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Is being a snowbird right for you? An Interview with me by Satisfying Retirement Blog

Is being a snowbird right for you?  I know that most retirees have toyed with the thought at one time or another.  I am a snowbird and live with my husband and a cat named RV in Oregon for 6 month and Arizona for 6 month.  I guess living the lifestyle makes me somewhat of an expert on both the daily living part put also the financial cost for owning two pieces of real estate.  So Bob Lowry over at Satisfying Retirement invited me to be interviewed and talk about the pros and cons of this way of living.

Being a Snowbird: Is it the right choice for you?was the title of the interview that contained 8 thought provoking questions.  Bob submitted the questions ahead of time and I wrote the answers at my leisure. Writing for an interview is one of those interesting experiences I wish everyone could have.  I think you learn a lot about yourself when you begin answering questions about your lifestyle and the world you live in.  And that was not even the best part.  When the comments began comi…

What if I used a profanity in my blog? Gawker and me

Okay, you guys are in my age group...second adulthood I have heard it called.  (I like that a lot better that second childhood don't you?)  Tell me are you sensitive to the use of profanities on the web, in movies on television and in the movies?  I am not a Puritan and I have noticed that I am becoming numb to the use of the "f" word and other related stuff.  The fact that I think they are using the offensive language less is probably a testament to that.  I try to behave myself like a respectable and respectful person.  But it turns out that I just don't see a lot of offense stuff any more.  That is what happens when you work in the world of blogs and online information.

Yesterday I linked to a small post on Gawker that mentioned the name of a relative or a relative of mine and posted it on my Facebook account.  The lovely young women whose name was mentioned was not the one pictured...sadly enough I did not realize that the offensive picture associated with the a…

Are you smart enough to be a grandparent?

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Babies are on my mind. I will become a Grandma for the 12th time on April 12th.  I am going back to Oregon so I can celebrate my luck.   Read this post and come back and visit me soon.  I will have pictures!:) I also appreciate a follow or a link on your blog.

....boy could I use a copy of this book, How to Be the Perfect Grandmaby Bryna Nelson Paston. People say it is funny. The words on the front cover are, "Never let ever, ever let anything bad happen to the kids on your watch...if you do lie!" The name of the first chapter is "There are rules. Follow them or go directly to grandma jail."  I am so glad that other grandparents have the same life as mine.
Today's Thoughts I don't know if you are a grandparent or not but I personally think that taking care of my young grandchildren is hard. I'm not sure if I am smart enough now or ever have been.I listen to Susan Adcox because she knows what she is talking about and…

Do you act dumb so you will fit in? Retirement!

We live among a group of well read, highly educated people...but I often get the feeling that they are hiding their light under a bussel just so they will fit in.  Have you found that to be true with your friends?

For example, a lady I have lived close to for 5 years was the head of the Home Extension Service in her state working at her state university.  She seldom talks about her former life so I found this out by pure accident.  Last night we were talking about how she began pursuing her doctorate after she retired.  Are you impressed by that?  I know I am.

So tonight when a few friends had a wine tasting party, I began to think about how those of us that actually love a really good bottle of wine were put to the test.  I cannot help that I have tasted and judged whether I like or don't like a lot of wines. Tasting wine is a hobby. It is a part of my life experience.  The ridicule resonated in the group of people and the first prize was given to a bottle of blueberry wine. It w…

Native Mexican Dancers/Beggers


Paying the Price for Living in Paradise ... garbage!

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I like a blog written by a solo woman traveler called Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel.  It is a very serious blog about sights and sounds of foreign countries. She tells it like she see it.  That is good...if it is bad or boring or dirty then I want to know.  She will tell you.  That is where I saw the post about garbage in third world countries.  It turns out I have an opinion!

Garbage/litter/trash/filth is not my favorite subject but it seems that it will draw your eye faster than any beautiful sight. That is why we crop litter in the foreground from our photos. But it turns out that in other cultures it does not even raise an eyebrow.

