Sep 15, 2011

Recoverving from Cataract personal experience!

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It has been a little over a week since I had the cataract surgery.  The eye that I had the surgery on has almost perfect vision but the distance is a little bit of a problem.  I cannot wear my glasses because the new good eye cannot see out them.  However, I cannot see without the glasses either. It is all very weird.  

After my surgery I was told not to bend over or lift heavy things.  NO PAIN was the words I kept hearing and "be sure to let us know if your vision decreases markedly or if you see a black spot on the outside of the eye we repaired".  So you know of course I imagined I had a little pain and oh my gosh...was that a black spot I saw on the outside of my eye?  Talk about the power of suggestion.  I did get control of myself and realized I was just fine...really just fine!  I had to wear a metal shield over the eye when I slept and put antibiotic drops in the eye four times a day.  Basically that was all that was required of me...and rest, the nurse said, rest a lot. 

After a week of minor pain and some inconvenience...including that metal shield over my eye ...I was given a go ahead to have some fun again.  I knew my husband would be thrilled to not have a one-eyed fly metal patch on his wife in bed with him anymore. 

I was so glad to be allowed to bend over I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed spots off the carpet. I plan on retrieving items from behind the toilet and under the bed tomorrow.  Do you know how many times you drop things on the floor every day?  I am a klutz so there are a lot of things under the corners of the couch and back of the door.

So there you have it.  A quick up date on the process following cataract surgery.  I am fine and will begin all over again next Wednesday with the other eye.  Then hopefully I will be least for this year.  I am told that if the outcome is not perfect, there is more they can do.  Oh, incidentally the cost to me as a Medicare subscriber with a supplemental health plan is $-0-.

Have a wonderful day!


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