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Hot in Retirement Land...Monday Connections

Here's what I found on the web this in retirement land:
Top Retirement Blogs from Online MBAFresh Links to Satisfying Retirement by Bob LowryComing of Age in our 50's and 60's by Kaye Healy Kaye has written a book about transition to retirement life and the blog post is well worth your time.  Tiny House Blog Take a look at what you can do with container housing.  This is a blog about very small houses.  (Very much like the one we live in during the winter!)Aging in Place...sometimes not good news but still very insightful information!MSNBC...Six Ways to Get Income During Your of my favorite RV meets technology blogs.Retirement News from TopixHave a wonderful week!
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7 Myths about leakage (bladder control) and other myths related to aging!

YES! You Can Teach Old Dog New Tricks
So you're old now. That little voice in the back of our mind is growing a seed planted all those years’s ago. We heard our mother tell about our father's driving and how, when that he was coming up on fifty, he just couldn't think as good as he used to.  The seed has taken root and we begin to realize that it could be us...someday.  So, do you think that you aren't as good as you were at one time...are you beginning to say it out loud...well, you know, I am not as young as I used to be?We need to talk!
First of all let me tell you about myself...I am not a psychologist.  I am a 69-year-old retired educator.  I am writing about what I see around me.  In fact, like my blog description above says, I can tell you about this from the place where the rubber meets the road.
In an article written for Integrated Psychology Associates a Dr. DeLee Lantz had the list of myths down perfectly: When people think of growing older, they often have imag…

Google Books & & Amazon...look what I found! The Last Convertible by Anton Myrer

I read The Last Convertible almost 30 years ago and I still play the words over in my mind.  Why is it that some books resonate with us in such a way that we never forget the words and the images they plant in our mind?  Anton Myrers wrote a book like that...I'm not sure if he ever won an award.  I only know that when I point that book out to a friend and they read it, they will do what I it again.  It may be a generational speaks to the era that I was raised in.  I wanted to climb into the pages and live the story with the characters.  One reviewer on Amazon said she would have given it 10 stars if she could have.  She could have been my granddaughter.  The book is evergreen!

In a book review published on Good Reads the reviewer said, 
"Anton Myrer's beloved, bestselling novel of America's World War II generation is as powerful now as it was upon its publication. An immediate classic, it tells the story of five Harvard men, the women they loved — …

Hot Stuff from Fab Over Fifty + Is My Blog Getting Big? Giggle!

FAB OVER FIFTY PREMIER MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT:  My luggage tag from Fab Over Fifty came yesterday.  I chose the orange one and I think I will hang it on the beautiful gold purse I bought on 22nd in Portland, Oregon.  Inside the classic gift box it came it I found the tag in a soft microfiber sleeve. Classy, classy, classy!   I love it.  Check out the link for more Fab Over Fifty information!
I  will also be testing (beauty?) products for them and giving them feedback on results.  It should be interesting.  I have never done this before.  I do want to be beautiful so I keep trying.
BLOGGING:  This has been a very exciting week for me on the I am finding that taking care of email business takes up a big part of my day.  I am learning as I go here so I read a lot about working on the internet,  keep up with issues that affect senior citizens and connect with other bloggers that share my interests.  I even follow mommy bloggers.  After all we are in this together no matter our age!
I …

Comparing Prices for Kindle Books to the Paperback Versions! WOW!!!

Image e-reader of choice: In the world of electronic books, Kindle is the e-reader I own.  I absolutely love it! The choice of books available for this device is amazing.  I love the fact that I can have the book in a few seconds without even getting up out of my chair.

I bought The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in the Kindle cost me around $4.00.  My Kindle allows me to adjust the size of the font when I read.   So the Kindle version is equivalent to the large print version of a paperback book. Plus this book has 602 pages so even the bulk of a large print paperback is a consideration especially for older people.

Amazon has copies of this large print book used in paperback for around $10.00 and it appears you may be able to buy them at thrift stores or second hand at about that price.  New large print paperbacks come in at around $17.00.  At the new price I saved $12.00 over the paperback price by buying the Kindle version...even used I would have saved $6.00.  So t…

Apartment Therapy....Making My Tiny Park Model Kitchen Look Big!

I live in a park model in an RV Resort for 6-7 months of the year.  Most park models boast around 300 square feet of space.  As a result, every nook and cranny has to be used wisely.  We hang pots between the cabinets on a copper pipe and beautiful kitchen tools on the wall.  The small white table (Home Goods) fills the place where a dishwasher used to be.  I slide it out for more counter space when we entertain.   We try not to cringe when we think about putting our dirty clothes in the broom closet.  Life here is not perfect.

My kitchen is big enough for us and I do entertain occasionally for up to 20 people.  The kitchen works just fine.  But I always think of it as extremely small...until I make the occasional visit to Apartment Therapy. They show some beautiful small kitchens that make my kitchen look like a huge space.  As an example I give you the picture at the top of the page.


Satisfying Retirement: How am I Supposed to Pay For This?

Satisfying Retirement: How am I Supposed to Pay For This?  Check this out if you haven't.  Bob has asked for your input.


