Mar 22, 2012

Dear Mexico, I apologize for the earthquake! It may be my fault!

Dear Mexico,

I am sorry for the earthquake.  It may be our fault.  It seems that no matter where we go there is a strong possibility that a disaster can happen.  We don't do it on purpose.  We were:
  • on the east coast when Three Mile Island nuclear plant malfunctioned.
  • in Boston when the famous blackouts occurred.
  • trapped in Boston when United Airlines went on strike paralyzing the airways.
  • in Thailand when the tsunami swept across Phuket and the Indian Ocean.
  • in Spain when the Americans invaded Iraq.
  • in Beijing when the storm from Mongolia covered the country in red dust.
  • in San Carlos when the 7+ earthquake his Mexico.
There may be more...I have just blocked them out. I have a friend that says we should not be allowed to leave home. Anyway, I send my apologies.


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