Oct 15, 2011

Tell Me About Yourself Award...for me!!! :)

Thank you Linda Rogers for this award!
The rules of this award is that:
1. You need to tell 7 things about yourself
2. You'll have to pass this award to 15 bloggers.

I have been selected by Linda Rogers for a giant pyramid of "Your Blog is Great" Awards.  I want to play.  So here are 7 things about me:

  1. I like football but think it has one too many quarters.
  2. My husband reads the newspaper to me.  I really can read it myself but he like to read out loud and I don't mind listening.  I have actually learned a great many things from him.
  3. My cat used to have the name "trailer trash" but I renamed him RV.  I began to think the first name was not nice.  He adopted us in Corpus Cristi TX in a really bad trailer park.
  4. We just moved.
  5. I love to listen to myself talk and write.  I guess they go hand in hand.
  6. I always sleep on the right side of the bed...it turns out I can't sleep on the other side.
  7. I am a mother, grandmother, wife and teacher.  They are all pretty much the same so I decided to introduce them in a clump.  
I have nominated the following blogs:

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