My husband and I just returned from a short stay in a fishing community about 6 hours south of border called San Carlos.  This is one of the "cheap" third world places to live that US and Canadian retirees are looking for.  You know, the one that lets you keep you…

Learning about China by reading Mao's Last Dancer

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I have been in China three times now. During those three times I have spent a total of 8 weeks getting to know China but only on the surface. My husband and I have wandered here and there in Shanghai and in the countryside. But it wasn't until I read Mao's Last Dancer by Li Cunxi that I understood what really had happened to the Chinese people during the Cultural Revolution and as a result, what I had been seeing. The hurt from those years still can be seen in the attitude of it's older Chinese citizens.
Poster showing Jiang Qing promoting 
the fine arts during the Cultural Revolution while holding
 Mao's "Little Red Book" (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Li Cunxi is a world famous dancer on the ballet stage and performed with the Houston Ballet for many years. He ended his career in Au…

Should you believe what the Groupon Coupon promises? Maybe not.

Are you a smart traveler...are there ways that we can avoid these problems or do we just deal with them as their ugly head appears?  My husband and I discussed this yesterday.  We thought that maybe when we travel, especially in Mexico, we need to go back to doing things the way we did when we were younger.  We would not have made reservations that locked us in and would have checked out the room before we signed the registration book. I don't know but it is sounding better to me all the time.  After all the Frugal Traveler with the New York Times does that.  Why don't we?

We just returned from 4 days in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.  The reason we took this little trip was to check out a Groupon Get Away.  My husband purchased the coupon online in January. The coupon was for 4 nights in the "resort" and included wine, a dinner and continental breakfast each day.   It sounded like such a good deal we thought we had better see if the Groupon Coupon could produce what th…

Dear Mexico, I apologize for the earthquake! It may be my fault!

Dear Mexico,

I am sorry for the earthquake.  It may be our fault.  It seems that no matter where we go there is a strong possibility that a disaster can happen.  We don't do it on purpose.  We were:
on the east coast when Three Mile Island nuclear plant Boston when the famous blackouts occurred.trapped in Boston when United Airlines went on strike paralyzing the Thailand when the tsunami swept across Phuket and the Indian Spain when the Americans invaded Beijing when the storm from Mongolia covered the country in red San Carlos when the 7+ earthquake his Mexico.There may be more...I have just blocked them out. I have a friend that says we should not be allowed to leave home. Anyway, I send my apologies.

Rating a Groupon Get Away, San Carlos, Sonora, Mx

We are staying in a hotel resort on the beach in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. We came here to try out a Groupon Get Away packages. Did I get my money's worth? Is this frugal travel or too hard to make it worth it? You be the judge.

I have had people ask me recently “Why do you buy a timeshare?” On the face of it I question the decision too...until we start to travel in places like Mexico. A two week vacation can be a dream come true or a struggle. Not that I mind the frugal travel or even a floor that suggests that I should wear my shoes and turn on the lights before I step on the floor. I have done that a lot...and the very first time was in NYC. But as the years passed I wanted to experience my vacation without the creeps. Just being here is not enough for me anymore. I need a little luxury on a vacation and I am beginning to think that the only sure way to guarantee that is to own a reputable timeshare and be able to exchange for something of equal value.

So what abo…

Travel to Spain...Lonely Planet's Hot Suggestion

There is a place in southeastern Oregon where the Steens Mountains loom over the landscape. Very few people live in the wild wondrous place so few have seen the mythical herd of wild horses that are descendants of the Andalusian horses the Spanish explorers brought in their search for gold. I've only seen a picture of them one time in my life. Their long unruly mane flow over the side of their necks attesting to their wild and illusive nature. When I looked at the website for the region this morning I see no mention of them. For someone like me to even see such a horse was a dream or maybe I dreamed the whole thing!
From Lonely Planet:  10 of the World’s Unsung Places
"Some places stay persistently off the beaten track, despite their many charms. Here’s a sampling of places overlooked because of geography, chance and the presence of more glamorous neighbours."Read more:…

Staying Smart Learning Hot New Trends in Communities...Pop Up Communities and more

