or by appointment. Be sure to check their schedule of events. This is a family friendly place and perfect for the photographer.  Wine club members get their tastings free.
To arrive at the Vineyard House & Gardens follow these simple directions.  Don’t stop until the very end of Dick Rd. Address – 12960 NW Dick Rd. Hillsboro, OR 97124 1. Head northwest on US-26 W to Exit 61
2. Take Exit 61 for Helvetia Rd
3. Turn right at NW Helvetia Rd (follow signs for Helvetia Rd)
4. Turn right at NW Phillips Rd
5. Turn left at NW Dick Rd
6. Follow NW Dick Rd as it winds uphill to the Vineyard House & Garden

The Stove Is on Fire! Yikes!

The stove was on fire...really on fire. I was drying a grill pan and turned my back. It might have been me that spilled something. But I am not taking the blame! I don't think it is important. All I know is the tray underneath the burner was full of flammable liquid and it caught on fire.

The fire alarm did not go off. I'm a little worried about that.

You never really know how alert you are until the accident happens...right? My husband huffed and puffed on the flames. I got the box of soda and put it out. I know how to put out a fire...I've had some experience. The question was, how am I going to handle this blame stuff? I said in my most casual voice,Well the house needed airing out anyway!

Which goes to show is not how big any fire is or who started it. It is how much soda you can throw on the blames!

Be well.


Christmas: 8 Lessons for Beginning Grandparents


I"m Worried about Santa Claus...there are rumors!

There is a nasty rumor going around.  I don't know if it is true but if it is, it does not bode well for any of us at Christmas this year! See, I think they took Santa's pipe away from him...I am not sure who "they" are but I they might have done it.

I am the last person in the world to promote tobacco smoking. I do not smoke and never have. But I know people that have smoked and quit. They got grumpy and twitchy. In fact, I found myself avoiding them during the first few weeks of their new life style. Quitting tobacco is very hard.

Who in their right mind would take Santa's pipe away from him just before Christmas? The Jolly Old Fellow really needs to be in a good mood. And what about The Night Before Christmas? Do you think they will need to change the poem too?  This has me worried.
             Count down to Christmas 2012
                              ... only 62 Days, 9 Hours, 57 Minutes, and 32 Seconds!
Shopping Days Left ...
Send FREE Virtual Holiday Cards!M…

Planning On Retiring? Social Security and Pensions May Be a Thing of the Past: Consider these 4 Best tips for Getting and Staying Ahead of the Game

retirement (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)
I thought that guest blogger,Grand Webb, did a beautiful job of putting retirement in the "possible" column for everyone.You will find his ideas unique and innovative. b

By Grant Webb with Bisk CPA Review. Since 1971, Bisk has been one of few CPA review providers that offers both a CPA Exam pass guarantee and money-back guarantee.

According to the Social Security and Medicare Board of Trustees 2012 report, social security remains “vulnerable.” At the current tax rates, social security payments would only be secure until 2033. By 2086 only three-quarters of the scheduled benefits would be able to be paid. While raising taxes is not a popular notion, neither is going without social security or a pension in retirement years. Therefore, professionals must be savvy about retirement savings at an earlier age, but what if retirement years are right around the corner? Here are some tips for getting ahead and staying ahead with regard to retirement…

10 Rules for Shopping - Don't Gamble with your Money

We have public information spots on TV about gambling here in Oregon. People get carried away, get in debt and do crazy things.  I think shopping is a lot like a game of chance. That is why I am giving you 10 rules for shopping to keep costs down. I do these things:
Go to the bank and get the cash for what you can afford to spend.Limit the number of stores you will visit...make a list.Limit the amount of time you will spend in each store.Don't go shopping unless you have a specific need. Shopping when you are frugal cannot be your entertainment.Make a list of the items you need.Pre-shop for those big items online so you can make sure you are getting a good price at the store. Take shipping into account when you jot the price down on your list.Look for coupons online and in the paper. Always take into account the distance you will have to drive for a good deal. Gas is expensive.If you love something but it costs too much, wait for a while and shop outlet stores. Marshalls, Home Good…

Reinvention: Making a movie called "The Red Suitcase"

Note: I love it when I find a project or movie that speaks to the resilience of the human spirit. The idea that we find a way to survive and grow at any age has a lot of appeal for me.  I think that is why I have become a follower of a movie project called The Red Suitcase. The movie is written in the genre of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  Both are about aging in a state of crisis. This movie has not been released yet and is in fact not finished filming. But you get an inside look now.

