Jul 23, 2011

Moving Thoughts! I just want to BE!

Everyone helped move...no matter how small!
We could not have done it without
We are moved...the boxes are almost unpacked and the home is going to be wonderful.  So now I am moving on to other things.  I am looking forward to writing about fall clothes and small spaces and good things to eat.  I just want to be for a while.  No big changes.  No big idea.  Okay?

I will sleep a little, eat, buy groceries and enjoy our family until it is time to go back to Arizona sometime in October. We will eat off real plates again and plant our flowers.  We will sleep late and have coffee in bed.  I will be at my computer more. I feel very content. It really is a relief to have this hurdle behind us.

Tomorrow we will go get our cat and bring him to his new home...he is not a good mover so I am sure he is not going to be happy.  But he will get over it and then he will learn to just be too.

Happy Sunday everyone.  I hope you have a wonderful summer day.


Recommended Link for Day Laborers:  Hire a Helper (Portland, Oregon)

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