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Simple Graphs: Not Ready for Retirement? Inforgraphic from Mercer Insights

While I talk a lot about how a happy retirement happens in the 6 inches between your ears, I do know that a financial reality check is in order before you retire.  Being satisfied with what you have is one thing but making foolish decisions based on cluelessness is another.  People are paying closer attention these days it appears and the financial outlook has them worried.

When future retirees were surveyed about their retirement savings by a consulting firm called Mercer, their answers were very telling. The graph below was created as a result of a survey called What's Working.  The results of the survey painted a picture of uncertainty for retirement possibilities.  Why the uncertainty?   I think Arthur Noonan, partner in Mercer put it perfectly:
“We have seen defined benefit plan freezes and terminations in recent years, combined with the worst decade of S&P performance,” he says. “Add to this the large bubble of workers – the boomers – reaching retirement age, increased …

10 Links to Gifts for Grandchildren...Cyber Christmas!!

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We are doing all our shopping online this year.  When you are not at home with your family, it takes some creative thinking.  Here are some good websites to help you on this Cyber Christmas gift hunt!  Have fun. Grandma's Briefs Holiday Gift Guide 2011Gifts and Toys from Grandparents.comAmazon Christmas GiftsGifts for TeensBest Teen Books for 20115 Great Gifts for Grandchildren If you have a list of your own or an Etsy Store where you are selling,  just leave a comment with a link to your stuff.  
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Do Grandmothers Brag? Vote here!

I am taking a count.  Leave a message with a link to a story you have written about a grandchild.  You can even post it if you are only telling the truth and not bragging.  We will understand.

Oh, by the way, I for 1 (one) do, brag that is.  Here is granddaughter Amelia, age 4 ( 4th in from the right).

Have a wonderful weekend.


Tucson Recommended Restaurants: Mexican & Italian (gluten free)

I love ethnic food.  In Tucson the trick is finding someplace that has excellent food for Italian, Sonoran Mexican or Japanese sushi.  Today I have 2 for 3...not bad if I do say so.  So here are my choices for Sonora and Italian choice.

When you have friends that not only love Sonoran food but are actually from Sonora MEX, you really do get the best recommendations of all.  Our friend, Lupe and Victor, are neighbors here in our park.  We were sitting with them at happy hour last night when we began talking about the best Mexican food in Tucson.  Because they are both from Sonora, their tastes differ from what we here in America have been accustomed to.  I mention Tucson's landmark restaurant El Charro in the Presidio area in downtown Tucson.  El Charros is noted for its Sonoran food and is a great tourist attraction.  Lupe said, yes, it is OK.  But had we tried Taco Giro on 22nd?  Well the answer was no but we will be trying it soon.

The thing that caught my interest was t…

$15 Credit At Top Online Sale Website...just for the asking!

I'd like to invite you to join One Kings Lane, my favorite destination for top-brand & designer furniture, decor, art, gifts & vintage items up to 70% off. And there's a $15 credit waiting for you! Sign up here:  One Kings Lane Sign-up Page
One Kings Lane is a sale site online that can inspire you.  From the $18.00 sale clock below to the beautiful sofa, you are going to find yourself thinking about what you can do to make  someone's life just a little brighter...maybe that someone will be you!
I am on a roll. I have the need to shop...but you know how it is. Online "window shopping" has to work for me today.  On Friday I will venture out into the world just to get a feel for what people are buying.  In the mean time here is a darling tabletop clock that any woman would love to receive..and look at that price.

Since I have a $15 credit from One Kings Lane just for signing up I think I will use it for an item priced $30 or more.  Here is a link so you can d…

How to Dress for a Saturday Night Dance Date...55+ Style

It seems to me that women of a certain age need to re-evaluate how to dress for a date that includes dinner and dancing. Even if you and your husband are going out for a Saturday night at the local Elks, it might not hurt to update your wardrobe just a little.  You can do it for just a little money and your husband will appreciate the effort that goes into the look.  The trick, I think, is to find someplace in the middle.

It is hard to know how dressy or casual to go.  Remember, I am not talking about prom here.  Just a dance with rock and roll band for the price of a drink.  So here are a few ideas for what to wear on a Saturday night of dancing.

Target and Chico's are my go-to stores. They have some beautiful and inexpensive things that go from day to evening without losing a beat.  When you pair the gorgeous artist top from Target with black jeans from Chico's (sale for a steal) you have just the right combination.  Add some earrings and a bracelet and you will look like a …

Euro Beads ( -- an Inexpensive "Pandora" Look for Christmas!!

If you gift list included women of all ages, I think I have found the perfect gifts for you.  This is the years of the "Pandora Charm Bracelets and Necklaces".  Every jewelry store worth it's salt has a beautiful "Pandora" jewelry display.

