Aug 11, 2011

Why take a walk? Your mind needs the exercise!!

     I wanted you to know how important it is for you to leave your very small space and go for a walk.  Go out and get coffee or just visit with the neighbors.  I don't care where you go...just go! 
     Why?  Well, the thing is your mind needs the exercise almost as much as your body.  You know I am a great proponent of small space living.  We don't need huge houses to wander around in.  But, it turns out, restricting our whole life to that small space or even that big house will lead to some pretty bad stuff.  For example, here what I read this morning in MD News:
 An individual with a life space restricted to their immediate home environment had almost twice the likelihood of developing AD (Alzheimers Disease) compared to an individual with the largest life space. 
     The definition of "the largest life space" would be all those spaces OUTSIDE your home.  Social interaction is evidently very, very important.  So, if you decide to live in a small apartment or age in place, be sure to keep the world as your living room and get out everyday...please!


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