Henrik Ibsen wrote timeless raw material that shocked his readers in the middle 19th century.  I remember reading what I think were his words in a literature class in college in the early 1960s.  Even at the age of 19 I recognized the truth in his words. I will paraphrase the story for you:
Ibsen told about taking the old people to the poor house to live out their days. The family was busy, the old people were very hard to care for and they did not have any wealth to contribute to the fami…

#Grandparents: Learning about learning from a @TED!

I never am quite as interested in a YouTube performance than when I am watching a TED video. Here is the one I received today called Science is for everyone, kids included! Quote: "If you aren't sure what you see is a predator, it is too late" Read the published outcome at Biology Letters Blackhawton Bees


Have a wonderful weekend.


New York Times and Me: Dancing to Roy Orbison on Main Street

Retire In Style Blog by BarbaraHillsboro, Oregon Small town America simply refuses to die. It could be that it will take the death of the last of "breakfast club members" to actually kill it. Like the old west somethings will change. They always have.

In the meantime, retirees like me will continue to dance to Roy Orbison in the middle of main street and not fear for our lives. It is what it is!

b Oct. 18, 2012 at 5:34 a.m.REPLYRECOMMEND3
From my comment in the NYTs

Dan Berry writes a column at the New York Times called This Land about the unremarkable corners of small and large towns. He looks at more than just the news...he talks about the people. The latest segment is aboutElyria, OHIO. Yesterday Berry wrote about a small restaurant on a Main Street corner called Donna's Dinner. I've never been in Ohio but Donna's sounded just like the main street diner in every small town I have ever known. A place like that was the place I stopped …

Best Ways to Live on a Limited Income: 8 RV Resort Stories

This post if for those of you that wonder what it would be like to live in less than 400 square feet. The very smallest of homes can be found in RV resorts across the country. People either come to visit in the winter or live in the tiny doll houses year around. The latter group does this mostly out of necessity but in some cases they have found ways to live beautifully as well as frugally in that small space.

There are two couples that live year around on my street.  They have beautiful park models and everything they could want even though their space is very small.  The amenities in the park allow people to use their homes for all those personal things and the community space for activities that require spreading out. In many ways it is like a Cohousing arrangement.  A sewing room holds very large tables so those that love to quilt can have the room they need.  Sewing machines line one wall so they can be used by residents.  A shop has all kinds of tools for members of the wood sho…

5 tips to Make Your Money Stretch in Retirement

What can be new under the sun...have we talked about money and retirement so much we have worn the subject out? Well the answer is a resounding NO. It turns out that the technology sector is very creative when it comes to saving us money. The nerds are working for us again. You all know you need to be to sure tocheck your bank account regularly. That is a given. But you need to check your smart phone too. S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G your income is getting to be easier and easier thanks to those little devices and the people that write applications for them.

Here are 5 downloads you can use on your smart phone to save you money and time: QR Readers:  Shopping can be very tricky these days. The better armed you are, the better you are at finding what you need and at the right price. That is where the QR Code works for you. QR stands for Quick Response. The little square actually contain a world of information.  You can find out more about a product, a store or even the movie advertised on a p…

Redecorating: #Grandma...Wanna Come and Watch #Grandpa with Us?

We redecorated a room in our house and turned it into a dining room.  It is at the front of the house and has lots of light.  We had been using it as a TV room but it was not a comfortable room or attractive for that purpose.
We have painted, put down a cork floor, replaced the molding and moved the furniture in.

My grandsons think watching Grandpa working is better than a TV show. My husband was in the room replacing the baseboard last Friday and the boys were here for a visit. They came running out to get me...."Grandma, grandpa is putting nails in the wall.  Wanna come watch with us?" 

Well, of course I did.  I think Grandpa working is better than a TV show too. Have a wonderful day!
Paint - Sherwin Williams "Bagel" Sconces - Lowes Gavanized Zinc Exterior Lamps Floors - Cork Lamp Shade - Lowes Barrel Shade

5 places Overseas That Are Ideal for Retiring