Mar 25, 2011

Friday for Seniors...Lent, Fish and Tucson, AZ.

Golfballs for the Scrap Rubber Drive during Wo...Image via WikipediaTucson is the place that Bing Crosby filmed The Bells of St. Mary back in the mid 40s.  We have St. Augustine Cathedral in the city and the Catholic Church boasts no less than 24 separate sanctuaries.  This was the perfect setting for the movie.

In the world of Catholicism, Tucson has a faithful and dynamic following.  When Lent arrives each year,  the fish fry world comes to life like wildfire.

Here in Tucson, AZ every restaurant from Ihop to the local Italian restaurant feature a fish fry on Friday nights.  St. Pius on the east side of the city features a fish fry cooked by the Knights of Columbus group.  Next week we will go and try their offering.  We are going to eat out at Del Lago Golf Course tonight.  Their special fish fry is around $10.00.  On some Fridays we go to the Elks club where we get broiled fish and then dance afterwards.

Lent is a special time in this community and the fish fry has come to be a symbol of the Catholic presence in Tucson.  Our RV Resort empties on Friday evenings and bars, restaurants and clubs welcome everyone to what has become a tradition.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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