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What did you learn today that surprised you?  Was it some hot new trend?  I hope it was an idea or trend that will interest us too.  Please share in the comments.  As for me, I learned about two new types of communities.  One involved a new meaning for "Pop Up" and another is a new concept in a nursing facilities that looked like a normal community but had walls so people could not escape wander away.  Both fascinated me.  Tweet it up if you find it interesting and have a great day!
Education in its broadest, general sense is the means through which the aims and habits of a group of people lives on from one generation to the next. from Wikipedia! I spend a certain amount of time online just surfing...everyday. It is important because that is one of the places that I go so I can be in the know.  The definition above doesn't a…

When "Staying Put" does not work out! Thoughts on down sizing!

The thought of an apartment that’s not in the city – with no room for Pop Up community is making me ill.  They probably won’t allow Daisy [the dog].  I feel my insides squeezing even though I know that if I do it, I won’t have to worry about cash flow once the deed is done.  At least not for a while.  
The Little Old Lady Stays Put: MOVING (the other side of Staying Put) I am a aging woman and I have talked a lot about downsizing. I am just like everyone else...I worry about the mortgage and finances and debt.  Money is the "tail that wags the dog" in many of our lives.  When I began reading The Little Old Lady Stays Put this morning, it hit me one more time.  What we want and what we must do are totally different things.

I am not a place person in any way. I spend my winters in a park model and live with the previous owners stuff.  It doesn't take very many of my things to make me feel at home.  Don't get me wrong, the living space is beautiful in my eyes but just n…

How to be Timeshare Smart! What You Need to Know Before You Visit a Resort

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Many of the resorts you see for rent on Expedia, Travelocity are timeshare resorts.  Before you leave, be aware that they will try to sell you a timeshare.  Be smart, be armed and be wary.  

My husband and I have had a timeshare for many, many years. Recently we moved up to a Grand Mayan timeshares called The Bliss with 3 weeks (can be converted to 6 one week units) for our family's use or to rent. It has been a roller coaster of good and bad. This last week I decided to do some deep digging and talk to a variety of people. But first....

Does anyone actually listen to all the information that says don't buy a timeshare at the resort? The nightmarish pressure to attend sales presentations before the resort will even give your the keys to your room is only the beginning! It is all downhill from there. I hate those presentations, abuse the sellers, don't even wash before I go. NONONONO does not mean a thing to these people.  …

Tucson for Snowbirds...a season at a glance!

It occurred to me that I had never written about a total retirement snowbird season in a RV Resort.  The emotional and financial implications of making the decision to leave home for a whole season are big.  Here is a small glimpse of what your life might be like.  Additional links to information is at the bottom of the page.  You will find more information on costs, real estate possibilities and park model living.

We begin our snowbird season in October. In Oregon, our home state, it begins to rain and turns cold. As soon as we have a few dark days our thoughts turn to our winter home. When we travel south, we leave the cold behind. It is generally very warm when we arrive but I am not sure if we just notice because it is cold in Oregon or because it is hot in Tucson. I shed my warm clothes in favor cooler ones. The warm clothes I arrive in go into storage for 6 weeks or so.

This brings up the issue of clothes that fill our needs for six months. While my husband leaves shorts, jeans…

When Smart Decor Is Still Atomic...2012 Style! Apartment Therapy

Technorati Tags: Apartment Therapy is all about living in small spaces.  It seems that living in a city among a million people does not insure any human contact.  Apartment Therapy is a place apt. dwellers can go online to read about other people that live the same lifestyle. I guess you can see why I am a frequent visitor to this website!  My small space life is indeed a lifestyle choice my husband and I have made.

They have been running a contest for home design blogs.  They said;
There are awards for all sorts of blogs, but no one ever pays enough attention to the home blogs, so we started The Homies.They just thought that people writing a home design blog should get more traffic. The money prize is $50 but the big prize is a whole lot of traffic.  If you are a blogger you will understand how important traffic is. Readers are now voting on the blogs using a list created in the last week of February. But we are all winners because this allows people …