What's Hot on the retirement land!

Image via WikipediaThis is the day I go out exploring on the web to see what is going on in the world.  Take the trip with me and make these stops during your day. Here is the potpourri of website for your Monday viewing:
Satisfying Retirement: How am I Supposed to Pay For This? Bob Lowery has some very thoughtful insights into how insurance costs will change the way we retire Retirement Grief (Retirement - Only the Beginning Feb 21, 2011) + 7 Stages of Retirement Grief (from this blog January 2010)February 21...Internationale Mother Language Day10 Things I Forget I love Until I RememberPark Models I Love from Tiny House BlogHow to Start a Book Club (Moving Forward From Here Blog)Meatless Monday...a new movement to reduce meat in our diet + 3 recipes (AARP)Fab Over on this look!Have a wonderful week.
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The Good Things about Birthdays When You Get Old!


Retirement Reality: What if Your Dreams Don't Come True!

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I keep telling people that I write about retirement in a place out here in the world where the "rubber meets the road."  I know about this because I have lived retirement life for almost 15 years.  Generally, I will tout all the positive things about retirement...both physically and emotionally.  But today I want to talk about retirement disappointment!

Most people that have lived to retirement age are very wise and have learned the hard way about dreams that don't come true.  I suppose that is a given.  But there are some dreams that seniors seem to have in common.  Those are the ones I want to talk about.  This is just a reality check of sorts:

Puerta Vallarta Nuevo, Jalisco, MXAll of these things are possible...but be prepared to be realistic and even di…

Vacations Made for a short vacation!

Have your ever gone on a tour and been in 4 countries, stayed in 6 hotels and eaten every meal in a "tour bus" restaurant?  It is a good way to cover a lot of ground, a pre-vacation of sorts but when you don't make the plans, it is all a blur.   Travel is a very personal thing and tours are not able to meet everyone's needs.  I have a better idea!

There are other ways to travel in a country or city and see a lot in a short period of time.  Our friends call it a "very vigorous vacation"! You can do it...I know you can.  Here is what we do.

We choose a hotel or timeshare near the center of the location.  When you rent a car, for example, you are near to almost everything.  If you walk or use public transportation you can get around easily.  We did this in Spain.  We stayed on Costa del Sol, rented a car and took day trips to Rhonda, Granada and even went on a 2 day trip to Seville, Cadiz and Gibraltar.  When we check into the hotel we go to the postcard rack..…

Invention Ideas for Retirees! Can you help?

It is very sad.  There is a need for some invention ideas.  We cannot find our glasses, the clicker for the TV or our favorite earrings. We go to the neighbors to have them call our cell phone so we can find it.  When we find it buried in the bed covers along with our earrings,  we wonder how in the name of heaven they ever got there.

I had a friend who thought she was developing alzheimer in her early 50s because she could never find her keys.  So losing things is a big problem.   We are lost, very very lost!

So, you inventions person you,  this is what we want you to do.  We need a "clapper finder device" for all those things we lose.  We can't have a device that turns on the beeper on our lost items because we will not be able to find it to press the button so we can find our lost that will not work.  We need to be able to clap our hands.  One clap for the clicker, two claps for our keys, three claps for the phone and so on.  Calling all inventors...will y…

Arizona Inn in Tucson, AZ...seriously!

We went out to dinner last night.  It was a special occasion so we wanted to celebrate in style.  And celebrate in style we did!!!  We drove across town to the Arizona Inn located just east of University of Arizona in a very old and stylish neighborhood.  If you take yourself very seriously, love old world service and world class food, this is the place for you.

My husband had seen a coupon on the webs last spring.  The coupon was worth $50 if you purchased $100 in the restaurant.  It included wine, dessert and an entres.  We found that spending the $100 was no problem.  It was so nice to be served in the formal way for a change.  Wait staff catered to our whims and were close at hand at all times.  And the setting/ambiance is second to none.

The outside patio is available for breakfast and lunch.  Table here have an view of the gardens.

This is a AAA Four Diamond Fine Dining just can't go wrong.

Arizona Inn
2200 East Elm
Tucson, AZ 85719

If you ha…

RV Resorts: Using the Laundry Facilities! (Humor)

I am not a laundry room queen...if you have been traveling for a while and do not have a washer in your RV, you will sooner or later run into her...the queen that is.  She is in charge.  The queen will remove your laundry from the machine and leave it on a table or in a chair.  She will tell you how long your laundry has been on the table and ask why you were not there to take care of it. She is the queen.   Bless her little pea pickin' heart!

I, however, am the laundry room clown.  I don't do it purposely.  Who would want to be the clown?  Yesterday I headed off to the laundry will three small loads of wash.  In those loads I had a mattress pad, a set of sheets and assorted small items of clothing.  Simple...right?  I was planning on being done in about an 1hr  give or take a few minutes.  Three hours later I finally finished with my wash.  I had managed to do the following:
Pay twice for one load of laundry (not a good start).Choose the machine that does not pump the water ou…

10 Best Places to Reinvent Your Life in Retirement - US News and World Report

This is a wonderful article from

10 Best Places to Reinvent Your Life in Retirement - US News and World Report"Like previous generations, boomer retirees are going to take up new hobbies and volunteer. But those who didn't save enough or choose to continue working will also start businesses and begin second careers. As life spans continue to increase, retirees are likely to embrace a mix of work and leisure activities."Be sure to read it!