I love this style of jewelry but I don't like the price.  Chains for charm necklaces or bracelets can go for around $40 up to $1400.  It all depends on what precious metal you select.  After that purchase you will need to select charms.  The birthstone charm will run you anything from $45 up to $85...each.

So this morning I went on a search for a website for "Euro Beads".  On a website called you will find a very large selection of beads and chains.  These beads are advertised as "Pandora" compatible.  The only difference is the price.  They look very expensive but they are not!

They have a page of beads that go for around $1.99.  I am satisfied with the variety on this page but if you w…

Stylish Winter Living on a Budget & in a Small Space

Note: When I contacted Jocelyn about the possibility of writing something about small spaces and keeping toasty warm in the winter I expected something great. Of course she came through. I think you will find what she has to say very interesting:
Stylish Winter Living     When Barbara first mentioned the topic of writing about small space affordable stylish living, I wasn’t quite sure what direction to take that in – there are so many! But, since I work with heaters on a daily basis and in light of the winter season descending upon us, I thought I’d look at some of the dilemmas we can face living in a small space during the cold months. One of the biggest things we deal with on a daily basis, of course, is maintaining a source of heat in our homes. Whether this is a fireplace, baseboard heaters, central heating or even small portable heaters for rooms that need an extra “punch” of heat, quite often our sources of heat just aren’t that attractive… especially the more affordable ones.…


Image via Wikipedia We are not naive when it comes to the USPS.  We have traveled, moved and tried to understand their process.  But I continue to be surprised.

Several years ago I sent a Christmas card to a friend that was not delivered. We were wondering why our friend had never received it.  After a period of time the letter came back and it had a stamp on the front that said "Stuck in Machine".  The address was on it but it was mangled.  I guess they made an executive decision not to send it on.  Maybe their thought that the Christmas season was over. I don't know about you but that sort of thing puzzles me.  Do they actually have a rubber stamp for that sort of thing?   Do they have someone that decides where the stuck letter should go or is there a regulation in law that tells them what to do?

Today our insurance company sent a postcard to us here in Arizona that topped anything we have seen before.  My husband had submitted a temporary forwarding address form to t…

Simple Explanation of Critical Retirement Plan Mistakes to Avoid

Okay these last years before you retire, you need to pay attention to your money.  I don't know about that sort of thing but I know people that do.  Here is a guest post from a man that is obviously paying attention.  I think you should read this simple, layman's explanation of some big mistakes people make when it comes to their retirement investments.  This made such good sense to me. By guest author Richard Jacobs.

TEDx does it shirt with khaki pants at Best Buy not unlawful!

TEDx teaches again while in Bloominton, Ill.    This time we find out that it is not against the law to dress in a blue shirt with khaki pants at Best Buy!  Take a look.


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Headline (paraphrase): "OLD PEOPLE STILL ABLE TO LEARN!" Successful Aging Survey.

Cover of Successful Aging

They said "You are not are just very, very wise!"

I am all about aging successfully. When I talk about "success" in this context, I am not talking about the absence of health problems or financial success. Successful aging, in my world, happens in the 6 inches between you ears. So when I came across an article telling us that indeed, old people are aging successfully, I thought it was wonderful. The story, Researchers: Seniors can Learn New Skills Despite Growing Age in Top News out of the UK was a review of a talk given by Dilip Jeste, MD.

Quick Guide to Online Shopping

I asked one of my guest bloggers about shopping online.  She does a lot of marketing and shopping using the internet's may advantages.  I thought you might be interested.  Here is an article by Maggie Thistleton.

Tips to help your Aging Parents Manage their Money!

Note:  I have heard a great many people very near my age talking about managing their parents money during a very difficult time in their life.  I thought you might be interested in this article submitted to me by Richard Jacobs.  He makes some very good points.  I also thought it would be good for those of us approaching a time when our children will need to help us to see how younger people feel about our problems. Read and let me know what you think.  b

How to Say No to Babysitting!

My son called me just a few minutes ago to ask if we could take care of our grandsons tomorrow morning.  They are having the carpets cleaned throughout the house!  Yikes! I think he really needed us.  But we are getting ready to leave for Arizona on Monday and are having the whole family here for dinner tomorrow night.  Hard as it was I had to say no.

My son did not think a thing of it.  A short explanation and how I felt told him that I was not doing this because I was selfish.  I just couldn't.  How have we come to this place?  I know some children and their parents have real problems in this area.  This is the strategy we have used:

Grandma's Delight...Halloween

When my children were growing up, I did not like Halloween.  But since I am a Grandma, I have learned to love it.  Here are my two youngest grandchildren.

Have a wonderful day.


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