Mar 2, 2012

The Smart Way to Retire...surround yourself with smart people!

If you happen to stop by tonight and notice that I do not have anything to say that is profound or witty, please forgive me.  I have had a very busy know vacuuming and dusting and attending a lecture given by a Professor Emeritus from Kent State University and his wife, a retired professor of Russian Studies from Akron University on the Stalin period.  You know just the average day in the 55+ Rv resort.

When I begin to think that our life is ordinary I realize how very lucky we are.  I truly never dreamed that we would be as active, privileged and challenged intellectually as we are.  Wow!  I do love my life. More on the professors, the book the woman has written and what awaits us when we come back next year for our 2012-2013 season.

So just to be sure that you know why I wrote this...always remember that the quality of your retirement will be directly related to the quality of the people you are surrounded by.

Have a wonderful day.


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