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How do you replace the "job related" rewards in retirement?

What do you do that gives you the most satisfaction?  When we were working, there were other things that kept us going aside from the income.  One of those thinks was the awards for a job well done.    After we retire, we lose that positive, motivating feedback...the awards and cudo's don't come our way. We need to find a motivation within.
 Here is what I have done.
"Occasionally my blog will be mentioned on a BIG website...."
I have know people that just couldn't find a worthwhile outlet for the energy the employment required.  They tried try hobbies or sports or reading or even going back to work.  Those are all wonderful things if they work for you.  There is no right answer.  It may be a little of a lot of things. The trick in this is finding your passions...those things you love and have done in a past life or dreamed about doing in retirement.  Some of those things may be a transition to the bigger passion. Traveling may be what you have al…

Should we AGE IN PLACE or Are There Other Choices?

When my husband and I moved into a condo with several flights of stairs 9 years ago, a friend asked me what we were going to do when we got old.  My goodness, I thought, this is not even my second to the last move.  I won't be aging in place.  Not on your life!

Aging in place is a phrase that is thrown around a lot these days.  Young people have the idea that their life and life of their parents will be simplified if they just widen doors and retrofit the sink, etc.  The children can come home to the house they were raised in for Thanksgiving and MOM/Dad will have the same bowl they ate out of when they were two.  I know that is what I thought when my mother was facing her eighties.  She asked about the possibility that she might need to move because she could not do the things necessary to maintain the house.  I remember being flip with her and talking about aging in place.  I regret that now.

But as time passed I changed my mind!  Communities are different now and older people…

How to be more yourself...change the story!

Elder Cohousing; Senior Housing, Retirement Option - AARP Bulletin

Image via Wikipedia Seattle WA cohousing project.Elder Cohousing; Senior Housing, Retirement Option - AARP Bulletin

This wonderful article appeared recently on the AARP website. The author was also quoted on Aging in Place as a part of a post about where we live in the context of living not the disability that demands it. Sally Abrahms, is a writer from Boston, wrote this article as part of her MetLife Foundation Journalists on Aging Fellowship in partnership withNew America Media and the Gerontological Society of America.Information from AARP Bulletin 

Wanted: Pre-thinker. Must pre-think fast!

Image via WikipediaDear Boomer+ friends,

I wrote a blog yesterday about the fact that my blog header disappeared as I was thinking about replacing it.  I found it very strange and wrote a blog called Can Google Read Our Minds?  Then I got this comment:
  Don't laugh- I have a friend who works for Microsoft. His job is to "prethink" for the consumer.Microsoft actually has a "pre-thinker" on the payroll!!!  Maybe he is the guy that erased my header yesterday. He pre-thinks what I am going to think before I actually think it.

The internet has gotten so fast... if it gets much faster it will be preloading before I actually turn it on.  My blogs will be written and I will quit thinking and wait from my pre-thinker to tell me what to think.

John C. Havens' over at iMedia  is of the opinions that we even are becoming prethinkers...without wages of course.  By following websites like Whrrl or even twitter, we begin to a instinctually get a feeling for where the stor…

Can Google Read our Minds????

I have a new header on my blog today.  Not because I didn't like the one that was there because I think I did. When I woke up wanting to make a change, it was a total surprise to me!  Who knew?

Well obviously Google's blogspot knew because when I turned on my blog, my beautiful header was gone.  POOF!!!  Now how did blogspot, google and maybe everyone in the web world know...well accept for me...that I would be thinking about changing my header?  I had not looked at headers!  I had not even told anyone I was thinking about a change. Google just plain scares me sometimes.

Pia over at Courting Destiny had the same thing happen to her a couple of weeks ago.  Ads began appearing on her FaceBook page sidebar and they were for something she had been thinking of buying but had told no one.  I swear...they are reading our mind!

I just thought you would want to know.  Be very careful what you think when you are at your computer.  Big brother may be watching!


New header from Theme Head…

I Wish I Was a Mommy Blogger....I want to rule the world too!

Now we all know that as we get older more experienced we are listened to less.  Isn't that weird?  I mean, when you are the great fountain of information, a Cliff Claven of sorts, people tend to tune you out!  Sigh!

I suppose that is why I woke up this morning wanting to be a mommy know one of those young women with little children that are funny as a crutch and so, so, so cute.  Oh, and they belong to her.  I don't want the children at all but I want a whole pool of other woman that read me and laugh at all my embarrassing moments.  Their blogging world is just so darn easy!  I want to be them, just without their children or lack of experience or PTA meetings or soccer games!

Being a Grandmother Barbara has some very wonderful perks.  The children can come to visit, be cute and get spoiled with cookies and mac 'n cheese.  Then, wonder of wonders, they go home and their mommy has to deal with tummy aches and throw-up.  I like being a grandmother a lot.  But, …