Nov 25, 2010

Puerto Vallarta Airport and Me...a warning!

Just a short not of caution...  We are world travelers but it seems that we will be sucked into a sales pitch at the airport every time!!!  We have never taken the bait but it is such a bother and a waste of our time.  When you pass through the airport anywhere in the world and especially in a developing nation,   it is probably not a good idea to talk to anyone unless he is a customs agent checking you into the country or a taxi driver/resort transportation agent.  Go directly to  the taxi line or the company office for resort transportation.  For the Grand Mayan it is the Miller Company.    Here in Vallarta you will pass through several glass doors before you arrive at the taxi line.  Do not stop inside the doors! 

Resort operators are telling horror stories that are just plain scary! 

I must go...a tour bus awaits me!

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