Feb 15, 2012

Warning! Email Scam on the Move...again!

Don't do that!
Don't re-enter your personal information.

Let me say this again...your email server will not will not will not ask you to re-enter your personal information. If you get an email saying that your server (YAHOO, GOOGLE, fiddleBOMB, DIDDLYWINKS, etc, etc.) wants you to re-enter your information threatening that your service will be terminated, it is a scam!!! Do not re-enter your personal information.

It will look like this:

HTML info

Note that the word "information" is misspelled and says "infomation" in the email address. Your service will not be denied! A friend had this happen this week and actually sent this very official looking address her password, user name etc. That allowed this SCAM to access her email address box. Every person on that list got an email requesting money saying she had been kidnapped in Spain. This is the second friend I have had this happen to.

Do not answer these email, report them as spam. You email server will not ask for this information. If you have responded to this warn, friends, change you password and user name. Sigh!!!

Did I get one of these requests??? Well yes I did and I put it in spam and reported it. I was so tempted to respond saying, "You're kidding...right?" but is resisted the impulse.



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  1. I received a similar e-mail telling me one of my e-mail accounts had to be confirmed.

    I also have received two e-mails within the last week that supposedly came from the Internal Revenue Service advising me of a tax refund...if I verified certain private information.

    All deleted instantly.


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