Mar 21, 2011

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There are of course thousands of words that use the letter Y as a 'guest' vowel! There are however very few words without vowels or Y’s. Most are onomatopoeic and although they appear in the OED they are nothing more than sounds – psst, grr, shh, and my favourite, tsktsk!
The only noun without vowels I can remember is ‘crwths’ which is an ancient Gaelic instrument of some kind. It was the answer to a question in a recent pub quiz I took part in! There are many voweless (is that a word?) words in Wales, but of course they are Welsh words from their own baffling language.

Pronunciation is a very interesting subject. There are obvious examples of differences between US and UK English, but right now there is a study going on here in England about the changing way we pronounce common words. They are looking in particular at 8 key words (I can remember only 6 right now!) - neither, attitude,  schedule, zebra, controversy, scone. The most interesting one I think is attitude which was pronounced at-it-ude, but now more likely be said at-it-chewed.
I feel a whole new article taking shape!
I could only think  "at-it-chewed"!!!!  Really???? 

This is almost my favorite day of the week...Hot on the Web lets we wander aimlessly with no particular goal.  Well, I do want to find things you would love so I guess that is kind of a goal.  Still, I think, if I like it, you will too!

ABOUT ME? (As though you care!)

60's Garage Band, Tucson,AZ...excellent!
  • The wind is blowing...I don't know about you but I stay indoors when the wind blows even when it is warm.  Valley Fever is carried in the wind in the southwest US.
  • I have given up eating make my tummy hurt.  I am hoping Activa helps. 
  • I finished testing a product of Fab Over Fifty and sent in my review last night.  The product I tested was called Lashfood Nano-Peptide Eyelash Conditioner (retail value: $95.00).  When I bought a premium membership with the group, I was given the opportunity to test products.  This is one of those tubes of serum that you apply to the roots of your lashes...the lashes are suppose to become fuller and softer.  I tested them for 3+ weeks and I actually did see some improvement.  My eyelashes began touching my was kind of annoying but at least the results for the product were positive.
  • My corned beef is in the crock pot...we ate out on St. Patricks Day.
  • I have two favorite dessert recipes for this winter season.  I will share them soon.
  • We have found a new FAVORITE BAND here in Tucson.  It is called The 60s Garage Band.  Rock and Roll at it's best!  I may become a groupy!
So in answer to "what do you do all day?"  I am thinking you don't want to travel around inside my head.  It is very crowded in there.

Have a wonderful week!


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