Jul 30, 2012

Some Days!!!! or Your Shoes Don't Match!

I was trying to get an article for Blog Critics whipped into shape so Jon Sobel, the guy in charge could publish it...my cat decided I needed to up really early...my daughter is out of town and her dog has to be put out in the morning and in at night...I really want  a new pair of running (walking) shoes.

The cat shows up at 7:15 am, sits by my bed and meows until I get up and turn the water on in the sink just a little so he can drink.  Remind me again why we have a cat!

I really wanted to have this article published on Blog Critics so when I turned on my ipad and saw an email from them I jumped on it in a hurry.  It took me all day to figure out that I need to close the window to the website before they can see anything...very frustration.

I needed to put my daughter's dog out and got dressed hurridly(can't spell) fast.  As I was heading out the door I looked down and this is what I saw!

Yes, they are the same brand but still.  You would think that I could multitask by now but obviously I am not getting it right.  

But never let it be said that I am too busy to shop for shoes...no siree!  
Have a wonderful day!


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