Nov 18, 2010

The Advanced Generation...55+

Iphone Art by b  In the Shadow!
     I have been fumbling around with what to call us.  I really really hate the words that are used when people begin talking about my generation.  I have heard old, aging, nursing home, aging parents, dementia, health issues...enough already.  This is the deal....we are the "ADVANCED GENERATION".  Wise, strong, smart, experienced and best of all willing individuals.  Because we have lived through a lot and have seen todays news before, we have a depth of knowledge you need.  We live in your neighborhood, apartment building or in an assisted living facility near your.  We work and play at your side.  Most of all we influence your life when we huge numbers.
     I am pushing the idea that if my generation would let themselves, they could be one of the most influential generations ever!   Maybe, if we embrace our wisdom and strength by calling ourselves the "Advanced Generation", it will become a self fulfilling prophecy.
    In the meantime, send this to your younger friends along with a message from me:  Talk to us...we have some very good ideas.  Pay attention to us because we are going to be around for a very long time!
     Pass the word!!!

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