Oct 12, 2011


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I was reading an aritcle on a website called BOOTSNALL, ONE STOP INDIE TRAVEL GUIDE.  The "11 Reasons to Stop Dreaming and Start Planning Your Round the World Trip!" title caught my interest.  I don't really even want to go around the world but still it might be fun to plan a trip and see if it is doable.  How many things do you want to do but are "waiting" for more money, time or until you get old or even young again?

This article has a list of reason NOT to wait and even related articles to support their argument.  I think you should read it today.

Just word here.  If you are waiting for retirement to make your dreams come true, you need to rethink that plan.  Do what you can do now to make a little part of your dream come true.  After all if you wait and it may be too late!  

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Chris from BootsnAll said...

Thanks for linking to that article on our site. We're also strong believers in NOT waiting til retirement to do some longer term travel than the standard two weeks vacation. There was recently a national MeetPlanGo event based around career breaks and taking time off to travel.

b said...

Chris, I added the MeetPlanGo website to a post I put up yesterday. You might be interested.



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